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 Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
high fever - got
body aches - not got
headache - got
coughing - got
sore throat - got
fatigue - 50/50*
chills - not got
diarrhoea - got

The above is all ...

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 would you get sick if???
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 do i have the swine flu?
i have a cough and runny nose.. nothing else..

could i have swine flu?...

I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
NOT eat any solids for 56 hours.....i know....But i did drink Ginger Ale and 7-UP...and water for over two days???? do you think i had the flu...or some food poisoning..But i am unable to trace it back to anything....i was too sick to even go to the doctor...and am fatigued now....what is your opinion??? (By the way, i had a flu shot)...Haven't been that sick in 15 years atleast!!!!!

Do you also have really bad cramps along with puking and diarehha? If so you might have "Beaver Fever", you best go to the doctor and get your self looked at.

Hope everything is ok.


xzone fan..
you may have an alser if you poo is black go see a doctor.

Blunt Honesty
most likely food poisoning. it would have been something you ate between 8-24 hours before you became ill. If you didn't have a fever, you didn't have the flu.

see a doctor

Plato the great Philosopher
Instead of drinking ginger-ale(no ginger at all) or 7-Up. Drink fruit juices or energy drinks, also eat oatmeal or veggies. Hope you feel better.

If you had a Temp, you probably had some kind of virus. The flu shot doesn't cover all flu's only the one they think will hit hard for that year.


maybe you had mono

it was the flu... it was going around ,in fact its still out there, but ur
safe cause I've had it already!

Good Deeds

Probably the flu, there is a really bad strain out right now, different people are having different reactions to it.

Gen•X•er (I love zombies!)
I was sick like that several years ago, I was thousands of miles away from home and scared. I thought I had food poisoning so I went to the ER. Turned out I had a Norwalk-type virus. (They come on very suddenly and go away very fast.)

It's going around. It's called the norovirus. Check the link below. A few people I know have had it in the last few weeks. I'm glad you're better - noroviruses are not pretty!


probably had that virus going around lately

Sounds like the flu. I have had food poisoning a couple of times and it is my experience that you have very bad abdominal pain for several hours and then finally throw up. After you throw up - it is over. But, the flu will cause you to continue to be sick (both ends). The flu shot is great, but doesn't protect you from all strains of the flu. I am glad it has stopped, so now you can work on getting your strength back. It will take a couple of days, but each day that you can eat and drink you will start to feel better. Sorry, you had to go through that - it is awful!!


you probably caught some kind of food borne illness (food poisoning) or you had an allergic reaction to the flu shot. Just drink plenty of water because you will get severely dehydrated. and keep resting. once you feel better and you can keep everything thing down, just start eating small amounts of soft foods. nothing heavy like meat or anything. hope you feel better

Anything over 24 hours is NOT food poisoning. The flu shot only protects you from certain strains of the flu. There are several. With all that's floating around it's most likely you caught a flu bug that was not included in your shot. Sounds like you kept yourself as hydrated as you could. If your system is returning to normal it's not uncommon to feel fatigued. Think of what your body's been through. If your still producing only liquids you should have someone drive you to the doctor. They'll take immediate appointments.
Good Luck!

sounds like the flu...happened to me about a month ago..i thought i had food poisening but it was followed by 6hrs of throwing up and a fever...i didnt sit up for about 12hrs after i stopped throwing up...it was just the flu...you probably feel fatigued because you havent eaten much of anything....and the flu shot only is good against the types of flu that the doctors "think" will be most prevelant this year...it is still possible to get it after having the shot...i dont see the point of them anyway...ive havent gotten one in about 10 years and im 19...only had the flu a couple times.

If you are better now, then I wouldn;t worry-otherwise see your Dr

i had the same problem once...i felt sick for about 2-3 days and i just felt terrible...i couldn't keep anything down...i found out that it was food poisoning and also i can't eat mushrooms which i ate the day before. so it could be food poisoning.

Vomiting and diarrhea will dehydrate you very easily. Your fatigued because of that. Drinking pop made it worse they dehydrate you as well. You should have stuck to plain water. There are lots of gastrointestinal flu's going around right now. The flu shot does not cover that. Technically the flu is a respiratory ailment not gastrointestinal.

gastrointeritis? stomach flu. My baby had that over the weekend. He was doing the same thing. will the flu shot work for stomach flu?

it is going around stomach bug

Ultimate Guitar Hero!
Sounds like the common flu.

It could be a nasty flu, but from the severity it sounds more like food poisoning. Did you eat out? Did you eat something dfferent from everyone else? I'm not suprised you are fatigued. You need nourishment and are probably dehydrated as well. Take one more day, eat (lightly) drink, (water) and rest (I know borrrrring). Both the flu or food poisioning just have to work themselves out of your system, so give it time, your system has had it rough lately.

Sounds like the flu or the norovirus that has been going around. Just because you got the flu shot doesn't mean you wont get the flu. It helps reduce effects if you do come into contact with the flu bug and there are many strains of the flu. But you were smart to keep hydrated.

angel h
sounds like a stomach virus to me. My mom was like that and threw up for a couple of days before i took her to the hospital for dehydration and I was told that it was a stomach virus after many tests were done.
Just try to drink a lot of liquid now, get some rest and you should be fine. If you should continue to feel weka or have any other symptoms then just go see a doc to make sure that you're not still dehydrated or don't need anti-biotics.

You didn't have food poisoning. That would NEVER last that long. You had a virus of some sort. There are MILLIONS of them. You were protected only from ONE kind of flu. You probably got something else....a stomach bug---that's been hitting the US big time--and no relation to the flu. It's over and you could STILL be exposed to the flu you got the shot for, so be glad you did.

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