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 Does anyone know where I can buy swine-flu vaccine, please?

 Question for medics preferably : Is it normal to bleed from nose and throat whilst suffering from flu?
Our family has the worst flu I've ever experienced. It has totalled uis for nearly a week now. We have VERY sore throats, and some congestion, splitting headaches, fatigue and really sore backs ...

 how can i help reduce risk of swine flu?
im flying from australia to dubai to the uk this week (and then to dubai, then thailand and then back to australia after 2weeks) and im thinking with all this flying im rather exposed to swine flu.<...

 Um I don't really know if i should ask but...(adult question)?
I recently found my bf um...."playing" with our dog. Could he have contracted some disease or something? We've been talking about marriage and children, but i'm nervous that he ...

 Swine Flu Over-Exaggerated?
I know that Swine Flu is a Deadly Pandemic, but is it being that deadly??? I head from several doctors, that if you stay home, proper otc medications, and proper car can not kill it, but help lessen ...

 Do blokes get Bird Flu or is it just women?

 oh hi my dad says that everybody is getting swine flu because i got a D on my math test is this true?
i feel so ...

 What's the best kind of medicine for a sore throat?
Or any home remedy for that matter, and what can I do to keep it from getting any worse?

It's only a head cold, but my glands are swollen and my throat is really bothering me....

 Do I have the Swine Flu, If not what do I have?
here are my symptoms.
Bad cough
sore throat
head ache
stomach ache
weakness in the legs
hot/cold sensations
rash forming around my mouth.
But ...

 How to strengthen your immune system? ?
Any suggestions on maintaining a strong immune system?...

 Swine Flu Strikes, but is it all a cover up for something dark?
I was thinking of the Swine Flu that has hit, its hit Britain and near about everywhere, but is there a deeper, darker reason for this, maybe a distraction away from the recession or something more ...

 Will the swine flu outbreak ever "go away"?
Like will it ever be gone so that not many people get it?...

 Do I have the Swine Flu virus?

 Paranoid about the Swine Flu!?

Can anyone explain this to me, and what are the chances of it reaching the U.S and killing people?...

 what drink is best to avoid vomiting, ginger ale, Sprite or water?
I'm feeling discomfort in my belly and would like to know a quick remedy for it. How can one tell the difference between stomach upset and nausea? Are they the same?...

 Have you had the swine flu vaccine?
I have been invited to have the swine flu vaccine next week and I was wondering about side effects.
Have you had the vaccine? and how did you feel after it? I am in my 60's with a low ...

 The thumb nail on my foot, has changed color and has become dry & britle. Any idea what this is, if so any rem

 Are you worried about the Swine Flu?

 Why do some people believe that AIDS doesn't exist?

 puss from my ear. What to do?
I got my second hole in my ear pierced in october and i have been changing them since like december but every time i change them there is dried up puss on the back of my ear. When i push on the hole ...

Did you know there is an AIDS cure?
It's US patent #5676977 if you don't believe me, look it, up; it's on our US government's patent website so it's not some conspiracy...

is it that stem cell bull crap.

its wither stem cell witch is murder but you wont think hat if your the one dying and also they did recently find a vacine for it VACINE NOT CURE

Colin Chamberlain

Seems unlikely.


I hope there is...
It would help a lot of people.

The fact that someone patents something doesn't mean that the invention works. There are whole books written about patents on silly or absurd inventions that were actually granted in the past -- just to illustrate how irrelevant the granting of a patent is to the workability (or even safety) of the invention patented.

The real question about this particular patent is: what are the results of medical trials with this treatment? Are there trials even being conducted, or has the "cure" stalled for lack of medical research on it?

IOW: Is there any way to know that this patented invention really is a cure?

[edit] I see your additional comments: but how do you know this "cure" works? Who has tested it to be sure? A claim is not truth, all by itself. Every claim needs to be fact-verified.

Otherwise, anyone could claim you are a murderer, and execute you for it. Good thing we have a judicial system that insists that a lot of facts have to be proved before you can be killed on the claim, considering how many people are so willing to believe claims without conclusive evidence.

As for gov't websites: at one time, the government insisted that DDT was safe for people. Government cameramen even filmed the spraying of liquid DDT mist all over soldiers and teen-aged school-kids to prove it.

Even before then, government officials claimed that people of African origin or descent weren't human. I'm not taking the merits of this claim any further!

Governments are made up of people (including website writers). People get things wrong. Only those who keep trying to find out the facts and the truths have a hope of getting things right. People who settle for "they said," or "the government said," are not interested in truth.

Don't bet your life on this claim.

Then again -- why not? Sure, you go ahead and rely on this claim of a "cure." Maybe you're right. But I won't be there for you if you're wrong.


No... viruses cannot be cured.

Investor 2006
I wouldn't bet my life on it, and I hope you're not, either.

Even if there is a possible cure (let's assume for sake of discussion), it's not available on the market, so it is not useful information.

AIDS is not a certain death sentence anymore, but it's not a picnic either because of all the drugs you have to take. Some people do still die from it even with treatment.

Good luck to you. Please don't spread the kind of information that might get people to take risks they should not take, for their own safety and survival.

If you care about other people, help them focus on how they can make their lives better. Also, if you care about yourself, you need to focus on how you can improve your own life starting from where you are right now. Stay positive and look for what's right in your life and build on it.

There is currently no cure for HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS.

No, AIDS is a virus just like the common cold. A virus can be controlled not cured.

sweaty and ready 397
yes but it kills all other cells with it, and a lot of things have patents that dont work

Linda T
i would think if there had been a breakthrough with a cure, it would have been all over the news and media.

dont believe everything you read

Awesome, I'm going to start picking up pros off the street right away!

A patent doesn't mean it works. A patent means someone has a worthy idea that they need to legally protect.

There are several medical companies with cures for AIDS. A South African company announced one this week. Problem is, they don't yet have the necessary governmental approvals showing effectiveness without creating thalidomide babies and stuff like that.

Yousif R
wait... don't tell me... Chuck Norris again?

Keith S
Patent doesnt mean approved to work. Patent means this is my design and idea and you cannot copy it!

Theres plenty of bogus patents out there.

Similar post here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071107034642AAeKMc1

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