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 Question for medics preferably : Is it normal to bleed from nose and throat whilst suffering from flu?
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 how can i help reduce risk of swine flu?
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 oh hi my dad says that everybody is getting swine flu because i got a D on my math test is this true?
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Bad cough
sore throat
head ache
stomach ache
weakness in the legs
hot/cold sensations
rash forming around my mouth.
But ...

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Im a guy
I got food poisoning and have work tommarow?
I CANT call in sick to work, I've used up all my sick days an honestly will probably get fired. I got food poisoning last night, this morning i had HORRIBLE stomach pains, diarrhea, and i kept throwing up. I drank alot of water and went to sleep and when i woke up 6hours later i felt kinda fine. No more diarrhea, no stomach pains, and no throwing up. I have work in about 10hours an i want to make sure i can work my shift (14 hours) what can i do to get rid of it? Or is it already gone? I haven't eaten anything all day except for a little warm broth. How long does food poisoning last? Does it sound like its over? Thanks

it's not food poisoning. It's IBS.

and the only thing you can do for it is wait.

stp plymouth
Im really not sure--I feel for you
maybe take some phenegren--it helps with nausea
Ive had to work with gout in my feet before and it was awful
I wish you the best
you may tell your boss that you havent felt good and maybe he may help you out some

Jesse S
Papaya and/or pineapple can be very helpful.

Kayla M
http://www.hmc.psu.edu/healthinfo/f/foodpoisoning.htm. Read this, this might help you.

don't worry!

..you're a Manly Man, right?

Sometimes it lasts longer than other times. Call your boss & explain & say I don't want to come in & give it to everyone there. Instead of calling it food poisening just say you got sick etc. Maybe they will let you go. Ask if you need to come in to save your job or if there is anyway you can get another day off?

It could have been a little 24 hour bug. But if you work in the restaurant industry like me you learn to work through the pain mate.

... .
Try to cover your shift.

In my opinion i think you should go for a walk. Drink water, try to eat something and try to throw up.

After that everything should be fine.

Chris S
try going in, then say you feel to bad to work, that probably wont count as sick day. if you phone in they wont accept it

if it goes really well someone will say 'you don't look well' then you can go on from there

but try not to throw up/have a dump in the office :D

I'm sorry. Hope you do feel better though. It sounds like it's almost gone. So, you do need to eat...eat some soup and drink Gatorade. This should help, and you should be ok to go to work tomorrow! Just tough it out I guess. Oh and get as much sleep as you can and don't forget to set your alarm so you can actually wake up to get to work! :) Hope I helped and feel better :)

get some vitamin c in you. orange juice will help too. take some crackers with you to work. usually food poisoning will be over after a day but its best not to override your stomach just yet. get a good night sleep tonight also.

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