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jasmine :)
amswer imidetly: emergency?
My dad has just half sliced a piece of his skin above his pinky and he doesn't want to go the hospital. We put on a bandage and wrapt it up with a piece of clothes. what next?
if we leave it and the blood still com,es out what should we do?
what will happen if we leave it?

super glue
then hide all the sharp knives from daddy before he really hurts him self

he needs 2 go to the hospital ASAP the doctors coupld fix it.

dont worry keep it bandaged its just a cut the body will clot it within 10 to 15 minutes depending how deep it is do not freak out, if blood continues to come bring him to the hospital he has a certian disease that his body doesnt produce enough of the cells to clot it

EMERGENCY ROOM! if not, it will get worse and if itz about the cost, itz going to cost more if it gets infected... hurry and get there before it gets even worse! it will heal but if itz not check, it could get worse.

~Kayla S~
make him hold his finger above his head and apply direct pressure. It will eventually stop bleeding unless he has severed an artery, then unfortunately a doctor visit will be necessary. It may take alittle while for the bleeding to stop. If he starts feeling light headed than to the doctor he should go! If not then after the bleeding stops clean it gently and the drug store will have a product called liquid bandage and that will seal the cut from germs and dirt. I work at a hospital and we use it so we don't get anything in our cuts. Good luck!

Morena o
u need to force him to go to the hospital if he dose not go to the hospital it will get infected and will have it cut off

The first thing to do in a traumatized organ like the skin is to control the bleeding, and I guess you done it well.

If your dad has no other illnesses, it bleeding will stop on its own, otherwise, a large blood vessel was severed.

Just be sure the cloth is very clean or ideally sterile cloth or gauze.

Bleeding will stop soon, but don't open it. If your bandage swells or bleeding is started to become profuse, don't act as a very knowledgable first aider, physicians evaluation is warranted.

if it doesnt stop bleeding you have to force him to the hosptial...maybe call an ambulance, they will take him. keep an eye on it because it may become infected.

Canadian Ire
You have to stop the bleeding. Think about it. When you go to the hospital and the doctors operate, they then sew your skin back together and bandaid it over and you lay and wait till the skin grows over the open cut.
You got the same thing, it is cut open. So close it as best as you can. I have used duct tape to stop an artery from bleeding from my finger It worked. The duct tape stayed on for 3 days.
Cloth just soaks up more blood. You want to see if it is bleeding...and stop it. Keep it cold oo with ice. Slows down the bleeding.
If it gets infected, he will have to go to the hospital or loose his hand. Don't just leave it. He will bleed to death.

Haha, I used to be an army Medic... I've dealt with soooo many people who don't want to go to the ER, or get stitches, or anything else. (I AM ALL THAT IS MAN! I DON'T NEED ANY #$^(&% STITCHES) kind of mentality... O well.

Well, if he REALLY doesn't want to go to the hospital... Is the skin just kind of dangling off? I kind of need more info here, you could always IM me.

Anyway, put some gauze on it, and wrap it firmly, but not too tight. Make sure blood can still get to the tips of his fingers. If it helps, go ahead and wrap the bandage around the next finger too, to stabilize the pinky.

Keep it elevated... put him in front of the tv and just have him hold it up... resting his elbow on the couch arm or something.

Best of luck :)

Zelda Hunter
My brother in law died this summer because he had an injury he did not want to treat until it was far too late! By the time they finally got him to go to a hospital it was time to amputate his arm, but he refused, so he died. This kind of thing is more common than you would think.

Men!!! If they get a tiny little cold, they whine like helpless babies. But if they get really sick, they refuse to complain. Don't listen to him. Call 911!

Warrington Lass

Your dad needs to stop being selfish and go to the hospital if he loves his family as he never heard off bleedin to death for gods sake

john t
If the cut continues to bleed,he will require medical attention. With any bleed,elevation,and direct pressure. Do not remove any blood soaked bandages just put a new one over the blood soaked one, and continue with the pressure. Remember a small amount of blood,can sure look like a lot. You may want to consider a tetanus shot,you may suggest this to your dad. In the unlikely event that you can't get the bleed to stop he will have to seek medical attention. Good luck, your friend John t.

i'm a chef and we use super glue even on cuts that should have stitches
but only if you the peice of skin to glue it to, if you have cut off the piece glue it back

no joke
other wise just apply pressure

If the skin is still attached run the cold water on it and check the depth of the wound ( if exposing any bone or deep tissue or more than an 1/2 inch thick must seek medical attention could lose tip of finger if infection sets in (pinky finger does not have a lot of depth); cold compress it and check the site again for bleeding and elevate arm above heart level to reduce the bleeding and aspirin for pain.
If skin is detached seek medical help depending on the depth of the wound. If dad refuses to go to hospital most hospitals have a hotline with nurses that can answer questions.
Sometimes with lots of blood the wound might look worse than it actually is so be sure to check it out and dad knows how much pain he can with stand after all the things you do to this wound after a couple hours bleeding should stop because of natural clotting if not then you must intervene and dad's a diabetic he MUST go to hospital with or without his consent.

Apply direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. It will heal, however you risk infection by not getting it looked at. Keep it very clean and dry. Any fever, redness or streaking up the arm are signs of infection, and he needs to go to the doctor. Good Luck!

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