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Breakfast- nothing (I know this isn't good and I usually eat breakfast but ran out of time :-( (Just water)


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i'm the brunette

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 how much should a 13 year old girl weigh at the height of 5' 2"?
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 does smoking help loose weight?
wana ...

How soon after I start yoga will I be able to feel results?
When starting a new fitness activity, it’s natural to wish for immediate results. Once I make yoga a part of my weekly routine, how soon should I expect to feel the benefits?

Yoga is not a childish play/game, what type of Yoga you are doing & what for ? You never mentioned, so it is very difficult for me to give you correct answer. If you are intend to practise Yoga, you should do this under the guidance of a Yoga Teacher. Don't strat with the help of a book or DVD.

How many diferent types of Yoga are there given below :


There are different type of Yoga, all of which lead to the same goal : the union of mind, body, and spirit.

Each path is distinguised by particular parctices, although the types of Yoga do overlap, merge, and complement each


Form of yoga Area of Concentration Benifit

Acu-Yoga Points and meridians Increase circulation of the life

Bhakti Yoga Devotion and love Emotional development

Gnana Yoga Knoweldge Intellectual development

Hatha Yoga Posture and movement Stretching and toning of the body

karma Yoga Service and action Righteousness in living

Kundalini Yoga Spinal column Strengthening and balancing of the
nervous system

Laya Yoga Sound vibrations(mantras) Strengthening and balancing of the
endocrine system

Pranayama Breathing Strengthening and balancing of the
respiratory system

Raja Yoga Meditation Mental mastery

Sahaj Yoga Surrender Spiritual purification.

LO Freaking L!
depends on the "results" your looking for

When you start yoga, it's hard to feel change because it takes time to get change. If you do yoga for continue 3 days, without any gap then you'll find change in you nature and behavior and also your body. Yoga is not only for body but it also cleans mind and heart! =)

I don't know what the offical answer is I just know what happened when I started doing yoga. I immediately felt the total relaxation that comes from it...also I noticed right away improved concentration. In terms of feeling more flexiable and stronger...that took a few weeks to be really noticable (5 or 6 to be more exact). That is only because I was really out of shape at the time. I guess it all depends on your level of fitness when you start. If you are more physically fit you will notice it quicker.

There is one thing that I know for a fact and that is that if you stick to it you will notice changes....your legs and arms will tone up, you'll walk and sit straighter, you'll even look taller because yoga focuses on correct posture. It has done wonders for me...so I know that it will do wonders for anyone who is serious about.

Yoga is not like allopathic medicine, within which you will experience the result immedialtely, but once you put a regular routine for it, benefits will shower in given the condition that you do them properly in the right manner.

Precisely it takes time for results to come up but if you continue doing them , you are sure to enjoy life-long fitness.

Remember it has to be done at a right time, in a right way with the right guidance and in the right place.

Do you really have on mind the benefits you will get? If you alredy realized they're not just fisical, you might be getting that feeling alredy. Believe me, it's just great on your mind and soul, if you keep yoga. You will be really in touch with yourself eventually.

If you are "consistent" and do it 3 times a week plus practising at home, you'll see great results in a month.

You will FEEL the benefits immediately. As with most physical activity that one is unaccustomed to, your muscles will be sore at first. Hang in there, your muscles will become inured to it.

immediately. Just doing one or two of the breathing exercises, lowers your blood pressure instantly !(I don't "do" yoga, but I have done one of the breathing exercises my whole life. You can "breathe" anywhere ! And it REALLY works.

immediately after my first yoga class...i felt cleansed from the inside out... but i was taking yoga from a yoga studio and not a gym.. a yoga studio with a small group is much more personal than a gym class.....

i also felt more relaxed immediately....

it took me quite a while before i could see measurable results like touching my toes... i had to be patient and not push too hard in yoga practice.... results will come easier when you do not push too hard to do too much too fast...

this time around (i went without doing yoga for a couple of years due to a back condition) i am doing yoga at the YMCA... and at Guruv Yoga Studio in Lake Mary Florida...

i have been judging myself a lot....comparing what i can do with what others can do..and i have been pushing myself...

this is not good for my yoga practice or my back....

i haven't made progress as quickly ...because i am not relaxing....i am tense...... i am so tense that i can't even keep my eyes closed for the final relaxation pose....

you will get what you put into your yoga practice... if you sow seeds of judgment...then you will judge yourself harshly and you may not be able to recognize the subtle benefits of your practice....

if you relax into your practice...you will see results much more quickly.....

you will feel a difference after one class...but it is consistency that is key to your yoga practice....

I felt the benefits of Yoga during my VERY first practice. It immediately calms you, you'll feel great. You'll also begin to feel leaner and stronger and more graceful and flexible. Yoga can help relieve stress and headaches, and you can pretty much do it anywhere. I love Yoga and I' think I will continue doing it for the rest of my life. Have fun with Yoga!

