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 Are you worried about the Swine Flu?

Daughter has cough, swine flu?
i have a dr appointment for her tomorrow...maybe im just being paranoid but shes 5 years old, in prek, has had this raspy cough for a few days now...but no other syptoms. i guess i'll find out for sure tomorrow but if anyone can ease my worries, dont you have to be running a fever, congestion, lethargic to have the flu right??

This is the problem with America. Everyone is a hypochondriacs that freak out at every little sickness. Swine flu is safer than regular flue! Pray to god that your son has it.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Quit worrying. If she had the flu she would have a fever over 101.

I seriously doubt that your daughter has the swine flu. She may have bronchitis, but not swine flu.

My daughter also has a cough so My husband is taking her in today, however, when I asked the doctor if they can test her for swine flu, they said no since she doesn't have any other symptoms. I highly doubt your daughter has it, just make sure to keep washing her hands.

Lub of the land
Take her to the doctor if your worried. Chances are that it may be allergies, if she's one with seasonal allergies.

It depends on how early the stage is. But having a cough already and not having a runny nose might not be swine flu - there should be a runny nose causing the irritation in the throat.

Fever would also be appearing soon both for the flu and swine flu - testing would make sure. Just relax as the appointment is tomorrow and you have responded quickly for your daughter's sake.

Yeah, just a cough is not the flu. Take her in, but don't worry.

My guess, is no to the swine flu
However, it could be any other number of bacterial/viral infections, so being 5, and having an ongoing (longer than 24-48 hours) illness, it never hurts to go to the doctor ;-)

abi (:
flu is not just having a cough isfshe has had it for a few days and it is flu she would have much worse symptoms like sickness. it's probably just a cough or cold she's picked up somewhere.

i highly doubt its swine flue. there has only been 70 cases in the US and only 1 death. They are taking this very seriously. If you have been outta the country recently it could be but doubt it. Everyone is being treated carfully and trying not to spread. i hope your daughter feels better but its wont be swine flu.

Don't worry your 'precious little angel' is going to be fine.

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