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Um... doesn't that mean the child was Mexican? So, still.....


Does anyone know where I can buy swine-flu vaccine, please?

its not available yet

its not out yet. and anyway, im def. not going to get it.

considering the last shot they came out with for this flu got people paralyzed or died.

So im not taking any chances. :|

go to your gp


As far as I know they won't be available until September or October. Just as a side note though unless you are a senior citizen, young child, health care worker, or immuno-compromized (if you don't know what that means then you're not) it's not a high priority for you to get vaccinated. If you are a healthy individual if you were to contract it you would think you had the regular flu and you will get better. Otherwise you can ask your healthcare provider for information on when they will be offering it to the general public.

Maria M
I wouldn't advise it, you could be buying anything. If your fit and healthy you don't need it, if you have underlying health conditions your doctor will provide you with Tamiflu for free.

just take a trip to your local pharmacy and they can provide stuff if you have swine flu.. other than that theres nothing yet theyr still testing stuff but soon we will be given the option from doctors for vactination x

you can get in the fall or end by 2009 but you could go to a pharmacie and get it

Ben S
Don't worry about swine flu, it's less dangerous than normal flu. I know a few people that have had it, its just like having a cold.

The media have blown it up to make it sound bad.

The best vaccine is getting it, it should make you immune to getting it again.

The vaccine hasn't been released yet, If you are in the UK that is.

What do you want it for - a current problem or as a hedge against the future?

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