That depends on what kind of results you're looking for. I think the very first day you'll feel more energized and ready to face the day. I've always done my yoga in the mornings and I can feel the effects throughout the day.
As for weight loss, if that's the type of yoga you're doing - that's pretty much the same as any other exercise - it takes time.
Improvement in overall wellbeing doesn't take long at all though!

john s
if u do yoga regularly youll start witnessing the effects right from third week , for best results it takes 3 months

*haha* About 3 minutes into a position! Ouchie! But looking for results I'd say about two weeks.

Tip: Take a tape measurer and measure your waist, bust, thighs and in two week measure again. Sometimes you don't lose weight you just tone. That is a good way to make sure your exercise is actually working for you!

Hope I helped!

I did Yoga once a week as a Phys Ed option in my last year at school. After the first session, I slept like a log all night, and 2 days later found aching muscles I didn't known existed. But 3 weeks in at 1 hour a week, I was definitely feeling benefits even if they weren't visible. I'm asthmatic, and the breathing exercises we'd learned certainly helped when I had an attack during the whole-school Cross Country event. Yoga wasn't specifically a quick fix looks-wise but after a few sessions you'll probably notice small things, like a better night's sleep after a session, how easily you can stretch to reach something, or in my case bend to pick up something small from the floor. You balance will improve too, and if you have to do something strenuous like carting heavy boxes around you may not get so out of breath.

Since you mention "fitness activity" in your question, I assume the results you're looking for are better muscle tone, strength and flexibility. These are not the only benefits of yoga, and as many other answers have pointed out, they are not the main purpose of yoga, either. Yoga was created to help practitioners become present in every moment of their life.

Still, you want exercise, so how fast will you get "results?" What style of yoga are you practicing, how long are the practice sessions and how often are you practicing? You mention weekly. If you're only doing yoga once a week, you should receive some stress reduction benefit immediately, and see some other exercise-type benefits in 6-8 weeks.

If you want to lose weight and you're not doing any other type of "exercise", you need to practice a minimum of 3 times per week, for at least an hour, and you need to do a style of yoga which includes "vinyasas" also knows as "sun salutes." There has been a lot written about yoga, and many claim you can't lose weight doing it, but I lost about 35 lbs doing no other "exercise" and without dieting either. Practicing 3-5 times per week, it took me almost two years to lose the weight, but I wanted a change that would last and it did. I started yoga as exercise, to lose weight and to get stronger (I was already very flexible.) I got all the results I wanted and many more--my ability to concentrate improved, my stress was greatly reduced and eventually I became much more awake--present in each moment. Yoga definitely changed my life.

If you're younger when you start practicing yoga, it's easier, but don't be discouraged if you're not. I didn't take my first class until I was 42 and I've had many students who didn't start until much later than that.

Ahh yes the whole world wants results yesterday
but good things come to those that have a little patience my friend....

Yoga, is a mind body thing, for beings searching for advanced connection with Source, its time for you and you alone, approach it with Zen like idea, if you keep up with it you will be mentally alert, toned, it alleviates depression....

Sun Salutation is a powerful practice when undertaken on a regular basis. Moving through the sequence of postures that make up the Salutation stimulates every major muscle group in the body, and increases circulation. Regular practice promotes limberness of muscles and joints, as well as strength and balance throughout the entire body. In addition, the internal organs and the endocrine system are stimulated and refreshed by practice. Sun Salutations are especially recommended for depression, and can uplift the spirits. While in the west today there are many variations of Sun Salutation, specific Classical versions provide certain benefit that more athletic variations may not, including stimulation of specific energy points through direct contact with the earth. Sun Salutation, traditionally is to be performed prayerfully, and one is advised not to let the practice become too physical.

Beginning the Practice:
The new practitioner should approach Sun Salutations with patience, and be realistic in the goals set for practice. Beginning with as little as 15 minutes each day will help to build stamina and help you become familiar with the postures. It is not necessary to try to flow through the sequence if you are just learning - each position can be practiced and held, in order. Don't try to go too deeply into the poses, especially in the beginning.

the sun salutation should be approached with a certain amount of caution. For starters, it is recommended that you have some basic yoga experience before you attempt sun salutation. Those with low-back and other health concerns should first check with their doctor to make sure they can practice the sun salutation safely. It is also recommended you learn the sun salutation from a qualified teacher or high-quality instructional video, rather than attempt it on your own. While some instructors use the sun salutation itself as a warm-up, my recommendation is that you precede the sun salutation with a more gentle warm-up.

The sun salutation can be a rewarding addition to your fitness and yoga practice. The key is establishing your comfort zone, working slowly and gradually, and practicing with expert guidance..

