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If my cut is itchy, could it be infected?
I cut my wrist on an unknown object. It is kind of in between a cut and a scratch, I guess it is more of a deep scratch since it didn't bleed a lot. It is now scabbed over but kind of pink-red on the sides of it, and it is a little itchy. There is no pus. I did not clean the wound except for soap/water, nor did I bandage it. Is it infected?

Thanks for all answers. -Jess

An itch indicates healing.
A thin red line on your arm that is leading towards the direction of your heart means you have an infection.

Probably so. Buy some of that cream things that helps heal it up. Don't scratch it though. I hear it makes it worse.

Kaila W
its fine its heling let it do whats it needs to do and it will be gone fast

Nah, don't worry. Cuts usually get itchy during the scabbing stage. That's perfectly normal. It COULD be infected, but I doubt it. Usually cuts get itchy. Don't worry about it.

more than likley it's just healing

Thats just the cut healing. The itch is basically just telling you "im working" lol. Nothing to worry about. The pinky red bit is where the skin is stretched to fill the gap.

I very rarely clean my cuts, only really if it was actually cut on something dirty or rusty... So you dont really need to worry on that score. Washing under water is generally seen as enough anyways :P

Hope i helped ease the stress.

Allie R. =]
It could be, but usually it's just a sign of healing. (:

If it continues for a long period of time, i'd get it checked out. But it's very unlikely, so don't worry about it.

It is itchy because of the scab. You said you washed it so you should be ok. If you want to dab some bactine on it. Don't scratch off the scab or it will has to start the healing process over.

The ichy means it is healing normally and the red along the edges is normal unless you get red growing around the wound.

no its not infected.. scabs and cuts always itch due to the inflamation, you have absolutley nothing to worry about

Itchy is good means it healing.

Usually when the wound is itchy this means that it is healing.
I don't think it is infected as u washed it.

not to worry,its just healing.whatever you do don't pick at the scab other wise it will become
infected!the scab will eventually come off on its own.and get your boyfriend to keep kissing it better for you.

itching usually means it is healing. If it's infected it will be red all around the area of the cut. Clean it with peroxide and put some nerosporin on it to be on the safe side.

the lock man
if it is scabbed and itchin- it is healing-see your doc for actual real answers

if it was infected it would probably be filled with pus or very weird looking. it's usually itchy when it's healing. i wouldn't worry too much.

speel cheeke ezint wurkin
Kiss it
i hope it helps

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