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 What is the unhealthiest thing you can eat?
I would say a mars bar is .
Can anyone beat a mars bar,for worst thing you can eat for your health?
I know one is not going to do any damage....

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 I'm 5'3 and 410 lbs. is this an ok weight?
nobody ever says im fat or anything....

 Do you think this is healthy eating for the day?
Also how many calories is this for the day? I am trying to diet.

Breakfast- nothing (I know this isn't good and I usually eat breakfast but ran out of time :-( (Just water)


 am i too fat?????????
i am 5'6 and i weigh 135 lbs!! do i need to lose weight?


i'm the brunette

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i am 14
5"4 and weigh 120
am i fat or skinny

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wana ...

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Eric Schlosser
Why should you care about what food you put in your mouth?
Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers team note: This is the real Eric Schlosser. Please read the blog for further details: http://uk.blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-qT1KKPQoRKdVT4lowpJCljbFokkuIzI8?p=2074

The little baby I am carrying can't choose his / her food. I can!!

I have to care i have an intolerance to some foods which make me really poorly and top of the poorly food list is chocolate, coffee and red meat ................. not had chocolate for a little over 10 years now!!!

Oh gosh...because its sooo important to educate yourself about things that you eat. Some can kill, others can make you fat and unhealthy. Why worry about the color pf paint on the walls or the gas you put in your car....why is that more important than what goes in your mouth. You care about what you feed your children but not yourself. Come one people...learn and do right for your health.

I saw your face on the frontpage of Yahoo, and you are a mighty handsome man if I do say so myself. Are you single?
If eating healthily makes someone look as good as you then everyone should be at it !!!
Some foods are better for you than others. As a student I need to eat more brain food - oily fish and omega 3 otherwise I fall asleep writing dissertations, and it helps concentration levels :-)
One problem I have is that my sons are constantly being told to eat fruit and veg at school, however they're small for their age and actually need to put some weight on!!! However, we rarely eat fast food and walk everywhere, so I like to think we eat healthily.

If you don't care, who will? Except maybe your mother and the other people who love you.

Good question!!!! The answer depends on the reader/s. Basically, what they want to do or achieve will be followed by their effects.

Liberator Sieg

we should because what we eat may kill us. or can make us healthier.

comfort eating is bad, i do it we all do it. or it just taste good.

A couple of very good reasons actually....

Processed foods are full of all sorts of 'nasties'. Look at the ingredient list on something as simple as breaded fish. If I make that at home I have four ingredients - Fish, flour, egg and breadcrumbs (perhaps a little salt and pepper). Your average supermarket portion will list about 20 ingredients just for the breadcrumbs!!! Even more worryingly most of them will sound like they belong in a chemistry lab, not in your body. That's before you take into account the massive overuse of salt (or Monosodium-glutamate as it's known!)

Ethics of animal welfare:-
Do you want to support an industry that shows no respect for living creatures? Cows, chickens and pigs that never see the light of day?

Chickens get grown to slaughter size in a matter of days by being pumped full of steroids. Their legs never growing strong enough to support their over-sized bodies. Leaving them helpless to move, getting amonia burns from their own excrement. You can actually see the burns as brown marks on the skins of chickens on the supermarket shelves, it's called hock burn, look it up.

Pigs so high on antibiotics they don't know if they're coming or going. Leaving them with no real immune system of their own. Mothers seperated from piglets very early in life, feeding them through a cage!

All year seasonality is something we have come to expect. You may be lucky enough to get your kids to eat a strawberry, but do they know what season strawberries should be available in? Supermarkets fly fruit and veg from around the world on a daily basis to satisfy our all-year need for it. Just think of the effect on the environment.

What's more, this stuff is tasteless pap, invariably from varieties of fruit and veg that travel well rather than taste good. Usually picked in an under-ripe state for transit and so will never reach the peak of it's pitiful flavour.

Support your local producers and buy from them. The food will taste infinately better and will be little burden on the environment.

We should all take responsibility for the food we eat, period! Just because it comes to us easily and we don't have to think about how it got there doesn't mean we shouldn't. It's easy to pick up a factory farmed chicken or fruit flown from the other side of the globe. Just think about it next time, I mean really think about it, research where it comes from and then ask your conscience, "should I really be supporting this?"

