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 would you get sick if???
if you drinked pee?? i mean it's made of waste....so if you drink it will you pee again???.........im weird..........

 do i have the swine flu?
i have a cough and runny nose.. nothing else..

could i have swine flu?...

 do you agree that the swine fever endemic is overblown like bird flu was?

 swine flu??????? should i freak out????
should i freak out......... i live 3 hours away from mexico city and i was woundering if i should freak out and if it is possible that i get it........

 Why are you people so scared of the swine flu?
Seriously. Why are people so concerned with the swine flu? 6500 people in the WHOLE WORLD have died from it, many of those were already sick or infiirm to begin with. So, taking a total population ...

 how do i find out if i have strep rather than just a sore throat?

 Can you get pregnant by kissing?

 What's a good remedy for sore throat?

 HELP. I am very sick and nobody believes me. I think I am dying...?
I think I am dying. I have diarreah 24/7, I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up (and sometimes I do), I am ALWAYS tired, weak, and dizzy. I usually have some sort of infection, too (...

 Should I wear a surgical mask or latex gloves at the airport to prevent catching swine flu?
Should I protect myself? We're going on vacation in a few days. My mom is starting to tip on doing it....

 Should I bother with the antibiotics?
I had a plantar wart removed from the bottom of my foot six days ago. The doctor was insistent that I take antibiotics because she said that since she had to "dig" for it, it was highly ...

 Have you had food poisoning before?
If so, what did you eat and how long did it last?...

 How To Get Rid Of A Cold?
Imm Jus Askingg Iff Anii Onee Nos How To Get Ridd Off A Horrible C...

 Have there been any Deaths from swine flu?
Not in mexico!!
HAve there been any deaths in Canada, America or the UK?

(Im so scared!!) :'(...

 I have caught a virus from my computer, and i can't stop sneezing?
I weas serfing the webb and my virus stopper flashed up saying there is a virus. i went to delete it and there was a flash from my mouse and i felt a tingle in my hands throat. and now i have ...

 Yesterday i had the stomach flu, and i feel much better today , but still feel weak,wats the best thing 2 do?
meaning whats the best thing to eat and physically do?...

 Now it's at stage 5...?
So now the pandemic threat of SIV is up to 5, are we all surely done for? Should I go with my friends to the mountains, where nobody goes? We are calling it 'Plan Run For The Hills' or PRFTH...


I just had a positive tuberculosis skin test, I'm going to have an x-ray tomorrow, Can this disease kill me?...

 I just sneezed. Do you think I have swine flu????

Does anyone know any cool diseases with interesting symptoms?
We have to do a project about a disease and we want to pick a disease that is really rare that no one knows and has weird symtoms and cures.

Jaleel W.

UGH! WE HAVE TO DO THAT PROJECT?!?!?! I was not informed of this... grr! Well I've got one for you, mister!

It's called phelpsitis! Unfortunately, it seems like a only a few people are afflicted with it (Allie, Suzanna, Greer, and ME!), but I totally think it is a real disease because it seems like i have a very severe case of it!!!



P.S. if you dont appreciate my answer, other answerer people, i am allowed to do this because the person who asked this question is my BESTIE and he doesn't care!

Poloramayama. There is also this disease I forgot the name of that I heard of where your teeth dissolve into liquid and drip down your throat and then grow back.

Your question just makes me sad. Please present your topic with some empathy.

Olivia J
How about:

Pica - an illness where people want to eat non-food items such as dirt and wood.

Micropsia - also known as "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" is where people have distorted views, but mainly some things look much smaller than they are.

Yes, I have one. One really interesting disease is Progeria. Although it is very noticeable it has really no cause. Although I did do this for a project a few years ago and everyone thought it was great and very interesting. The disease is when a child has aging symptoms-

-Hair loss
- Growing Defect
-Ages way too fast

Hope I Helped I Spent A Lot Of Time On This Because It Is soooo Interesting!

