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My piercing has swollen up?
I got a piercing on my ear about 5-6 months ago. Yesterday, it swelled up and I decided to remove the earring and it started bleeding a lot. I think its infected. Help. Thanks.

Norman O
How many adults told you not to get this in the first place?

run to the DOCTER now

california love
there was probobly some dirt that got in so just go to the doctor its nothing seriose it might just pop like a blister

morgannn. :)
go to the doctorrr?

It's infected. Put some solution you may have gotten from the person who pierced your ears on it or put hydrogen peroxide on it.

See a doctor. Keep batheing it with warm water.

Go see a doctor, and keep bacitracin on it and a band-aid. Get to the doc as soon as you can, but until then keep it clean. It probably is infected, so don't try to do anythings with it untill you consult with a doctor!

Von Krunkovich
Use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on it, and give it a couple days. If the swelling doesn't go down you should go to the doctor because infections can be really bad.

Jeremiah Wright
Please see your doctor soon as

Mine does that too sometimes, especially when I frequently get sweaty at the gym. Get some disinfectant for pierced ears and use it a few times a day. It should go away in a few days.

Slaughter T
I think I know what your talking about, It swells it turns big and it turns purple than it pops than green/white stuff starts coming out.. and your skin is damage or something like that? if it is that and you went to a doctor they would give you Anti-Bio thing pills, probably give you surgery after the 5th time. But yeh Poke it.

The best tactic is to go to the doctor, he/she can help you out a lot more than anyone on this website :)

Jessi Marina
is it warm to the touch?
red streaks around yer ear?

clean it.
go to the ER.

Sara S
What happened to it to make it swell up?
Try using antiseptic. You should have a special one when you first got your ear pierced. But if it looks really bad see a doctor.

Asia K

Step 1:Clean your earlobe continuously with piece of cotton and alochol

Step 2:Tetracycline(take 1 every six hours until the swelling has healed

Step 3:Wait for at least 1 week until you put your earing's back on

Step 4:After you put your earing's back on make sure to turn your earing's twice a day and clean them with alcohol.

P.S:its nothing serious.happened to me too a few weeks ago.

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