Holistic Mystic
If you are what you eat I don't want to be E numbers, MSG, hydrogenated fats, aspartame etc. Natural organic foods are much better for us on many levels, they contain the nutrients we need which processed foods don't.

Also we have to think of fair trade. Did the producer reap what he sowed or get one percent and a corporation get the rest?

Eric, thank you so much for your book and caring enough.... not all of us want to join the flock of dumbed down zombies that 90% of people are becoming...I refuse to be 'got' by the government and FDA, etc, etc, etc, hence the info you research and share is so very important. Thank you, thank you.... don't let them stop you!!

Lots of people seem to be complaining that they dont like being told (by the goverment in particular) what to eat.

Well, if you dont like this advice, then dont follow it! But dont come complaining if you end up getting heart disease and expect the NHS to foot the bill.

I dont care if you dont want to look after your body, but i dont want to pay for you to put it right. Maybe if you look after your body now, then it will still be able to do what you want it to do in 10, 20, or 50 years time.

People seem to think that healthy food doesnt taste nice, or doesnt satisfy you, but maybe if you actually tried some, then you would change your mind. People are dying in developing countries because they dont get enough food, and people are dying in the developed world because they eat too much - the world has gone mad!

I'm sure mnsr brillat- savarin would have much to say on this as a scientific epicure.
Firstly to dispel a few myths. Junk food is not 'tasty'- it lacks (apart from nutrition) depth and variety of flavour. The object of eating is not just to satisfy the palate but to entertain and educate it too. This is one feature which distinguishes us from the animals. Cooking can be satisfying, relaxing and creative- and decidedly less time consuming than opting for a 'ready-meal'.
There is no such thing as 'NO TIME TO COOK'.Real food which is both nutritious and appetising is quick, convenient and inexpensive to prepare

I am the real Will and to answer your question, you should care a lot because some food manufacturers are not worried about our health just there profits.

I personally do care what food I put in my mouth, but my taste buds really don't care.

An answer from France ...the ancestral home of good food!
Because life is too short for crap food! That is why. Here sitting at the table and eating a good meal is to be enjoyed...good food is a form of art. If you want to trash your body and you only eat because human kind has to, that is up to you. If you want and enjoy eating cheap recycled, mechanically reclaimed, reconstituted meat without caring where it came from or what additives are in it, that is up to you. We all have a choice. Eating good and eating healthy does not have to cost more than a Mc Donalds...in fact it is often far cheaper to do so. PS. When I was last in the UK I saw chickens for sale in a grocery store that were from Thailand?? Good quality I'm sure but in the UK price is king and not quality. Sad but true. A bientôt...de la france

You should care b/c the manufactures don't.

I do, we should all care

I am a great believer in the maxim 'You become what you eat'.

Healthy food can be both quick and fairly cheap.

I have just eaten lunch - I large carrot, 1/3 Suede mashed with masses of black pepper, small head of broccoli and a very small piece of smoked cod - poached.
Total cost £1.50, time from start of preparation to serving, 1/2 hour. No salt added.
Why on earth should I eat junk food?

Because the body you have is a direct result of three things:
1. Your genes
2. Excercise or lack of it
3. Diet

As you can't alter no 1, then diet plays a major role in looking after your body, and you'll get out of your body what you put in - you'd never put diesel in a petrol engine, so why put junk in your body - if you do that it won't run properly!!!

Michelle Dawn
because too much of a certain food is bad for you. too much sweets can ruin your teeth, and make you gain calories which make you fat. too much carrots make you turn orange. to much meat makes you add calories and too much protien. you have to think about what you eat so you don't eat too much, but also so you eat enough.

Well, because your body is an efficient machine. If you want it to work properly than you need to fuel with the right foods.