Try looking up sjogren's syndrome.

'cool diseases' - u wudnt think a disease was 'cool' if u had one

How about you check this out:


Pretty Interesting However It may be a bit hard to believe but who knows most likely it could be true.


Does it necessarily have to be a disease? Can it be a parasite? My favorite is bot fly (or botfly). It is often listed as a tropical disease, and you can find all kinds of cool stories and pictures about people who have had them.

ebola...you bleed out of every orifice of your body....

Ender Z

ACTH Deficiency

Morgellons is by far the "coolest" disease. It's so science fiction like that it's debated on whether it's a psychiatric disease, biological disease, or even a disease at all. Basically people with this disease are itchy all the time and they get lesions and red, black blue and white fibers come out of the lesions. I believe I read somewhere that when they analyzed the fibers, they were plant-like.

Untreated syphilis is really interesting as wellecause it will go to the brain and basically make a person insane

Leprosy is interesting because it has so much history to it and they actually treat symptoms of it with thalidomide. You're probably too young to know about thalidomide, but it was a drug they gave pregnant women in the 60's or 70's to combat morning sickness and other symptoms of pregnancy. Little did they know it would cause hundreds of children to be born with grossly deformed limbs or no limbs at all.

Kuru-- it's a disease confined to the Fore Tribe in New Guinea. It's similar to mad cow disease (spongiform encephalopathy). It causes neurological degeneration. it's acquired through eating the brain of an infected person. The Fore Tribe is the only tribe known to still practice cannibalism.

Buruli Ulcer-- caused by a bacteria that belongs to the same family as leprosy and TB, this one infects your skin causing nodules. The bacteria then produce a toxin that eats away your skin, tissue and nerves. It's mostly found in uganda and west africa.

House M.D.
How about you just watch my show? Then you'll get all the answers you could possibly want, and it'll help my ratings. It's a win-win.

Edit: To the answerer below me, who are you and how did you get my clothes?

"Tree man"

Werewolf Syndrome
Blue Skin Disorder
Vampire Disease
Alice in Wonderland syndrome
Blaschko's lines
Walking Corpse Syndrome
Jumping frenchman disorder

Dr. House
Someone called for information on rare diseases?

A classic case of rare diseases would include Erdheim-Chester Disease. It's an autoimmune disease where the cause of onset is not well known. It's a condition known as histiocytosis, proliferation and infiltration of macrophages and lymphocytes in various organs of the body. Symptoms include the destruction of long bones, neurological ataxia, vasopressin deficiency, retroperitoneal fibrosis, and dyspnea. Diagnosis is extremely difficult due to the fact that there's only been around a hundred cases or so in the history of medicine. Treatment is Interferon, high dose corticosteroids, and surgical removal of fibrosis.

Wilson's Disease is a deficiency in the ATP7B gene that leads to the inability of the body to eliminate copper through the bile. The result is high levels of copper in the body that can lead to various symptoms including neurological problems with movement, esophageal varices, jaundice, hepatic encephalopathy, and other associated liver disease. A quick way of diagnosing Wilson's Disease is through the appearance of Kaiser Fleischer rings around the cornea of the eyes. Another diagnosis is high levels of plasma copper but low levels of ceruloplasmin. There's no cure for this disease besides transplanting a liver that has functional ATP7B genes. Symptoms can be treated by a diet low on copper as well as starting the patient either on chelating agents or higher dose Zinc with no copper supplements to stimulate metallothionein production.

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome is a mutation in the HGPRTase gene that is responsible for salvaging nuclear bases to make nucleotides. It is a rare genetic condition found in infant males that results in severe gout and neurological symptoms such as mental retardation, self mutilation, and poor motor control. This disease, unfortunately, has no cure.

EDIT: To the answerer above me, I appreciate fans, but I hate imposters. This is my normal clothes. Unlike you, I'm not an animated character. From your answer, it appears that you also have the IQ of one, well played.

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