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 Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
There are 17 more cases today than there was this morning in the US, I live in upstate NY and i'm scared... is this going to be as bad as the Black Plague?...

 would you get sick if???
if you drinked pee?? i mean it's made of waste....so if you drink it will you pee again???.........im weird..........

 do i have the swine flu?
i have a cough and runny nose.. nothing else..

could i have swine flu?...

 do you agree that the swine fever endemic is overblown like bird flu was?

 swine flu??????? should i freak out????
should i freak out......... i live 3 hours away from mexico city and i was woundering if i should freak out and if it is possible that i get it........

 Why are you people so scared of the swine flu?
Seriously. Why are people so concerned with the swine flu? 6500 people in the WHOLE WORLD have died from it, many of those were already sick or infiirm to begin with. So, taking a total population ...

 how do i find out if i have strep rather than just a sore throat?

 Can you get pregnant by kissing?

 What's a good remedy for sore throat?

 HELP. I am very sick and nobody believes me. I think I am dying...?
I think I am dying. I have diarreah 24/7, I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up (and sometimes I do), I am ALWAYS tired, weak, and dizzy. I usually have some sort of infection, too (...

 Should I wear a surgical mask or latex gloves at the airport to prevent catching swine flu?
Should I protect myself? We're going on vacation in a few days. My mom is starting to tip on doing it....

 Should I bother with the antibiotics?
I had a plantar wart removed from the bottom of my foot six days ago. The doctor was insistent that I take antibiotics because she said that since she had to "dig" for it, it was highly ...

 Have you had food poisoning before?
If so, what did you eat and how long did it last?...

 How To Get Rid Of A Cold?
Imm Jus Askingg Iff Anii Onee Nos How To Get Ridd Off A Horrible C...

 Have there been any Deaths from swine flu?
Not in mexico!!
HAve there been any deaths in Canada, America or the UK?

(Im so scared!!) :'(...

 I have caught a virus from my computer, and i can't stop sneezing?
I weas serfing the webb and my virus stopper flashed up saying there is a virus. i went to delete it and there was a flash from my mouse and i felt a tingle in my hands throat. and now i have ...

 Yesterday i had the stomach flu, and i feel much better today , but still feel weak,wats the best thing 2 do?
meaning whats the best thing to eat and physically do?...

 Now it's at stage 5...?
So now the pandemic threat of SIV is up to 5, are we all surely done for? Should I go with my friends to the mountains, where nobody goes? We are calling it 'Plan Run For The Hills' or PRFTH...


I just had a positive tuberculosis skin test, I'm going to have an x-ray tomorrow, Can this disease kill me?...

Question about The Swine Flu Virus...?
So I went to San Antonio (The River Walk)
on Saturday, I didn't know about the Flu. Do I Have it?

I mean i have allergys now and i DID Have Sore Throat but it was over on friday. O.O

Im sleepy but i think its my allergys. Right now im eating Flannel Cake, my hands feel dirty cuz i just ate some Tacos
(im not mexican btw)

WIll that do anything to me? O.o

Thank you...<3

top hats r sexxi <3
5th time i saw this questin and once again stfu

I got the swine flu! I grew a big pig nose, started squealing and have a huge apetite for slop served in a filthy trough! Hope this doesn't happen to you.

I have been doing lots of research today very important products to take to avoid getting sick is fresh royal jelly liquid and bee pollen. I found a great site good price and 25% off sale go to bee royal products dot com
I ordered today I take it but with so much concern over this virus I am stocking up.

lil j
i have no clue sorry

nature hugger
u r fine

don't worry. actually it was gotten from over mexico and that is not urprizing. actually its is caught frm pigs and being around them or someone that has it and its not here in this city. you are ok and don't worry if you caught something it was from what you had when you left and came here. don't worry. you are ok. ifyou had it you would be really sick right now and it would be hospitalization for you so you arefine.

♥♫♪Through the Monsoon♥♫♪
it doesnt sound like you have it. and you cant get the virus from eating beef

Mother ******
Under the information I know, I don't think you have it. Your case does seem like you do BUT you I know you don't because the symptoms of the swine flu hides itself behind an illness. You would be very sick, almost like you have the flu and would be to weak to ask this question online! :) I hope this helps but, if you want an article about the situation, you are more than welcome to read it.


You don't have to be Mexican to eat tacos or have the Swine Flu you idiot. Anyway, if you THINK you have it that makes you a bigger moron...cause you could be spreading it. If you're concerned then go see a doctor.

The new swine flu is highly contagious but you will know when you get it and you don't.

you probably don't its easy to catch though but try not to visit other states alot.

i think you are safe. But you need to wash your hands ALOT!!!!


Richard Tickle
You totally have it. Go tot the hospital immediately. A urge to eat tacos, and being sleepy after eating them is one of the signs.

Yes...You ate tacos...You have it now.

Don't worry so much...but I would see a doctor just to be safe

relax ull be fine
but checking ***** hurt


Your symptoms don't sound like flu to me. Be alert for sudden high fever, headache, cough, vomiting or diarrhea. Wash your hands often and stay away from people who have cough or fever. Check out the CDC information at the link below.

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