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I just burned my finger on 425 ' oven . I have big bubbling blister.What should i do to it?

put it in ice
apply burn ointment.
if the wound is bigger think of showing it to a doctor

Laura J
run it under cold water and put burn medicine on it.

Lisa E
Run it under cold water. DO NOT put butter or oil on it.
Then just leave it alone, don't pop the blister.

Run under cold water

Tori K
Lots of cold water and again cold water. After a while it might start hurting and feel hot again, means you have not had enough cold water.
If the area is clean, I would actually not put anything else on it. I won't pop the blister either. Just if the blister is open, you should watch that it is clean and does not get infected.
I usually use Tea tree oil as an antiseptic, but with an open burn wound this might hurt.

nancy jo
cool the burn under water. keep it clean and dry. resist the urge to "pop" it. monitor the burn for increased pain, redness or swelling -see a doctor if these occur.

Jenna K
put it under cold water

Natalie Louise
Run cold water on it for as long as you can stand. Or else, get a bucket with some water in it and put a couple of ice cubes in it and sit with your hand it it. Its going to take a while for the pain to subside even if you do have your hand in the water. Dont pop the blister either, the skin underneith is new skin and by popping the blister you could open it up to infections and not only that, it'll be very painfull too. Keep a close eye on the blister as well, to see how severe the burn is. If the burn start looking infected see your doctor but as this point in time keep up the cold water.

I know it might sound dumb, but put it under running COLD water for NO LESS than 5 full minutes. Or put a cold compress on it, even a package of frozen vegetables from the freezer. 1) Your body has been exposed to excessive heat. You need to draw that heat from your skin. 2) The excessive heat has removed moisture from your skin. You need to replace it. That includes drinking plenty of water.
After you have cooled it down, use a 'burn ointment' and keep it protected by applying a very loose bandage. It needs air to heal.

Further advice can be found on the Internet by going to Google.com and typing in BURN TREATMENT.

put pasty toothpaste on it and it will take the sting/burn out of it

Emily B
try aloe vera..
if you have an aloe vera blant breaka leaf off and rub some of tghe leaf juice on
or most sunsreen has some form of aloe vera in it...
also sun-burn gel cooler works amazing

um once i burnt my hand on a stove
and i ran it under REALLY COLD WATER
and i have an aloe vera plant (which heals burns faster)
so i put the stuff on the inside of the plant on my blisters
and i put a band-aid on it. but if u cant find an aloe
plant just put band-aids over your blisters and some healing cream. and if it stings, put ice in a bag and put it on your blisters.

Rex K
What ever you do don't break the blister...It will drain away by itself..try some burn ointment, and a bandage to keep it clean & protected.

I have answered this many times and helped treat stuff like this. This is the answer I use. I am a EMS First Responder and soon to be EMT and Firefighter.

Also do NOT do the following... put ice on the burn (makes the blister swell larger or make a worse blister or another) Run under cold cold cold water (does the same thing)

What you can do the next time (because I am sure you already have took the adive these people gave you about ice and cold water) You need to run it under lukewarm water and clean it that way first.

You don't want to pop the blister that comes with the burn. Also you do not want to put greasy stuff on it like neosporien or aloe vera. this will cause the blister to stay moist inside and it takes longer for the blister to heal this way and pop on its own. The best bet for you would be to try and dry the blister out. The bubble is dead skin so you just need to get that dryed out and it will go away on its own with little or no pain. You could use hydrogen peroxide to help it dry out or use salt (Hurts alot but draws water or moister out very well.) Durning the day you can cover it with a bandage if needed but when you go to sleep clean it with hydrogen peroxide (IF IT IS STILL A BLISTER) and DO NOT put a band-aid on it. When you sleep the body heals better and also if you do not put a band-aid on it when you sleep it lets it help dry the blister and get oxygen.

***Once the blister is gone and it is just a sore you can put things like neosporin on it to prevent scaring or infection.***

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