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 Is the Toddler REALLY the first US death due to Swine Flu?
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Um... doesn't that mean the child was Mexican? So, still.....


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 do i just have a cold or the flu?
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Little Miss Muffette
Do blokes get Bird Flu or is it just women?

blokes birds and women can get it.

Natasha G
everyone can get it.

Arizona Brit
Anyone can get it. It is an infectious disease

Anyone can get it, best way to avoid it , wash your hands with soap and water, stay away form sick people as much as possible and live a healthy lifestyle. If you get it try not to infect others, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest.

Anyone can get it.

According to some the bird flu variation has much stronger physical symptons than the man flu strain. Bird flu includes runny nose, fever, sore throat and many other unpleasant symptoms whereas the man flu variety is more a psychosomatic illness whereby the patient (always male) believes himself to be ill regardless of the existance of physical evidence.

carla s
birds get bird flu. , just 6 or seven cases of bird flu on ppl in the past century, and like 1 in this one.. and yes it was a lady but it could be anyone who is directly in touch with a bird with bird flu and apart from that gets cut or eats with dirty hands or goes to the loo and handles him or herself without washing hands first. which is very unlikely but possible...... then is the media, the media made bird flu so the company who makes the remedy gets shits of loads of money out of ur psychosis,,,

Spiny Norman
Only womwn under 4feet tall!

Yes we can, its the vicious and deadlier cousin of dreaded Man Flu.

iain xx
No,you are ok mate,we cant catch it. lol.

Ha ha, trying to be funny there. Not bad 7/10 :)


LOL Good question!
Perhaps only camp guys get it!

Bit of a "cheep"crack that but its got me laughing

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