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 I'm actually scared about swine flu!?
My friend's mum has diagnosed swine flu, but obviously my friend has had contact with her (my friend doesn't have swine flu) but I've been avoiding her just in case she does get it ...

 what is mono( please help!)?

 I have swollen tonsils, cold, sore throat and aching sinuses. Does anybody know what it could be?

 Swine Flu Shot?!??!?!?
So, are u getting it? What are the risks? What's with that nose thing that replaces a shot? Why can people under 18 take the real shots? Will I get sick after? Should you do it yourself or go to ...

 Should Bernard Matthews be prosecuted?
For allowing Bird Flu to infect his farms? He is well known for not keeping his animals in good conditions. I think this time he should be hauled up infront of a judge and sent to jail. What do you ...

 Are we all gonna die from pig flu?
I live in London and just wondered if we are all gonna die from Swine Flu?...

 Is swine flu going to kill everyone?
If so when?...

 should i worry about the second wave swine flu?
well should i? tell me why or why not....

 Does taking antibiotics have any affect on a cold virus?
I was told that antibiotics have no effect - and someone I know is arguing that antibiotics do help to get rid of colds.
As far as I know antibiotics only kill bacterial infections. Who is ...

 might be going to mexico in the summer, how much at risk am i for the "swine flu".?
i wanted to go to mexico with a couple of friends and family in the summer,around may through june, but i am scared of the swine flu..lol should i go or stay??...

 Can you get HIV from making out?
I made out with my boyfriend last year, and I got the Flu a week later. I'm pretty sure we didn't have blood to blood contact. I didn't have any open bleeding wounds in my gums, cheeks,...

 What is the real Threat for us in UK: a Taliban who lives thousands of miles away, or the Swine Flue?
It is true Taliban killed a lot of our soldiers, but they killed them there, in Afghanistan- Not British Colony - not on our land! While Swine Flue is attacking us in our homes and killing us in ...

 should i have the swine flu vaccine i am 37 weeks pregnant?
im 37 weeks pregnant and healthy, should i have the swine flu vaccine? i don't get the flu vaccine any other time. has anyone else had it?...

 child, age 7, 103 temperature over 72 hrs?
my child has been sick with high fever, cough, vomiting a few times, chills, sore throat. She is on antibiotics but obviously are not helping. This has lasted over 72 hrs. She has an appt today... ...

 How could I get sick?!?
Ok well I'l 15 right now^^. I want to get sick by tmr or sunday. If you think it's because of school, it's not lol. I want to get sick because the last time I was sick was like... last ...

 Urinary Track Infection. I'm going crazy. help?
Ok so....right when I got to work today, at like 5p.m I went to the bathroom and i had a UTI. It's the worst I've had so far. I'm actually bleeding.
I've been drinking water ...

 i have a chip stuck in my throat what should i do?
i have drank water and ate bread also ate big ...

 How come theres no more Swine Flu in the news?

 does everyone carry the cold sore virus?

 How many of you are scared to get the swine flu?
Serious question so no smart or rude remarks!! =] thanks!...

Have you had food poisoning before?
If so, what did you eat and how long did it last?

yes i have had food poisoning, salmonella from a chinese restaurant in newcastle also 15 people who were dining with me at the the table got it as well. lost two stone in weight with in 10 days was off work for three weeks , we all sued the restaurant. not a very nice experience.

★Need a wish right now.
I think I did yes. But I'm not sure what it was from though.
And It didn't last quite long.
I woke up with a horrible stomach ache then I started to feel a bit sick
I went to college but ended having to go home because I felt really sick and I couldn't walk or stand for along time because of the horrible stomach ache. came home and felt better all of a sudden then an hour later I was puking but only once. After that I felt better and didn't feel sick but still had the horrible stomach ache for 3 days.

Bethnal Green
I've had food poisoning once before. One evening I decided to go to an Indian restaurant to cheer up and I ended up in hospital, vomiting and with high temperature. But it was gone in 1-2 days.

Twice. One time from undercooked sausages which only lasted one night but I spent the whole time sweating and shivering. The second time was from steak and I was sick for a week.

Vicky T Viking
I had oysters in Singapore in the hotel I was staying at en route to Australia. The food poisoning didn't kick in for 12-24 hrs and lasted a whole week and left me very much weakened

Mike H
I think it was a milkshake I bought from the supermarket. It was the only thing I had eaten/drunk that the rest of my family hadn't touched, so we presumed it was that.

Had the typical food-poisoning symptoms for about 48 hours. The doc gave me an anti-emitic (something to stop the sickness), which worked. Was right as rain after about 3 days.

Well I ate contaminated food on a saturday night and only showed symptoms on monday morning on my way to school.

It lasted a full 7 days. However, the majority of the symptoms died down after 4 days,

Nicole R
i warmed up wal-mart brand croissants in the microwave... yeah don't do that! it's ok with pillsbury becase that's what i was doing before... and then wal-mart...ohhh no no. i was truying to be cheap and it lasted for like 3 days. yucky

and a few years ago, outback ceasar salad. definitely haven't had one of those in years because of it.

Auld Git
What a nightmare that was. I got it through handling raw turkey. After 3 days of vomiting and extreme diarrhoea I was admitted to hospital and put on a drip as I was dehydrated and was in there for several days. I have never felt so ill in my life. The very word Salmonella makes me cringe now.

Once from a mac donalds mc chicken sandwich, it was really bad had the squits and very sick for 2 days

then from the water on holiday i think, again the squits and sick for 48 hours

alf w

Just got back from The Caleta Palace, in Playa de Aro, Spain, and a lot of holiday makers had the runs. I am o.k. now but last Tuesday and Wednesday I was bad.

If you want to lose weight quickly, although it's dearer than Weight watchers, I recommend the All Inclusive at The Caleta Palace you will lose a lot more lbs overnight.

Welcome To England
I've had food poisoning twice, and both times were from a Chinese restaurant (one in Manchester, one down here in London). They were both wholly unpleasant experiences, but mercifully the vomiting only lasted about a day.


yes i have and my face was tingling it lasted a day and a half just eat light foods nothing spicy and try to rest

Nope, but my hubby did, and he was ill for 2 weeks, he ate a dodgy kebab and didn't eat one for years!!
He also lost over a stone in weight, mind you it didn't take long to put back on!!

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