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 what are the symptoms of swine flu?

 Why do we only get the chicken pox once?
this is really improtant for a project ...

 Do I have a cold or a fever?
I feel cold, my throat is sore, when i turn quickly i get like a zap kinda thing through my body (happens when im sick) and my eyes feel strained and i feel sluggish and ...

 Why can't antibiotics cure people who have Malaria?

 Swallowing a little bit of hand sanitizer?
Ok, well I was eating chips on the desk, and I used the hand sanitizer. I didn't know that a glob of it was dropped on the table, and I'm not sure if the chip I swallowed may have swiped on ...

 Does a Swine Flu freak you out? how much do u know about it?

 How come the government (US) doesn't just make a facility to hold all people with HIV?
You know, to permanently defeat the virus? I'm talking about mandated tests once a year for everyone in the US to check if they have HIV or not, and if they do, they put them somewhere with ...

 What do you do if someone appears to be dehydrated?
aside from an ER...

 ::::Help please::::Do I have food poisoning?
And has the bacteria come out of me after I had vomited? Will I vomit again?? =S

What foods help kill the bacteria in the stomach? And what foods releive nasea? And also what helps bring ...

 is samonella contagious?

 when you have a fever,what is the best food to eat?

 Swine flu plz answer?
I am 13 and my teachers are making a huge deal about it and i live in illinois. Do u think if people around my age or into their 40's should be worried b/c we have a a better immune system that ...

 what are the symptons of the mexican swine flu?

 If I've already had swine flu, do I have a lower chance of catching it again?

 Symptoms of swine flu?
please can someone explain to me the symptoms of swine flu, & if you have to have all of them to have it or suspected swine flu? im worried that i might get it, but i cant stand the thought of ...

 just been diagnosed with swine flu (oink oink)?
been to the dr's with my 4 year old who also has it, i would never give him tamiflu tablets because of the side effects (he reacts badly to calpol, so....) so anyway i was wondering if anyone ...

 How concerned are you about Swine flu ?
On a scale of one to ten, 0 being not concerned & 10 being that you are extremely worried ?...

 i am Scared of swine flu spreading?
Two lil year 7 kids in my school have been found with the symptoms of Swine flu and have been sent home to day what if they have spread it on to other people all the kids in are school could have it ...

 swine flu?????? im really scared?
is swine flu deadly, and is it going to be like i am legend im really scared i live in NY and there are already 8 cases will i get it is it curable is this a modern black plague? ...

 I feel sorry for the scottish, first the bird flu and now swine flu.., why does it always start of overthere?
I heard it was bought from mexico by two scottish people to the UK.....

Do ice kill germs?

yes, because it is in the level of the freezing point. freezing point is in 0 degrees celcius which can kill germs.

not really, try alcohol

m c
No, but it will sure freeze their little butts off.

anj a
no, don't you remember hearing about that teen whose science project made national news after testing ice machines from restaurants? They were found to be pretty disgusting.

Angel's Smile
nope...actually, depends...freezing usually damages things more than kill things.

Im tony
no but they slow down the repruduction rate.

Nick M

germs can actually live on ice

i don't think so, but i know heat does (real hot)

I don't think so, soap and very warm water is what kill germs. Rubbing alcohol will also kill germs.

No.. extreme heat can kills germs.. Germs can live in cold environments.

Some germs but not most bad ones. Boiling works better than freezing.

They'll probably only be in suspended animation.

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