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 how to help 20 ant bites on 2 fingers??!!?? please help?
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What is the best over the counter product to buy to rid the ITCH of mosquito bites?
I have an awful reaction to mosquito bites and the itch stays with me for weeks! Is there a sure fire product to help the itch??

Itch? mosquito bite's ?, yeah right.

My brother has a little allergy to mosquito bites aswell and he has the same symptoms. He uses an allergy medicine called Zirtek which gets rid of the mosquito bite as quickly as possible. We also have this tube of liquid called "After Bite" which gets rid of the itch while you have it and also stops you from scratching it and possibly getting scars. Both are over the counter.
Hope it helps and i hope you find something that helps.

I don't know where you're from but we get a product called "stingoes" & it's gold. Otherwise you can put bi-carb soda mixed with water into a paste on them - that takes out the itch at the bite site.

James F
Personally, I use witch hazel. It's an astringent, and it looks similar to a bottle of rubbing alcohol. It still itches and burns, but it stops itching and burning sooner. Maybe calamine lotion, too.

I'm practically a mosquito magnet! If I go out in the summer with bug spray, I still get bitten all over and no one else does!!! My dad says its irish blood but I doubt it.... Well anyway theres this gel stuff called "cactus juice" and its great! it dosn't just stop the itch of mosquito bites, it gets ride of them faster, it helps bee stings, ticks, ant bites, and a lot of other stuff, i dont remember them all but you should try it.. I believe you could get it at target or walmart or one of those places.

Amir K
mospel of abbet :)

Benedryl Cream works best for me, or a Benedryl capsule, except that makes me sleepy. If they're that bad for you, maybe you should get something from the doctor.

The worst is when they get you on top of the foot where the skin is thin - argh.

♥Jade April♥
Hydro cortisone cream.
My daughter is also Highly allergic to mosquito bites and swells up for a week or so. Her doctor reccomended it. It works good! It comes in two strengths we use the lower one.

A product called "Zambuk" or any camphor-based ointment/cream. It may smell funky for a minute but its effects last longer!

Clown Knows
Try Absorbine

hand sanitizer.I have a 6yr.old who has the same reaction to mosquitos,if you by the after bite solution(over counter) read the ingredents.The main ingr. is rubbing alchol. you can use rubbing alchol staight or try hnd sanitizer.either way that is the best I know and the cheapest. my daughter loves it and alwys says thanks mommmy. good-luck

The only quick cure is ALOE VERA plant....split the plant put it on the itch, immediate relief.

There is cortizone 10- I use this. But there is also this long tube like product that has ammonia you dab it on a bit at the instant it happens and it miraculously stops the itching- I think it is called bite off or something like that- try ammonia straight- and then follow with some lotion

Actually there is no product for itching occured by mosquito bites.Just apply a cream(ODOMOS) which prevents u from biting mosquitos.This cream prevents evn mosquitos standing on ur screen.If u apply this cream then 100% mosquitoes cannot bite u afterall "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE."

get Aveeno anti-itch cream; it does wonders

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