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Gaia Raain
Should I bother with the antibiotics?
I had a plantar wart removed from the bottom of my foot six days ago. The doctor was insistent that I take antibiotics because she said that since she had to "dig" for it, it was highly likely that I would get an infection. I completely forgot about the prescription. She gave me another prescription for pain pills, and I thought that was the only one I had...I didn't end up needing the pain pills, so never dropped off the prescription. I remembered the other day that I was supposed to get antibiotics, too, but we've had a heck of a time being near the pharmacy when they're open. At this point, I'm figuring I should just forget about it. If I haven't developed an infection yet, I probably won't...or will I? Should I fill the prescription and take the antibiotics, or just not bother with it?

Yes you MUST finish your antibiotics!!!

Arnold B
If you feel good no reason to keep taking them.

Rocket Scientist
i'd listen to the doctor

Yes, you should do what your doctor recommends. They are the ones who know these things, not people who hang out on Y!A.

it was nearly a week ago im sure ull be fine

Call your doctor and explain what happened, and see what he recommends. As someone else said, even if the wound is healed, there could be a pocket of infection under the area, where you won't see it easily.

i would have to say get the antibiotics, as they say... better safe then sorry... also i think it will probably help it heal faster

ReFillZ H
i think you should definitely use the antibiotics or go back to the doctor and tell her or him that you have been using the antibiotics maybe she could prescribe you something else for both pain and infection.

I'd say don't bother with it, especially if it's already been 6 days.

Don't worry, your body has antibodies mechanism to counter infections. In this matter, it is not necessary to take the prescription.

the antibiotics is only there for prophylaxis! if its been six days...and yuo haven't had any signs of infection, i'd say your fine. its actually probably better not to use antibiotics unless its neccessary. its just reduces its effectiveness for future use.

if the area looks puffy or inflamated the probably, because that could lead to worse issues.
other than that you should be o.k

You know, it is funny, because you always hear that patients are constantly going in to their doctors and demanding antibiotics for colds and other things that can't be treated by antibiotics. But it has always been my experience that I go in and the doctor is always trying to talk me into it while I'm the one saying "but doc, are you sure this is bacterial and not viral?" Sigh.

Anyway, at this point you probably won't get an infection, assuming the wound is healed, but the other answer was right in that you might already have one that just isn't obvious yet. I would call or email the doctor and be honest with her about what happened. Ask her what she thinks. There are some nasty staph germs around now, and you wouldn't want to take too much of a chance. On the other hand, antibiotics always give me a yeast infection, so I avoid them if I can. If you are the same, be honest with your doc about that also. Maybe tell her you really won't sue her! Geesh, what a silly thing to have to worry about, but so often it is a factor these days.

Some help I am, huh? lol

Call your doctor and be honest about what happened. If you haven't developed an infection yet, maybe you won't get one. Overuse and improper use of antibiotics is where super bugs (drug resistant ones like mrsa) come from. They may want you to come in and have your foot looked at before making the decision about the missed antibiotics.

The simple answer is: If you don't have an infection, you don't need the antibiotics at this point. (That is, assuming the wound is completely healed.)

The problem is knowing whether or not you DO have an infection. The doctor had to dig deep, which could have introduced skin bacteria (like staph) which could even now be infecting a pocket under your healed surface skin. If that is the case, then it could eventually find a channel to the outside by infecting more tissue (a draining abscess) or it could drain into your lymph system and give you septicemia. Neither one is something you want.

The way to discover a hidden infection is to have a WBC run (at the doctor's office) or to look for redness, a hot spot at the wound, or fever. Maybe getting the antibiotic now and taking them all as directed would be easier and cheaper? Whatever you do, never take a few antibiotics and then quit without immediately telling your doctor.

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