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I have a fever that's 104.3...?
I have a really bad cough and am having trouble breathing. My throat is kinda bleeding. I also have a bad headache. I'm 16. My mom knows; she's a nurse. It's Sunday so we can't go to the doctor's. She said that if we went to the ER, she said, they could only do what she can, and I'd be exposed to other things. I''m really scared =( Help!

Maddie M
Don't worry about it! I'm sure your mom knows what she is talking about and you'll be fine.

Your Highness
Just wait till tomorrow and go to the doctor.

You aren't gonna die in 1 day. Your mom is a nurse, I'm sure she knows when she sees something that is actually life-threatening.

Going to the ER is for emergencies. This is not an emergency, it can wait.

Don't be scared. You said your mom is a nurse, so she knows what she is doing!!!
Get as much bed rest as you can, and take any Tylonol or any other over the counter meds than might help!!!
Just stay calm, you will be ok!

Just chill out. Your gonna be fine. You feel good enough to type this, then you don't have to go to the ER. Besides, you mom is a nurse!!! Just chillllllll...

You'll be fine. Take a luke warm bath. AND if you can, rub alcohol on your chest. Not vodka, rubbing :)

Feel better hun!

put a cold wash cloth on your for head and drink a lot of water

take a cold shower and drink lots of fluids with sugar, like broths and gateorade

That happened to me too a couple months ago. Heres what you do: if you have asthma take some of your inhaler- it makes a huge difference, try taking Advil or some other pain reliever for your headache, try cough drops for your throat bleeding and drink lots of fluids. If your breathing trouble persists and gets unbearable, then go to the hospital- there may be something really really wrong with you. Oh and you must rest and try to sleep off that fever.
I hope you feel better hon- oh and you'll be in my prayers tonight:)

Well then i'm assuming you'll be going to the doctor tomorrow. You need to lay in your bed and not get up until you go to the doctor. Have your mom go to the store and buy you a large amount of your favorite juice and drink lots of it. If you have an albuterol inhaler then you should take that to open up your airways to help you breath better. Take some tylenol or advil for the headache, and take some cough syrup. You've probably already done all that since your mom is a nurse, but if not, then make sure you do that.

ok you do need to go to the ER
that is a very high fever!!
i know that your mom is nervous about you being exposed to other things that are in the hospita.. ( i am always there.. i have severe asthma) but you need to be there so they can keep an eye on you.. thats really the best place to go with a fever that high and with those symptoms. Dont worry or panic, that will only make things worse.. you will be fine .. just make sure you go to the hospital where you can be treated correctly

Leeward side
take tylenol for the fever, and drink lots of fluids

You need to go to the ER IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT wait!

Karina S
call emergncy help its series

Take some kind of NSAID... tylenol, advil, something. try to get your fever down, it is very very high. If your fever gets any higher, or if it does not fall within a few hours, go to the emergency room regardless.

22 and Lovin it!!
okay well the good thing is that your mom is a nurse. She knows what she's doing. I would recommend you go to the ER though because it does not sound like just a regular flu. GOodl uck and feel better :)

Dusty DayDreams
Go to the ER. Yeah, you're mom is a nurse but hospitals are better equip to deal with diseases and sicknesses; your house isn't. And I would go soon since I'm pretty sure if you're body temperature gets to about 107, you're basically dead.

Your mother is a nurse of what, veterinary medicine? Temperatures over 104 degrees F. are serious, believe me. I survived at least two such "episodes" only because the local doctor packed me in ice (way back in 1943 and way before penicillin). Call 911 and tell THEM what you are experiencing. You just might be suffering from mumps, for example, a very serious virus for adults.

go to the er is serious just explain to u mom that u should go.. good luck

You HAVE to go to the ER NOW!

You need to get your fever down! Nothing against your mom but you need to go to the ER so they can figure our what it is with their tests and treat you with medicines that your mom legally has no access too.

just go to the ER but you could have like a sore throat that is swollen and that is restriciting you from breeathing.

Your mom's a nurse and she can do a strep screen, prescribe anitbiotics and do a chest xray if needed?????
MMmmm...sounds like she doesn't feel like taking you in and having to pay for it.

No disrespect to your mum, but a nurse is not a doctor, and if you feel that bad then you should be having medical treatment. You may need an antibiotic and the sooner you start to take it the sooner it will work. make sure your mum knows how absolutely bad you are feeling.

Josh F
go to the E.R.

Not to be mean but you're mom doesn't know what she's talking about. 104.3 is ridiculously high, I'm honestly surprised your still alive.

Chapin Alyssa
i would say that you should still go to the ER
you never know, they might be able to do something more that your mom cant (no offence to your mom)
but you really should go to the ER
they could probably hook you up to some IV antibiotics and it would help alot.

Rhiannon. Stay[[+]]
Forget what your mom is saying, get to the ER

If your temp gets any higher is can become deadly.

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