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When i finished cleaning it i filled it up with water & bubbles & took a bath that was around 2pm by 9pm my throat ...

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Bad cough
sore throat
head ache
stomach ache
weakness in the legs
hot/cold sensations
rash forming around my mouth.
But ...

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How do people get pink eye?

arvin l
when debris of poop get in your eye :D

They get it from excessive rubbing of the eye with dirty fingers.

"Pink eye" refers to a viral infection of the conjunctiva. These infections are especially contagious among children.

There are many causes of conjunctivitis. Viruses are the most common cause. Other causes include:

* Allergies (allergic conjunctivitis)
* Bacteria
* Certain diseases
* Chemical exposure
* Chlamydia
* Fungi
* Parasites (rarely)
* Use of contact lenses (especially extended-wear lenses)

So, basically, it can be caused by many different things. "Pink eye" is just an umbrella term to describe inflammation of the eye.

Riddle Riddle
In the middle of the night, the Pink Eye Man gouges out their eyes and replaces them with pink eyes.

Butterfly kisses. Sharing pillows.

Touching there face when their hands are dirty, all the germs get onto your eyes and face. Also, by looking into a microscope, telescope, etc, that is dirty and not properly cleaned. Touching your eye to any of those things when it is dirty or not properly cleaned will get you a badly infected pink eye.

it is spread by touch from person to person. also if someone who has pink eye touches something (after somehow touching their eye) and someone else touches it and touches their eye, they will get pink eye.

by putting there fingers in there eye or by rubbing them all the germs infest it giving it the pinkish tint

★Starkissed ★
It is generally contracted from touching your eye after you had a bowel movement and didn't wash your hands properly. You can also catch it from touching other people's hands or items they touched after they didn't wash properly after going to the bathroom. But, there are other ways and you can catch it easily from just being close to someone who already has pink eye. It is easily treated though should you get it.

The viruses that cause pink eye are the same ones that cause the common runny nose, cough, post-nasal drip and, occasionally diarrhea. What causes pink eye in one child may only cause nasal congestion in another. In other words, pink eye does not necessarily beget pink eye. The contagiousness lies in how it is transmitted. Like most cold season viruses, the infection gets transmitted hand-to-mouth through secretions. Those with pink eye tend to rub their eyes often. Then when they contact another by playing or handshaking, the virus gets transmitted. Simply being in the room with someone with pink eye is of no danger. And if the person with pink eye carefully avoids rubbing his eyes and washes his hands throughout the day, the risk of transmission is quite low. This, obviously, is difficult in a pre-school or daycare setting, so these affected children are often excluded from attending.

The bacteria that cause pink eye are the same ones that cause ear infections. It is not uncommon for the doctor to find an ear infection along with the pink eye. In this scenario, it is almost certain that the eye and ear infection are caused by the same bacteria. These bacteria are easily found in the environment, and the infection is usually started simply because the unlucky child happened to rub his eyes when he had these bacteria on his hands.

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