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 Yes or No to H1N1 Vaccination?
So Monday I am supposed to go in for my H1N1 vaccination. Well it's not manditory. There are a number of ppl who aren't planning on getting the vaccination because they don't believe ...

 Can anyone tell me the difference between swine flu and normal flu?If it is just the same why all the panic?

 Is it possible for a person to contract the H1N1 virus from a person who had the live nasal vaccine?
As a doctor, I've heard this question many times. It alarms me that the public isn't educated on the risks and percentages of a vaccine that has cause so much commotion in the world. I'...

 How do people get pink eye?

 I got food poisoning and have work tommarow?
I CANT call in sick to work, I've used up all my sick days an honestly will probably get fired. I got food poisoning last night, this morning i had HORRIBLE stomach pains, diarrhea, and i kept ...

 i've got shingles?
my girlfriend has never had chicken pox but she says she has immunity to it as all her sisters and cousins had it but she never caught it. does this mean she wont get it now or should i keep clear ...

 SWINE FLU HELP! Need your advice?
My close girlfriend has every symptom of swine flu (I looked it up on a trusted medical website). She has not been able to get out of the house since monday. She hasnt been able to eat anything for ...

 what are good ways to avoid swine flu?
Prevent Influenza A...

 is a temprature of 99 degrees farenheit considered a fever?
my lil bro whom i am baby siting right now was runing a temp of 101 this morning, i just took his temp and it now is at 99, is this still considered a fever and do you think hes breaking it?...

 how many people in the USA have died of the swine flu ?

 swine flu thing i got it?
hey i have some of the symptoms of it like i have a sore throat and light cough and i feel a little tired and some of bones ach a little. but to let you no no vomiting or feaver or dierea im taking ...

 Daughter has cough, swine flu?
i have a dr appointment for her tomorrow...maybe im just being paranoid but shes 5 years old, in prek, has had this raspy cough for a few days now...but no other syptoms. i guess i'll find out ...

 what,is hepatitis? how dose one get this dose it have anything to do with the liver?
how can a person get hepatitis ?dose this have anything to do with the liver is it contagious what measure dose one have to take to keep from getting it....

 Did you know there is an AIDS cure?
It's US patent #5676977 if you don't believe me, look it, up; it's on our US government's patent website so it's not some conspiracy......

 how could i tell if I'm even a little bit dehydrated / and how do i rehydrate my self?

 I have swine flu.....it doesn't feel THAT bad.?
Is swine flu still scary?...

 could i have the swine flu?
i don't want to over react but i feel sick..i have a runny noise and the chills nothing else..but i am still a bit concerned do you think there's a chance??? i have a doctor's ...

 Sore throat after vomiting?
I vomited all day yesterday. At first I thought it was a hangover because I had done a bit of drinking the night before, but it felt different and lasted way too long. (Almost all day) I also ate ...

 ugh my computer keeps saying i have infections..how do i fix this wihout paying?
i need help and fast before my computer crashes....what do i do~!!!!!...

 Help Do i have the swine flu?
Yesterday i cleaned the bathtub with clorox & dish washing soap.
When i finished cleaning it i filled it up with water & bubbles & took a bath that was around 2pm by 9pm my throat ...

Is there a cure for AIDS?
Is there a cure for AIDS, and how did majic johnson obtain such that he has not transmitted it to his wife?, Will there be one or is there one in other countries at this present time

no and obviously theres no cure for stupidity

lauret r
Unfortunately there is no cure for air at the moment. Scientists in america are trying to find a cure for this deady disease

Jim-Bob The Son Of God.
Perhaps his wife wearing a diaphragm? Well there is currently no cure for full blown aids but aids in its early stages can be mitigated and even cured!

That is why early detection is always advised. You only get the idea that aids is incurable because you only hear the cases where full out aids has been in the victim. Its just like hearing how people with multiple stab wounds are beyond saving.

Magic Johnson did not have AIDS he had HIV. There's a big difference. He got the cure for HIV a while back, but there is a known cure for AIDS. Condoms do not protect against HIV or AIDS because the virus is so small it can pass through the natural pores in a latex condom. The cure for HIV and AIDS is a process called: CCR-5 Delta-32 gene mutation stem cell implant. They found this out sometime in the late 80's to Early 90's. An American was one of the first to officially get the cure. They do this in Germany for big bucks under the table.

I've heard that there is a tree in Africa that has the ability to cure AIDS; but it's a rumor so I'm not sure.
Magic Johnson never had AIDS he has HIV. And with all the millions he has It doesn't surprise me that he was able to buy the best HIV medication money can buy.
They will never allow a cure for AIDS to be released (at least in the U.S) for the same reason Americans will never have universal health care: Pharmaceutical companies. It is far more profitable to provide you with drugs that help you live with aids than to rid you of it completely.

People with AIDS are at the end of HIV stage, they are reduced to bones and weak limbs, even if there is a cure, can the weakness and suffering be reduced?

You just have to inject your self with money,

Smile :)
There is medicine for it but I don't think it cures it

Eskimo Joe
No, there's no cure.

Magic Johnson is a freak of nature, simply put, and he probably uses condoms, which you should use too if your so paranoid about it.
I recommend Trojan Ecstasy =D

Its like theres nothing there, man!

Selahs Dad

If there was a cure it would of been revealed.

jaybes dc
There is no cure for aids. He probably used a condom.

Please ignore the people saying there is a cure for HIV /AIDS. There is NO cure for either the virus (HIV) or the disease it causes (AIDS.)

Prevention is the only hope at present, which would include the constant and correct use of LATEX condoms (the "lamb skin" variety does NOT prevent the spread of infection) and not using needles used by others.

Because HIV is a virus, a vaccine is more likely than cure, but as of now there is NO cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS.

I worked for the Illinois State Health Department for 6 years, and am a certified HIV/AIDS counselor. Please don't buy into the misinformation posted here. There is no cure for HIV. Magic Johnson is on anti-retroviral medication that keeps the disease in check but it's not a cure. He still has HIV.

Please see thebody.org for a LOT of WONDERFUL and ACCURATE information on HIV/AIDS

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