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Can a Urinary Tract Infection ever go away on it's own?
I definately had one two days ago but I feels like it was going away yesterday and today I can't feel anything at all. Do you think I still have it and it the symptoms will return? Thanks.

Yes, your own, "good bacteria," could of taken care of it for you. Just keep an eye on it and drink plenty of water and real Cranberry juice in the meantime to help it along.

yeah it will..but drink lots of cranberry juice..

mild case of UTI"S may go away on its own without treatment. Because of the risk of the infection spreading to the kidneys, however, antibiotics are usually recommended. You could also go to your local drugstore (ie Walgreens) and pick up a UTI test kit, it will tell you if you still have it or not. They cost around $10.00

A bacterial infection will not go away on its own. If it is a bacterial infection, you need antibiotics.

I just got a great Haircut
Sometimes if I feel on coming on I drink A LOT of water and that seems to help. I also have these vitamins called Cranberier from a company called Melaluca that help prevent them. I haven't had to go on an antibiotic for 2 years.

Yes it can go away on its own if your body was strong enough to fight it. Cranberry juice can help ward uti's off if your prone to them, so I suggest drinking it just to make sure you kick this thing in the butt.

I think you should take medication for it.

I took medication for mine after I had testicular torsion surgery.

Kevin A
Urinary tract infection can be self limiting in some causes.. but some bacteria causing UTI can be more dangerous... It may can spread in to upper urinary system i mean kidneys... then it can be dangerous... so its better to take a doctors advice and undergo a urone culture if sysmptoms remaing. check is there any decrease in the volume of urine which urination... Conculting a good doctor is more good...

Not usually and if you don't get it taken care of it can become a bladder or kidney infection which can be deadly

Sara M
even if you feel it has gone away, go to the doctor anyway because if left untreated that can possibly lead to a kindey infection in the future and it is NOT fun!

No,if you have UTI you should treat it. Visit your doctor, he knows what medicine you should take.

A Canadian
No...a UTI will not go away on it's own and cranberry juice will NOT cure it (although the acidifying effect of cranberry juice can help prevent them in the first place). If your symptoms are lessening, it may mean the infection has ascended to the bladder and it may cause hemorrhagic cystitis which can be very painful. Untreated infections can ascend all the way to the kidneys and that can be very dangerous. Urine, the bladder and the kidneys are sterile in a healthy person so don't believe the nonsense about "good bacteria"...that is true for areas of the body with normal bacterial flora but that DOES NOT include the urinary tract. Make sure you see your doctor and get appropriate antibiotic therapy as soon as possible.

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