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I live in san antonio tx where the 2 people were sick with this flu and i am freaking out!!!! I have a 4 month old, and i work at a hair kutting place where i'm in contact with lots of people, I'm so scared!!! Should i quit my job???

If you can afford to quit, I would. Not because of swine flu, but because I enjoyed staying home with my kids. :P

In all seriousness though.. if you are worried (rightfully so) wear a mask to work. Wash your hands between each client. Drink plenty of fluids.

It is scary, but remember ALL cases in the US have recovered just fine.

There are tons of other people scared about the swine flu and a lot of them are on Yahoo Q&A. I think once people here die in the US from the swine flu than worry, but as far as I know the people recover in america.

Dont quit your job, just use good hygiene

remember bird flu? and e. coli? were you scared then? dont quit job in this economy

no just wash your hands alot and dont touch your face or eyes

There are 20 cases NATIONWIDE. This is a fear tactic like the other ones employed in the past. It's news it generates watchers and interest it sells "vaccines" NO do not quit.You have a better chance of getting murdered or winning big money in the lottery.

The issue is this: none of the infected in the US have died, and are now recovering, only one has been admitted to hospital, and is responding well to treatment. The deaths in Mexico seem to be being caused by a local influence. The only unusual thing about this is that those who have died have been mainly young adults (this may correspond with potential pandemic flu due to 'cytokine storming' in young, healthy adults' immune systems as it did in 1918; then again, it may just be an anomaly). Should we worry? No, just be aware of the situation. You can significantly minimise the risk by practising good hygiene - regular hand-washing, sneezing into a tissue, disinfecting surfaces etc.; influenza is highly susceptible to detergents/disinfectants and the like. If the situation develops, follow official guidance, but at this stage there is not a significant cause for alarm.

The Last Lamoe
One don't quit you job, two if really so freaked out get a few packages of masks and start wearing them, and wash you hands often.

yeah am there with you, there is not enogh information i tried the cdc and is just a small green link on the upper left side,, i have little ones too,,, am thinking of not sending my kids to school on monday

Do not freak out at this point. It seems to be a local pandemic in Mexico City at this point, and mostly people who have traveled to Mexico seem to be the ones who are falling ill. In the US, it has been mild...symptoms comparable to those of just the "regular" seasonal flu that goes around every year (sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing, fever, aches, pains, etc)...and all those in the US that have been confirmed to have this flu have recovered at this point.
It is not a bad idea to keep your eyes on the news, follow any regulations put into place about this flu (travel restrictions, etc) but DO NOT do something like quit your job or allow this fear to rule your life at this point. A pandemic is bound to happen sooner or later, but quitting your job and shutting yourself in the house is silly. Remember the Avian Flu? SARS? Those things have threatened to become "the next pandemic" recently, but nothing panned out. Just be informed, practice good hygiene, and don't let fear over something like this rule your life.

Craig C
I am. I AM SO SCARED.... i hope it does't spread

I think that this swine flu was manufactured by our government to kill the drug cartels in Mexico.

Only if you can afford to quit (like said above.) I don't think that you should quit just because of this Swine Flu, but if you are worried, wear a mask to work, and if people ask why you are wearing it, tell them that it is because of the Swine Flu. Wash you hands regularly, and use a lot of hand-sanitizer.

And yes...I am scared/"freaking out"

Chris P. Bacon
Just load up on shotguns and ammo to defend yourself from flesh-eating zombies, that should protect you!

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