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 Do I have the Swine Flu, If not what do I have?
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head ache
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But ...

Is it possible for a person to contract the H1N1 virus from a person who had the live nasal vaccine?
As a doctor, I've heard this question many times. It alarms me that the public isn't educated on the risks and percentages of a vaccine that has cause so much commotion in the world. I'm extremely curious to see what the public thinks on this subject.

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't... because if it did... they wouldn't give it to people... unless it wasn't tested enough.

Yes, it is very possible. The live nasal vaccine is attentuated, but it could still take weeks to shed and then it is passed into our sewers in the form of feces.


I know that you should avoid contact with weak immune system caused by disease such as cancer, HIV, or AIDS, or by certain medicines such as steroids, cancer chemotherapy, or radiation treatment for 21 days

Grumpy Old Man
Yes, it is possible and that is why they are very careful wrt who gets the shot and explaining how to take care

The amount of live virus in the vaccine is so minuscule, that in theory- it's not supposed to allow the vaccine recipient contract the H1N1 virus- only build antibodies against it. Therefore it would be impossible for a third party to catch a virus that the vaccine recipient doesn't even have.

I understand from my research that the "attenuated" virus is shed through the sinuses for up to 21 days. I also understand that this shedding can cause the spread of the flu.

But it is not the H1N1 flu that concerns me as much, since it is mild compared to the typical seasonal flu. What I refuse to allow into my bloodstream is the Thimerosal, the Formaldehyde, or the Squalene adjuvant.

I'm sorry, I no longer blindly trust doctors and nurses to tell me what's best for me. Researching the 1976 flu campaign taught me that the system can be wrong. And I don't need anyone to tell me that I'm better of without having a Mercury derivative pushed into my bloodstream, as well as other dangerous adjuvants that have been reasonably linked to horrendous Autism levels and Auto Immune diseases (Gulf War Syndrome--from Squalene)

All one really has to do is read the product "inserts" from the Drug companies to make a rational decision. I'll post the link below. The stated risk of Guillain Barre Syndrome is enough for me. Here is a quip from the NOVARTIS H1N1 insert:

Safety and effectiveness of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children less than 4 years of age. YET WHO ARE BEING LINED UP FIRST FOR THE VACCINES!

No offense doc, but I don't trust the system any more. Can you blame me?

Donna P
If it is a live vaccine, then there is a risk for immunocompromised people, who live closely with the patient, to catch a form of the virus. I would not accept or give my children a live vaccine (especially since my sis is immunocompromised).

YES it is absolutely possible and is one of the precautions in using it.
The CDC website does not admit this specifically. The result is that doctors and other health care providers administering this live vaccine are caught unaware.

Here is some info to read:


I'm not sure from your question if you want an answer or are taking a poll, but as a doctor I can tell you the risk of virus transmission is estimated at about 0.5%. This refers to transmission of the vaccine virus, not disease- no cases have ever been documented where an actual illness was caused by the transmission of the attenuated, cold-adapted, temperature-sensitive live influenza vaccine when administered appropriately. The risk of disease transmission is theoretical but led to the recommendation for recipients to avoid contact with severely immunocompromised people.

This and much more information about H1N1 and other vaccines is readily available on the website for the Centers for Disease Control and risks and benefits are listed on the Vaccine Information Sheet for each vaccine, which is required to be given to each vaccine recipient.

As an idiot,

I believe that it is possible to contract the "FLU" from anyone at any time if they are carrying the virus and you have forgotten to wash your hands recently.

H1N1 is just a slightly different strain, but it's still just the flu. It's not a pandemic, and the only reason it's getting media coverage is because the pharmaceutical companies want your money. Don't get the shot, you'll most likely get sick from the shot, or end up getting the flu next year when/if it comes back stronger anyway. Wash your hands, take some b12 or whatever vitamins YOU THINK keep you healthy, and don't eat fast food.

Nursing homes and hospitals caring for elderly are will not give senior citizens this shot regularly, because they know it will kill them. A potent fart will kill them as well, but the shot will give them the symptoms of the flu without the live infestation. The symptoms of swine flu WILL kill you if you cannot take care of yourself while your sick. This is why children and elderly are at risk, because dehydration is lethal if you're too weak to do anything about it.

If you work in the health industry, you're going to most likely take the shot as a requirement of your company, and give the flu to your patients anyway.

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