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I just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago....should it be bleeding and turning yellow?

eeeewww....Why did you even get our tongue peirced!! Nasty! Thats as bad as sticking your tongue to a flag pole..Which I've done...lol

yes, i believe thats the norm.

Ofcourse not! get help please.

*omg splinter your answer made me laugh so hard =P
oh gosh, this is why i love yahoo answers =)

Princess LovAngel
that don't sound normal u should get it checked out


A better should to ask is "Should anyone pierce anything?"
Of course they shouldn't.

How will you be able to talk when your tongue falls off?

It should not be pierce. See a doctor because you could get a nasty infection that may have dire consequences. I would not like to see you with a bad infection.

An infected tongue piercing is serious. The infection can spread easily. Go to the piercer and have them look at it. You might need antibiotics or just some good sea salt solution.

Good luck! Get it checked!

maggie mae
i would say no.use some hydrogen peroxide on it like mouth wash,don,t swollew,spit it out.also try salt in water.do both a few times a day.see a doctor or the piercer

Private I
Uuuuhm, No! Mine didn't!! YELLOW huh? Holy Sh!t!!
I think you ought to go to the ER..Like NOW!!! This sounds really BAD!! Yellow? Naah..not good at all..and it shouldn't be bleeding either!! The good old Yellow (no joke intended) Listerine should be used at least 3x daily.., and pouring Hydrogen Peroxide on it is also a great idea..don't drink it, spit it out!! But my friend, I think you're passed that point and need to see a Medical Professional...before it's too late~~honest!! May Your Tongue Heal Quickly

Gothic Hardy Boy
No, your tounge might already be getting infected. One would hope that you havent eaten ANYTHING with yeast or yeast extract in it because that can give you a yeast infection on your tounge and they can be rather hard to get rid of in your mouth. You should use any form of mouth wash after eating anything. If worse comes to worse then you will have to remove the tounge ring, go to a docter and get antibiotics for it. Same thing happen with me when I got my abdomen pierced.

Alyssa J
no its not normal

It should definitely not be turning yellow... the bleeding may be b/c it is being irritated by the long bar. Mine bled every once in a while when I had the long piercing bar in but as soon as I switched to a shorter bar it felt much much better and didn't bleed at all. I switched mine after about a week and it did not affect the piercing as I know you are supposed to leave them in for longer. I would not recommend taking the bar out as this allows the hole to close around the infection and keep it in. I used Biotene Therapeutic Mouthwash and it helped alot. I used it after every meal and it took the pain away and was not as harsh as other mouth washes. I would try this for about a week and if it does not stop then go back to the piercer. 9 times out of 10 they can tell you what you've been doing wrong.

Thats a serious problem! go to the doctor before you tongue drops off

It shouldn't. Go back to the person who pierced it and have it checked out. If they say it's normal and you don't think so, go to another piercer and get a second opinion. Doctors don't know too much about piercings as piercers do.

In the meantime, use sea salt and warm water and swish it around about 3-4 times a day. Also use the special mouthwash that you gotten from the piercing store a few times a day and after everytime you eat and drink something.


No way! Are you using Listerine like you "should" have been instructed and brushing/rinsing after every meal? If it gets any worse, you may have to take it out and let it heal or go to the Dr. and get some meds to clear up what sounds like an infection!

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