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burning itchy legs from being in the cold.?
my legs are burning and itchy cause i was walking in the cold, how do i get rid of it. i also have chills now.

Helpful Canadian.
I don't care.

Joanna Botre
omg that happened to me. dont worry, take a bath, and dont put any lotion on. they will go back to normall in about 7 mins

i sometimes get this, what i was told was to put them under cold water then slowly make it hotter, if you put them under hot water Straight away it will make it worse, this works for me

If you have a hot water bottle or a heating pad warm them up and put it inside a blanket and put your legs in there. This will work for the itching almost immediately.

I live in Hawaii and when I went to California this happened to me. Try a moisturizing body wash and put lotion on everytime you get out of the shower. Make sure to keep warm when you go outside!

Master Debater
i lick ur legs

Copious amounts of whiskey applied directly to the legs are the only cure, you must act fast or it will become permanent.

Put some lotion on your legs.

It sounds like dry skin that you have, you need to moisturize the skin to keep it from burning in the cold dry weather.

i would take a shower, put some lotion on and wrap yourself up in a blanket!

[email protected]
Put lots of lotion on!! I think you might just have dry skin.

Always use lotion in the winter time. For now, try a medicated lotion to relieve the burning.

moisturizer or a lotion

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