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I burned myself with hot glue from a hot glue gun. What do I do?
I accidentally got hot glue on a small part of my skin, but I immediately rinsed with cold water and got the glue off. A small bubble-like thing seems to have formed (I think it's called a blister?).... What should I do???


First clean the blister with rubbing alcohol or antibiotic soap and water. Then sterilize a needle over a flame until the tip glows red; allow it to cool, and the puncture a small hole at the edge of the blister. Drain the fluid by applying gentle pressure. Put a bit of antibiotic ointment on the blister and cover with a bandage.

And, this treatment will work for all blisters... not just blisters on your foot.

Don't hold onto it (your first instinct) or put ice on it. It doesn't help. It needs air to heal and let the blister form. It'll be just fine try not to bump it.


get some ice

Mike L
umm...idk, get help.

The bubble-like thing that you have at the burn site as other readers have expressed is probably a blister. A blister is sorta like nature's bandaide. Try not to pop the blister and I donot suggest covering it unless you have to.( in a particular situation, such as a job or exposing it to a danger of infection.) If your blister pops, it would probably good to cover it with a bandaide as well as using an antibiotic cream of ointment. You can get the cream or ointment with a pain reliever. The main thing is to try and keep clean. Donot touch it unless you have too. As others may have mentioned, it begins to become more red or having a nasty discharge, follow up with your doctor. You may apply ice if it is too painful,but be sure to use a barrier between the blister and the ice. Sounds like you are doing just fine. Sorry to burst your bubble, try being more aware of the way that you treat readers that gave you honest answers. Be careful where you aim your glue gun and I can tell by the answers that you received, that the readers were concerned and wanted to help you. Take care and I hope life treats you fine.

if the blister is large enough and you are ashamed of a boil of such degree..you can always buy a small top hat and cover it. you can usually find such hats at your local craft stores from the small plastic couples that go on top of cakes. if you plan on traveling any time soon...you are going to need to get it a passport (if you are traveling outside of thecountry). you can get it done at CVS. simple and easy. a new blister is usually quite shy and timid so a good idea is to bring it to your local postoffice...young blisters tend to like stamps. if your feeling charitble..you can even buy it a roll of stamps! and then put it on the blister! it will really make its day..trust me. whatever you..dont buy it a gazebo because it will get conceided. now that its stopped hurting..dunkin donuts plastic straws and mollasses will make sure it does not turn lavender.

good luck!

it's a blister, but it'll go away in a few days/a week or two. put some neosporin on it

well you were smart to put you skin in cool water and now you have a blister, well you should if you have a check-up soon you could bring it up or ask a friend who has gotten one. but what ever you do DO Not try and pop it. that will make it worse!

ooh i did that recently - it really hurts doesn't it! dunno but i'd leave the blister alone - don't burst it or anything. mine didn't blister so i was lucky. Damn hot glue!

Depends on where its at. Most places, you just need to keep it covered and clean. Sometimes it feels better to just pop it, but that all depends on where it is, and how big it is.

In other words, you'll be fine,lol.

Honestly, just take a couple of advil, tylenol for the pain, it will go away in a few days, just keep it clean, apply antibacterial ointment, they also have ointments with pain relievers in them, as long it is smaller than a postage stamp you will be just fine.

seeing as the pain has stopped don't worry about it your body will heal without have to breaking the blister

I did the same thing...only mine was on the top of my hand. I ran it under cold water until the glue had dried. The glue peeled off and left a small blister. I didn't pop the blister for about a week, but I finally thought that it was healed and rubbed it off with an eraser (I was in 6th grade). It was fine after that. I do have a pretty wicked looking scar from it though.

Kate S
Leave the blister alone- it is a natural sterile dressing and will subside in a day or two. If it pops on its own keep the area clean and cover with a band aid. Next time you use a hot glue gun keep a glass of ice water right next to you so that you can immerse fingers or hands in it if you get a bit on your skin- it will limit the burn.

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