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Question for medics preferably : Is it normal to bleed from nose and throat whilst suffering from flu?
Our family has the worst flu I've ever experienced. It has totalled uis for nearly a week now. We have VERY sore throats, and some congestion, splitting headaches, fatigue and really sore backs and legs.However we are now bleeding from our noses and throats, not huge amounts, but enough to spot a tissue. My GP thinks its normal but I'm not sure. Any ideas ?

All your problems are answered at Medicine.Net.com. Kindly, immediately browse. Please take it as urgent, ok?

In all my experience of having the flu and treating it i have never bleed.
Its very possible you arn't resting and nuturing your sore areas enough, drink lots of OJ and water and try not to talk, cough, ect. as much as possible. The most recent flu i had lasted a week and my temperature spiked when i was asleep causing me to sweat all my fluids. I was almost unable to move (fatigue) and when i reached the bathroom after stumbling (legs fatigue, my arms were fine) i lost sight completely and had to call to my parents for help (i could no longer stand). My main point is that you NEED fluids and when neglected, many many things will happen.

Also wtf is a GP?
PS: sorry im not a medic, i am the top BSA first aid trainer in my troop tho.

sean p

Sounds like a sporadic infection. Too many dry fruits can cause nosebleeds....

Weep W
in some instances, yes, but it's not the flu per se, but related infections. could be because you blow yr nose too much, of cough too hard. see a doctor. just to rule out worse things

well i am a doctor and to me that sounds horrible...and for the GP well what can i say that GP is off the wall!!
Did he give you anything? a pill... if so wait and see what happens but if it does not work then go back could just be that you disagreed with the thing he gave you.
If he did nor give you anything then go to a new GP know it not easy but do...
as a doctor i would need to see you before i said anything but
if your hole familys down then it could be nasty gas... which kills.
bleeding through noses and throat can be very nasty... it can be the start of something!!

see a doctor.

hope it help
PS > try not to sleep on it... if it is gas you could be hurt by waiting over night.


Chris S
thats bad, go to your doctor

Nexuiz Player
I had the flu a while back, that did not happen to me. Are damaging your throat by coughing too hard?

Deb B
I had the same thing and it was a sinus infection. It's very normal to bleed from your nose when you have them. You should see your doc again about antibiotics, b/c that is what will help your infection clear up.

Have you been coughing?.............Excessive coughing can cause the blood vessels in the throat to be broken resulting in blood in the throat so when you blow your nose or cough and the mucus rises from the lungs is catches hold of the blood which results in you seeing it in your tissue!! The VERY sore throat could be a sign of a throat infection which would also result in bleeding and would also result in the above.

If you have been blowing your nose alot your problem could be cause by small blood vessel brakage and the sinus drains down the back of throats and can cause the spotty blood to come out both nose and throat. But to be sure, as the flu can cause other complications consult your Doctor or another Doctor if you feel uncomfortable with their findings.

i've had the flu b4, i think its pretty normal to bleed from the nose and i doubt its ur throat bleeding, i think its just the blood from ur nose dripping down to ur throat.

yes this can be very normal if your nose and throat are irritated for long periods of time. i wouldn't worry unless it gets much worse. make sure you are taking medication for congestion/aches/pains something like tylenol flu. drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and vitamin c drops are also helpful. if it doesn't clear up within 10 days then you need to see a doctor.

I less-than-three VGames
Thats weird to bleed. I'm no medic but i know its not normal to bleed if you have the flu, well unless you cough constantly. If it continues or grows then i suggest seeing your doctor ASAP

it happened to my friends uncle. it can happen if youve been coughin and blowin your nose really hard and a lot.

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