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Can swine flu be passed through computers?

Mark R
Essentially no. The virus doesn't live very long once exposed to air.
As they have been saying, wash your hands frequently especially if you have touching things that other people come into contact frequently.


ugh...ya, no
and really, swine flu is sort of just like any other flu. it is only dangerous to babies and old people.

Yeppers, just like you can touch any food on your computer screen and drag and drop it into your mouth

Michael M
Well, It is a virus. Hmmmmm? Nah, I don't think so.

You really have to ask?
Nooo Wayyyy!


Haha. Funny. Do you mean can people get swine flu by somebody who is contaminated who touched the computer? If so, then yes.

Waiting for Lexi! ☮•♥•☺
*cough cough* yup and your screwed now!

theresa i
no. silly

its just like any other flu

Dylan L
Yes. As can any virus.

Could be version heading our way?

John S.
It of course cannot be passed electronically like a computer virus, but the current research indicates it is passed from human to human. Influenza can be contracted by touch. So if you type on a computer keyboard that was just typed on or sneezed on by an influenza sufferer, yes you could contract the same influenza that way if you touched the now infected keyboard then touched your eyes, mouth, nose or even another item that came in contact with one of these areas of your body.

The key question is how fragile the virus is outside the body. Currently the experience of relatives of those who have been infected with Swine flu is that they are not readily contracting it. So it would appear that the virus may not be contracted through airborne means. They have yet to close the book on whether it is contracted via casual contact though. Younger individuals seem to be more succeptible to the virus than others.

I believe that yes, one can contract the Swine Flu from typing on a computer keyboard that was recently typed on by someone who has the Swine Flu. Research shows that computer keyboards are one of the most germ laden surfaces in our homes and offices because people sneeze on them, wipe their noses and type on them, go to the bathroom and may not wash their hands thoroughly before typing on them...so just like the used sponge in your sink, computer keyboards are a common haven for germs. The research also shows that computer keyboards on average have more germs on them than even the average toilet seat. How about that for an eye opener, eh?

Your question cannot be answered definitively at this time because there is not enough research completed on how the disease is contracted. I'm going to bet, however, that it IS contracted topically such that I will venture yes...one can get Swine Flu from typing on a computer recently typed on by someone with the virus infection.

wtf... r u serious.. yeah jus like aids and stds.. so b safe and wear a condom over your face while using the computers.. lol

YES, it can and in fact, there is a higher chance of you catching the swine flu through computers than through someone. The best thing you can do is to get rid of your computer because the virus can stay in your computer forever and whoever touches it can be infected.

Bobert the Wise
yes. burn your computer.

is your computer a pig?


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