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Kayla V
My eyes are burning? Fast answer appreciated.?
I'm positive that there are no chemicals, dirt, or whatever in my eyes. They were fine a half an hour ago, and I haven't touched them at all. Ten minuets ago they just started to burn, and now they're kind of watering.

The only thing I can think of is lack of sleep. I have insomnia. I'm lucky if I sleep more than five hours. (4am-9am is my usual.) Could extended periods of sleeplessness cause my eyes to start to hurt? Is there anything I can do about this?

It's happened before where they sting and water, but this burn in a first.

Virtual Analog

:) amyy
Try not to rub them - see the doctor

see a doctor immediatly it could be serios

put some ice on it

Anthony R
lack of oxygen and water in your body.

Put cold water on it! i hope it feels better

Get a cool wet rag and lay it over them.Make the rag WET but not dripping. It releaves most of the pain, burning , and itching.

Good Luck

flush them really well with cold water.Then an ice compress over the eyes to reduce any swelling. If that doesn't work, I would use eye drops. If that doesn't work, call your doctor.

Try water.
Your hair to wipe it. Don't scratch with you hands.
Ummm, what else?
Oh well if continues, it would be better to go to the doctor or something like that so they can check out your eyes.:(
I hope you feel better!

rinse them thoroughly with clean cold water.

Rosemiliia S
put eyedrops in...

Power 2 the People.
Drench your eyes with water. It may burn at first, but it is a necessary step. Then put some eye drops in your eyes. Then GET SOME SLEEP!!!
You should be fine, dear.
If not, take a trip to the hospital.

It could be allergies, try some eye drops. If it continues then see a doctor.

use eye drops or go to the doctor i'm worry about you

Rest your eyes as much as you can. If you wear contacts take them out. And put some eye drops in so they are not dry. If it doesn't get better see an eye doctor.

Wild Honey
see a doctor if its an ongoing problem. in the meantime use visine for red itchy eyes.

OR! (this is what you do when you get an eye infection but its healthier than visine...)

in a pot, boil as much water as you like and add a baggie or two of chamomile tea....pour the water into a bowl and let it cool.
once it is lukewarm, get a clean cloth and dip it into the tea...close your eyes and gently rub it along your eyelids....it is okay if tea gets in your eye...its sort of the point...

..or if you like...close your eyes and just place the tea-drenched cloth over your eyes while you lay in bed or whatever.

hope this helped

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