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♥Ms. Heart♥
How should I drink 8 glasses of water thoughout the day?
When I wake up, after every meal...what? And please give me lots of details.

One at a time.

I have 4 water bottles I keep filled in my fridge. I drink them all day, when I finish with one I refill it and stick it back in the fridge for later or take one with me wherever I go.

Please don't drink it all at once! 24 hours is definitely enough time. 3 glasses is from the three meals a day. While your working, go to a water fountain during break if your thirsty, which is probably 2 glasses throughout your work hours. If you like to stay in shape, then do some running or jogging or whatever you do to stay in shape which will work up an appetite or thirst for 2 more glasses. Last one might be before you go to bed. Your definitely able to take in 8 glasses a day, remember you still have to go to the bathroom. :)

keep bottles handy at home and in your car. When its easily accessible you'll drink alot more.

Just make sure you sip whenever you're thirsty, or if you're not just carry water with you and try to remember to sip throughout the day.

I have the same problem w/ water. I know there are great health benefits in drinking it and your body needs but it is hard to do it. I have tried all the methods everyone else has suggested and none worked for me. The only thing that works is I tell myself I can not drink anything until all my water is gone. I have a great big bottle that holds 8- 8oz glasses. Good Luck

you should drink two glasses in the mournineg two glasses in the evening and two at night and before you go to bed.but make sure you use the bathroom.

Easy way is just buy or fill 2 plastic quart bottles, put lines to divide the bottle with a marker and there you will be able to monitor your water intake for the day.

Details? Just drink the water when you feel like it. Dont stress about water, remember its just water, you wont die if you overdose, although you could get water poisoning, but not from 8 glasses. Just Get Hyphy.

When you wake up, 2 during each meal (assuming 3 meals a day), 1 before you go to bed.

That 8 glasses of water is bull sh*t.
No one really drinks that much a day.
Relax and drink only when you are truly thirsty.

you should bring a water bottle and then every time u think of it you can drink as much as you can
oh yeah and fiji or voss water is the best YUM!

Easy. Keep in mind that the cups are 8oz, so they're not that big. When you wake up in the morning drink 1 cup. When you get to work or school, for morning break or nutrition instead of coffee, drink cup #2. For lunch, along with your food, drink 2 cups of water. Before leaving school or work drink 2 more cups. When you get home for dinner, drink cup #7. When you have a work out drink cup #8. Don't drink water at night, or you'll wake up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to pee, that's if you wake up, if you don't wake up you'll awake to a pool of urine in your bed.

drink a glass or two every meal, and one glass in between meals. :D

Try drinking every two hours (not including when you're asleep lol). Like, 8am, 10am, 12nn, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm. there you go. You've now got a new water drinking schedule :D

Aquafina, its easy to drink two bottles in the morning around 8 AM, 2 more around 10 AM 2 more after lunch around 3 pm and 2 more after dinner around 7 pm, Aquafina makes you want to keep drinking water, try it.

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