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Freddy #30
Paranoid about the Swine Flu!?

Can anyone explain this to me, and what are the chances of it reaching the U.S and killing people?

ok the epidemic is over. no worries

its a disease caused from pigs. but dont worry, my cousin lives in mexico and he said its fine over there. its just that the government it trying to scare the people. and i just came back from there and its totally fine! people are jsut freaking out for no reason.

tuffy t
well it is in the us there are over 13.217 cases in the us and 27 people have died from it

Actually its just been declared a pandemic which is worse. its already in the US and killed some people but they are the less fortunate people and mostly mexicans

Maybe if I was a poor mexican that lives in Mexico. The media is going to brainwash me into being paranoid about it. Although, I think it is tragic. It has reaches the US already and people have died already from it. People with poor healthcare. It's just swine flu with a scary name and people are not being treated for it so they die. Everyone blows it out of proportion, the same amount of people die each flu season each year.

Not to be condecinding, but heres a fun fact, ALL flu comes from pigs. It's already in the US, and the media lies. Remember avian flu and all the harm it actually caused. Thats what I thought.

people in the U.S. only die of swine flu if they have other stuff wrong with their health, like a guy in Milwaukee died from it only because he was sick and there was a lot of stuff (health wise) wrong with him. You shouldn't worry though the epidemic is almost cleared.

Alvaro G
swine flu has already reached the US.
today, the UN declared swine flu to a pandemic level 6
the virus does not appear to be as virulent as originally projected.

Kris Tello
oh god this is the biggest bull$#!+ i have ever heard
every 6 months or so theres something new that can kill us all
killer bees (never came)
bad tomatoes
bad meat
now a pig flu
which as far to my understanding is the same as the normal flu (same symptoms at leat) so as far as im concerned its another trick by the govt to get us buying stuff we dont need
people die thats all there is to it no need to make everyone panic cuz 3+ people died from the same thing

It's true yes, the swine flu is now a pandemic, but it's the poorer countries that the officials are worrying about (places where surfaces are extremely dirty, unclean water, lack of medical resources). They're declaring it a pandemic because it's affected a considerable amount of people. It's already reached the U.S., but most cases here are very mild, especially since we have hospitals and proper treatment. I don't think you should worry. Even if a case pops up in your town, simple hygiene habits (washing your hands of course) should protect you. If for some reason you get cold-like symptoms, just see a doctor.

Also, to correct some of the answers above, it is not only caused by pigs. The strain that people refer to as the "Swine Flu" includes a virus from pigs, humans, and birds, which is why officials are now calling it the H1N1 virus (so that people won't blame pigs and stop eating pork).

Ro Ro Ro Your Boat♥
Please don't worry about swine flu. Although there are loads of death figures, these are no different from any other flu, even seasonal flu occuring in winter. The only reason why it was so bad in Mexico, was because it had been existing for years in the slums, where hygiene was not great. Also, if you do catch it (extreamly unlikely) it can be treated with a simple course of antibiotics, like anyother flu.

Just keep heatlthy and don't let the media coverage of the whole thing scare you, there is no need. Hope this calmed you down!

Oh my goodness. its reached the US Already! You will be okay, just stay healthy- 5 fruit and veg a day. Excersise. :)

It killed one person here last I checked.... Mexicans are garbage, we just found a huge drug tunnel at the boarder, maybe while thousands of them are going through it, we blow it up!
"I know, amazing idea, thank you...."

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