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 how to help 20 ant bites on 2 fingers??!!?? please help?
how to help 20 ant bites on 2 fingers??!!?? please help
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 I just burned my finger on 425 ' oven . I have big bubbling blister.What should i do to it?

Walter </3
treatment for my burnt finger?
i burnt my finger on the stove and ive never encountered this type of burn before. it hurts a little more then the others but is hard and really dry. what should i do to treat it and make it go back to normal. thanks.

cocoa butter is good for burns.

put toothpaste on it...or onion...onion helps make sure you dont get a scar but if you want instant relief toothpaste helps with that because its minty and it wont evaporate like water does.

cold water

Harry Reid
use ice cubes on it it may be too late for this one, but for the next

Cold water when you burned it, then aloe vera gel. It won't go back to normal until it is healed which takes time.

aloe vera plant....buy one

when i get burns i put sudo creame on it then wrap something around it.

actually warm water is good for it. Keep it wrapped up and whatever you do, do not burst the bubble that forms on the wound.

gold bond...

vince g
well u have a 3rd degree burn my friend and u might want to go to the hospital becasue al the nervs are dead nd ur finger might be damaged

keep wound moist.

aloe vera is prob best. then neosporin or anti biotic ointment covered with a band aid to keep moisture in. change every 4 hours. moisture heals 3X faster.

They say that if the burn is bigger than a 10 pence piece (or basically about 2-3cms in diameter) you should get it treated medically. If not then rub some sort of sensitive cream on it like sudocrem.

If you're still in pain, keep it in some cool water. After that a little vaseline on it will help it heal.

It's just going to take time.

My dad told me to use butter it might be strange but effective after put under ice/cold water.

wishing he was here
rub aloe on it

Holly P
ok this might sound kinda strange but put mustard on it!
it actually works!
lol I burnt my hand, my Aunt and cousins kept telling me to put mustard on it! Well i did! it hurt a little at first but then it was all good!

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