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 Why do I have a terrible sore throat? - and why won't the doctors help me after 2 visits?
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Hey it's me!
Help! My friend swallowed a paper clip!?
What should she do?
She needs it to get it to go down her throat!
What should she do?

she'll be alr8 it'll just come out when she goes to the toilet. i swallowed a inch nail once (weird situation). still tell her to go to the doctor but they'll say the same

§ gamer & more §
wow. ur friend is stupid. and you lack common sense. i'm sorry but it is true.

did it actully go into her stomach? if so it isnt as urgent. if it is stuck in her throat call 911. if it's in her stomach dont call 911 just go to the E.R. cause the ends can be sharp and puncture her intestines or stomach.

she cant do much other than wait for it to come out

Make a chain of paper clips, get her to swallow that (whilst you hold one end). Hope that they click together and join in the stomach, then pull out at one end.

Alternatively, get her to swallow the chain and put a magnet at one end (in the hope that they join magnetically instead).

Tell her to jump up and down.

it will *** out her backside dnt worry

Lots of water, some bread and make her swallow it all the way so she can sh'' it out later.

go to the hostpital or somehow try using a magnet to get it out but if it isnt bothering her she will just poop it out it might be painful so go to the docter they probaly have a special medicin that will let the paper clip slid out easier but i really dont no , hope i helped and hope yo friend get that **** out.actuallt or u can make her throw it up. or lyk when people choke on food put ur hands on her stomach and press and it should pop right out.

John Jones
go hospital if she starts to feel pain or discomfort but apart from that i wouldnt worry

Abu Ras
Drink water, eat small pieces of bread. Best, call 911.

stick a magnet up to her belly.

She needs to go to the hospital to have it removed. IF she were able to get it down her throat without puncturing the esophagus it would most likely puncture another vital organ on its way out and/or get hung up in the digestive tract causing SERIOUS problems. Go to the ER right now.

Certain Stars
Quick have her swallow this TPS report!

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