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 Have there been any Deaths from swine flu?
Not in mexico!!
HAve there been any deaths in Canada, America or the UK?

(Im so scared!!) :'(...

 I have caught a virus from my computer, and i can't stop sneezing?
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 I just sneezed. Do you think I have swine flu????

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 Do you think the swine flu is man made?
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 I'm actually scared about swine flu!?
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 Swine Flu Shot?!??!?!?
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 Should Bernard Matthews be prosecuted?
For allowing Bird Flu to infect his farms? He is well known for not keeping his animals in good conditions. I think this time he should be hauled up infront of a judge and sent to jail. What do you ...

 Are we all gonna die from pig flu?
I live in London and just wondered if we are all gonna die from Swine Flu?...

 Is swine flu going to kill everyone?
If so when?...

 should i worry about the second wave swine flu?
well should i? tell me why or why not....

Max Z
Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
There are 17 more cases today than there was this morning in the US, I live in upstate NY and i'm scared... is this going to be as bad as the Black Plague?

are U antisemitic?

Traditional Chinese medicine might be one weapon to fight swine flu.

Two articles about SARS and the current swine flu.
More than 2000 years ago, Chang Chung-Ching had noted similar types of symptoms in his treatise on Febrile diseases arising from Cold invasion called the Shan Han Lun.

Both SARS and Wsine flu can be treated using Da Qing Long Tang (Major Blue Dragon Combination)

Vincent n.
you foooool!!!!!!!!!! we are already dead, human beings live dead....................................… if we didn't live dead and put the individual before humanity like we have been doing, then humanity could have conquered this virus long ago, we are all such fools, we as a species are competing with all other species for survival, but we don't think that way, i think our chances may be all up with mother nature, and it's time for her cleanse herself of the scum on her crust that is humanity, don't be afraid my friend, this virus eliminating the evil human fungus is as natural as a leaf falling from a tree on a cool autumn morn.

Mrs Joker
DONT be scared ok. Just wash your hands often and you'll be less at risk. Your not the only person in the world who's worried so your not alone :)

we have a much better medical system than mexico and can treat it much more quickly here in the usa.mexico is very impoverished they do not have the immune systems to fight it off like we do.i hope and pray we don,t have any deaths from it here.mexico does not have the clean living conditions we have here.mexico is a very impoverished nation,it,s a very poor country.they don,t have a way to fend for themselves as far as growing crops and feeding themselves.so they come here thinking life will be better,and at the same time they bring disease,s here that we,ve never dealt with before.mexico does not have the medicines that we have.but no i don,t think we,ll see any deaths from it here.

I somehow think the emos are celebrating their success!

Doesn't bird flu ring any bells! you are paranoid! lol

Or then again... yes you may get it and die!

We are not all going to die. If you keep your immune system in good shape you should be fine.

No, we're not all going to die. Swine flu is the same as any other flu.


My god, grow a brain. Think about bird flu. We were all supposed to die, and now look. Gone! Poof!

This is just another media sensation. It'll die down in a few weeks, if not days.


hi im from mexico and this is worse than news say.... this spread really very fast and we cant avoid it.... here have died over than 700 of people and the sum keeps increasing...
im really afraid because governments and news are saying something totally wrong....
the syntoms are worse than what they have said
please be careful... wash ur hands, dont kiss anyone, dont caugh and go to the doctor...

As for everyone saying that we won't could be just as wrong as the people who say we will, no-one knows yet, it doesn't seem to be lethal. Also remember that this virus COULD potentially mutate and become lethal.

If everything stays as it is now we should be fine though.

Note: Everyone referring to bird flu not long ago is an idiot.....that virus couldn't be passed from human to human, this can.

Haha Max! :-P

Don't freak out, it brings down your ability to fight it... when we all get it.

Your mom lived!


OMG 40 PEOPLE IN NY HAVE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! :-(

I wish we lived further from NYC!!

Its going to turn everyone infected into zombies.

Don't worry yet, just worry when people start dying in MEDC's such as the UK and the US!
God bless.x

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