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Kelly S
If someone throat is closing up fast and they can't breath because it's closing up whats the faster method you can do to keep the peason from passing out or even dying

i am going to school to b an emt.
try cpr if they cant get air in themselves or if they stop breathing then help them. call 911. try to sit them up and not laying down.

Billie M
Firstly stay calm and ring for medical help. Calmly try to encourage the person to breath through their nostrils. If they cannot......And its a REAL emergency like a blockage in the airway, And there is no time to reach medical help DO a tracheotomy - to let air into the lungs.

This might be an allergic reaction, so you could have them take a Benadryl. Your best bet would be to call 911 quickly.

Its years since I dont first aid but if they are lying down dont you tilt their head back?


RING UP 999 and ask them what you should do, there are trained and will help you step by step what to do
hope this helps

:) KmH (:
Call 911!

Is anything blocking their airway?

If so, firstly bang their back, if that doesn't dislodge it try thrusts.

If not then you can try mouth to mouth, sometimes your pressure can help force air through.

I'm assuming you've already called an ambulance...?

jacqueline g
sounds like anaphlatic shock , if they pass out breathe for them get redy to start cpr get someone to call a ambulance and look if they got a special pen with them to allievate symptoms

Anaphylactic Shock? As a normal bystander, there is nothing you can really do, you won't get any normal anti-histamine into them if they are already in Anaphylactic Shock.

As a first-aider, if I'm called to a school call-out or an office etc, and the person has an allergy that the HR is aware of, they should have an epipen, which is an adrenaline injection straight into their thigh. As a first-aider I can do this injection for them, or if they can still do it, they can do it for themselves.

As a bystander you can ask if they have an epipen and whether they can inject it themselves or not.

Ring 999 and tell the responder that the person is in Anaphylactic Shock and that they have an epipen but they are unable to inject themselves and you don't know how to do it, they will talk you through it and put a rush on the ambulance.

A severe allergic reaction will affect the whole body, in susceptible individuals it may develop within seconds or minutes of contact with the trigger factor and is potentially fatal.

Possible triggers can include skin or airborne contact with particular materials, the injection of a specific drug, the sting of a certain insect or the ingestion of a food such as peanuts.
Recognition features

* Impaired breathing: this may range from a tight chest to severe difficulty
* There may be a wheeze or gasping for air.
* Signs of shock.
* Widespread blotchy skin eruption.
* Swelling of the tongue and throat.
* Puffiness around the eyes.
* Anxiety.


Your aim is to arrange immediate removal of the casualty to hospital.

* Dial 999 or 112 for an ambulance.
* Give any information you have on the cause of the casualty’s condition.
* Check whether the casualty is carrying any necessary medication. If they are, help them to use it.

If the casualty is conscious:

* Help them to sit up in a position that most relieves any breathing difficulty, this is usually sitting up and leaning forward slightly.

If the casualty becomes unconscious:

* Open the airway and check breathing.
* Be prepared to give rescue breaths and chest compressions.
* Place them into the recovery position if the casualty is unconscious but breathing normally.

If you mean someone is unconscious and not breathing DR. ABC, Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, Consciousness.

CPR will be needed, you need to ring 999 and breathe for them for as long as you can. You must carry on with CPR for as long as you possibly can, you are the only person stopping the patient from dying until the paramedics survive.

Patrick D
they prob have ashma, GET THER INHAILER

Life's Kiss is the best
Just give hime artifcial breath like u kiss some onein this case u push air infront of him by force and that help alot

Call an ambulance while getting their inhaler if they have asthma.

benadryl--2 tabs and call 911

Lie them on the floor and tip their head right back to open the air way call an ambulance if you havent already done that and if they have and allergy use their injecting pen that they should carry at all times.

Gone by by
As a first aid procedure..
you can do nothing but call an ambulance.

I think I know what you are getting at..but a first aider cannot do that procedure. If the throat is physically closing, it will take a trained responder to put in a adjunct airway.
If they are simply having some problems breathing, tilt head back, lift up chin to clear airway. Do A/R if necessary.
I will not describe how to do an emergency tracheotomy.

Call an ambulance and get off of the internet.

Sorry mate, that's your only hope.

Whlst waiting for the amb, get the person to lay flat on their back and maintain their airway.

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