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Derek B
Can anyone tell me the difference between swine flu and normal flu?If it is just the same why all the panic?

tip tap top.
i was thinking the same thing to be honest...

normal flu can kill the elderly and the v. young but swine flu is different in that it is a sort of super bug for which there is no known effective treatment (yes there's tammiflu and home imprisonment but there isn't an actual cure yet) and has killed in the 'healthy' age group.

****normal flu along with coming back from mexico or has been in contact with someone who has should be cause for concern

All types of influenza work in the same sort of way, however there are different strains (types).

One of the features of a strain is the species it gets carried by and the species it generally effects. Viruses have the capability to mutate and sometimes this means a virus can jump to effect a different or additional species.

Most viruses that become pandemics start as avian (bird) flus. In the case of swine flu, a virus has mutated to be able to effect birds, pigs and now humans.

The panic is allegedly because this new strain of flu is quite different to the flus we are used to. This suggests that human immune systems will not have developped the right antibodies to fight it.

However, given the current economic situation and the massive influence of pharmaceutical companies on first world governments, I rather skepticallly suggest that swine flu is a way of controlling the masses through fear and generating a brickload of money for governments by making us all fear a massive international crisis. Furthermore, with 6billion people on the plant, each with unique DNA, the odds are good that the species will have the capacity to develop immunity pretty swiftly. Just because science has only understood the phenomenon of viruses for a short peroid of time, it doesn't change the fact that human beings and humanoids have been successfully fending of viruses for about 20million years.

The BBC had somebody on this morning whipping up the frenzy because there doesn't seem to be enough of a panic yet. Lots of fearing for small children and babies. Also, chemists have already run out of anti flu medicines due to government comandeering - and DON'T whatever you do, try to buy it off the internet. People charge extortionate ammounts etc...

Do you know how much "legitimate" pharmaceuticals cost???

I may be wrong and am about to be taken by the pox, but I reckon I'll still be here this time next year.

Okay, I'll put the soapbox away and get back to nob gags and avatar games now...

Find out at http://www.ithinkihaveswineflu.co.uk

I found this article on the Internet...

The difference between swine flu and the regular flu

Posted By: WZZM 13 ONLINE

Updated:4/29/2009 8:22:55 PM - Posted: 4/29/2009 8:06:30 PM

GRAND RAPIDS, (WZZM) With all the attention given of late to swine flu, some perspective is in order.

The so-called "normal flu" gets far less attention, but year in, year out, it is much deadlier.

People are always fighting germs, but still there's a good reason people get flu shots. The annual flu virus especially affects children, the elderly and other people with weakened immune systems.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that, on average, over 36,000 Americans die each year from flu related causes. 1,900 of those flu deaths happened in Michigan.

As far as the swine flu, the CDC says most people will not have immunity to the new virus, and as it continues to spread and more cases are expected.

Still, their number will likely pale in comparison to those afflicted with the flu we have long learned to live with.

this is a good site that will answer your questions http://patients.about.com/od/patientempowermentissues/a/fearswineflu.htm

from everything i have read (wikipedia lol) it doesnt seem very different, the only reason the death rates are so intimidating is because more people are contracting it.
i wouldnt get to worked up, but do practice good hygiene!
and you may want to pick up a little tamiflu.

also, consider this:
most deaths are in mexico, and the only death in the us was a mexican toddler visiting family in texas.
(mexico's health care system is not as good as the us's)

stay healthy!

Tacit Hue
People get the same types of flu, usually, and then you build up anti-bodies, and when it's flu season, you don't get the flu, cause you've built up said anti-bodies. This Swine Flu has no previous history with our immune system. It comes on full force not modulated by any previous contact. It's not very good for you. Deadly in fact.

You know if you type in "swine flu" in the search box above, you would see about 5,000 of the same question, most with your answer.

No i think there the same. From what i've heard there is no difference between them. I don't see what the fuss is about, only one person has died.

Big Willy
It's a media hype affair. The only other news is Obama's 100 days and we're all sick to death of him.

It is one that we haven't built up antibodies for and has about a 10% mortality rate. That is why people are panicking.

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