Great book Eric. I care what I eat not primarily because of what it does to my body. I care more about the effect of food production methods on the environment, social deprivation and animal welfare.
I was vegetarian for 12 years but now I eat fish and will probably eventually eat mammals and aves again if if the meat was properly traceable to a responsible producer. I will not eat the cheap meat of questionable origin we find in out supermarkets. If I go back to eating meat I will support small local producers. The kind we still have in the UK. I am fortunate in that I have the money and transport to find this produce. I know this is not so easy when you are on limited income in an inner city. You eat what you can afford, and the origin is the last thing on your mind. As a student living on very little money I used to buy anything I could get cheap. I was one of the few young people who ate tripe. I ate cheap minced meat and cuts of meat which were probably badly treated before I bought them. I'm quite possibly going to go down with a TSE despite having been a veggie for so long. I ate potentially infected stuff for years in the early 90's. Didn't we all?
I'm tired of hearing people saying that organic food is no different. No it isn't really. The big difference is the way its produced. Less impact on the envirinment, vastly superior animal welfare. The carrot really tastes pretty much the same, but the field it came from with not be the barren, over-cutivated dustpan that the "non organic" carrot came from.
"organic" is such a stupid word though. I hate using it. To me organic means anything with carbon in. Still, it accepted as a term now. That'll be the TSE kicking in. Sorry for rambling.

Care what you eat. Think about what it does to everyone else.

Some people think more about what type of gasoline or oil they put in their cars than about what food they choose to fuel their bodies with. Food makes a difference in how you feel, sleep, look, and how healthy you are overall. Your body is the one thing that you truly own and that nobody can take away, so why not cherish it and treat your body as well as you are able to? You may not feel the effects of poor nutrition while you are in your twenties, but knowing that once you read the age of 55 your bad habits can catch up to you, why would you risk it? You can either be strong and healthy at 55 and still able to do many things you feel like doing, or you can be overweight and lethargic because your younger years were filled with bad eating habits. It's everybody's personal choice, but medical bills and insurance costs can be reduced in the long run if we just take a little time to think about what we put on our plates everyday.

It's so easy to forget that certain things are bad for you because they taste so good and satisfying a craving is sometimes a need. I personally do care what I eat as I understand that a bad diet can effect you physically as well as mentally. In addition to this, I think you should be more aware of what you feed your children. Some studies have proven that changing a childs diet can change their academic performance. So a diet of fast food and high sugar etc equals bad grades and a healthy diet could mean your child will have a successful career ahead of them. Isn't that enough to stop shovelling takeaway meals down their throats on a daily basis? As an parent that is your responsibility, however everyone deserves to treat themselves and not to deny them of what they fancy.

Clark C
You are what you eat!

Our bodies can only take so much mismanagement. We are already seeing proof of how improper diet can lead to a multitude of ailments. How can we expect our bodies to function when under daily assault from chemicals, fat, pesticides and man-made "goodies"? Poor nutritional choices prevent attaining optimal health. The sooner we forget our caveman ways and start appreciating food for the positive effects it can have on our health, the better.

I have read your blogg and whilst I found it very illuminating there is nothing on it that has not been said umpteen times before. No disrespect to you though. Good to see that some cares.

So why should we care about what food we put in our mouths.

Well I suppose it is only when we start to suffer from ill health (and by that time often the damage has been done by eating a really unhealthy diet) that we are more fussy and particular what goes into our mouths.

I am a prime example of someone who led a busy life and did not eat a balanced diet that consisted of good wholesome food..but snacked or even worse missed meals
when I got home from work I was too tired to cook for myself (family all grown up and moved on). Oft times it was a case of consuming vast amounts of processed foods because it was easy.

I was brought up to eat healthily and I used to have radiant health and I always made sure my family ate good food too. However the demands of holding a full time job and keep house took it;s toll because my downfall was lack of good meals and like I said ended up snacking or eating processed foods.

However, I saved the day when I became too ill to work and was able to start eating a well balanced diet that consisted of fresh vegetables, white meat and fish all mostly organic.

I truly believe that all the chemicals that were in the process foods I ate...not fast food but packaged food stuffs were the main cause of my immune system being shot to peices.

My health has greatly improved since I started eating a healthier and a virtual fat free diet. Though it has been a long haul and one full of temptations to eat rubbish it has been worth it ten times over. The secret is good planning and researching where food stuffs come from and by avoiding the obvious rubbish containing hydrogenated fats with high sodium content and chemicals.

As a foot note I also think it is important to care about what food we put in our mouths as we need to feel confident that producing these foods and meat have been done so by good practice and by humane means in regards to the way live stock is treated and slaughtered.

Thank you.

Sorry I don't recognize who you are; however, you should care because " You are what you eat."

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