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Why do smokers continue to smoke when they warn that it's bad to their health?

cos its had to stop

everyone is aware of the effects but dismiss these if they enjoy smoking.

It is hard to quit. People that find it easier to quit are those who are in a life threatening position and are advised to instantly quit smoking.

If you enjoy it or are trying to quit for someone else then it will not work, you have to REALLY want to quit yourself!

because its well cool

Due to addiction

For the same reason people drink, screw without condoms and drink from other peoples cups. Because of a little thing called wreckless FREEDOM.

Desi Bouterse
they are weirdos

Because they feel nice and their adicted to it.They will feel weird when they don't smoke.

It's a psychologic reason mixed with a form of addiction!

1) They are aware smoke is dangerous, but they never think it's dangerous TO THEM (taken as single individuals). They only realize too late, i.e. when they get some serious illness, which is normally too late and they get depressed, which is why many of them keep smoking also AFTER they have been diagnosed some deadly.
2) They get addicted (Addiction to tobacco is scientifically proved, exactly like the one on alcohol). It means they simply CAN'T DO WITHOUT, no matter what they say to convince the others (as well as themselves). Also, when they get egoistic and keep smoking in front of people who cannot stand that or with kids around it means they are in a serious form of addiction.
I have seen people smoking one cig in the kitchen, then another one left in the bathroom, another in the living room and another in bedroom and they go around the house while doing their housework and smoking a little bit from each of them.
It's disgusting for non smokers (honestly, to me it gives and impression of low hygiene), while it is a need to them.

Because we are addicted!, dahhhhhhhhhhh

Because it is an addiction and a habbit.

Mushtaq A
Smoking is very very injurious to health, particularly to cardiovascular disease. It is the most bad habit and acts as an enemy for the smokers. Now to the question "as to why they do not quit smoking?". It is a fact that smokers do know that smoking is injurious to health but they are overpowered by the habit of smoking. Habits are friends when these habits are satisfied but act as enemy or master when you try to eradicate them. If you determine that you will quit smoking, now power on earth can change your determination. I assure you that when you quit smoking your health both physical and mental will improve tremendously.

aparently there are health risks in getting up and walking out side aparently anything could cause cancer even so if u smoke and get lung cancer there is no one but urself to blame and im ready to take my own blame when i need to

cigarette smoking is more addictive than heroin. An addict will do anything for a hit, a smoker is the same. The nicotine hit lasts for around two hours then they have to have another. I know, I used to smoke all my life. It was the best think I ever did to give up, not easy, but now I am free!

because they are idiots

Why does one continue to eat when they are over weight?

scotty g
Because people dont like being told what to do.

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