Hope this will help you to continue

Robert K
There should be near immediate changes in how you feel if you are coached into performing yoga correctly. Your breaths should be lengthened and coordinated with your motion. In addition to enhancing your flexibility and relaxation level, yoga can add grace to your motion, adding to your confidence.

In yoga classes I have heard instructors say that most people are shallow breathers, using perhaps 10% of their lungs. Breathing capability can effect relaxation level, ability to handle stress, and even cognitive level. The lungs can be compared to baloons, if they have not been blown up fully they can be inflexible. If deliberate breathing exercises are done for loosening the lungs, deeper breaths will be easier to do and more comfortable. Increasing lung flexibility is not an immediate thing, it takes more time for this type of conditioning. I would suggest practicing yoga more than once per week initially, until you assimilate the practice and are independent on many of the postures. It can be a transforming experience.

You should start feeling sore right away. Very sore.

I think the most immediate benefit of yoga is through the breathing. Not just the pranayama breathing exercises themselves, but the oxygenation that takes place if you breathe properly when doing any form of yoga. That begins right away.

I have done yoga for many years at times, but not all the times. I take breaks for months or years sometimes, and perhaps it is because I do have experience with it, but I feel benefits right away. Yes, relaxation, and more importantly the benefits of the breath, but also loosening of the muscles, and I think a decrease in soreness and problems with trigger points. Yoga is an ideal way to address problems with balance and lack of balance in your body such as shoulder and knee problems. It's well worth the time.

Listen please and listen very closely...

Yoga 'In General' will bring you quick results, but if you seriously SERIOUSLY want the FASTEST results, you will want KUNDALINI yoga.

Kundalini yoga will bring to you results 10x faster than any other yoga, because it is the way Yoga was originally intended to be....

It stresses the importance of breathing, meditation, mantras all being part of the process 'as a whole'.... all of these are EQUALLY important!

Kundalini yoga is the 'Mother' of all yogas. It is the yoga that all other yogas come from. People in western cultures, typically shy away from kundalini yoga because of the mantras and they might get a little freaked out, but...

if you invest in a couple of inexpensive DVD's from Ana Brett and Ravi Singh (do an amazon.com search) you will be amazed how great you feel after only ONE yoga session!

I do not personally know these people....they do not pay me to say these things...all I know is that at AGE 37...suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome....it has made an incredible world of difference to me and has turned my life around!

They pretty much saved my life!
Some of their titles include...

Navel power (for abs)
Ultimate stretch
Warrier workout
Yoga cleanse (eliminated my brain fog, chronic exhaustion, and boosted my thyroid function)
Yoga house call (eliminates many health problems)
Yoga hips bliss

I cannot say enough on how powerful, and enjoyable my experiences have been....and continue to be!

don't get freaked out about montras...and western dogma regarding our perceptions of yoga...

go into it with an open mind and experience quick results and energy and benefits that you may never have thought possible!

I am a guy and so not ashamed of anouncing to the world what these videos have done for me

Good luck!

Yoga means much more than just a Fitness Activity! The word Yoga itself means to join, unite or merge. Derived from the sanskrit root yuj, Yoga is a science and an art. Practiced by thousands of people round the world, it integrates the body with the mind and the mind with the soul, thereby helping us to understand or own natures and to live harmoniously with people around us. Some people are aware of Yoga as the Asanas and meditation. In fact, I think it's an eight fold path called Ashtanga Yoga (eight limbs).

To Know the Eight commandments, read here on my Statesman Blog.

Yoga is all about Attitudes and even we focus on one of the commandments, we could bring about a lot of difference!

Yoga is not about results or instant gratification. It is not about movement. Yoga is about awareness.

Yoga means "unity."

Therefore, as soon as you become centered on your mat & set your intention, be it for yourself, someone, a cause or an event, then you have a result.

If you want the science of movement, try tai chi or spinning class.

"Yoga is the science of action, not the science of movement." - BKS Iyengar

I felt the results that afternoon. NEVER do yoga and weight training on the same day.

But I started seeing the benefits pretty quickly. I became more aware of my body and posture. Once I got in the habit of walking with my feet pointed forward (I was pigeon-toed) and standing straight, my back started feeling a lot better.

I do poses every morning and I have to say, I like the way it makes me feel.

I would say it's like what they say about quitting smoking. Certain things start to become healthier right away and that continues for months.

During and thereafter in the first or second session you may feel relaxed. More toned. Maybe a little sore. More limber.

After 3 sessions you should feel even better. At this point you should FEEL the benefits.

After 2 weeks is when you will for sure feel and see more of a difference in your body and posture. At this point you will begin to SEE the benefits, as well.

Keep it up!

You will feel the results within the first couple of days, you will see the results in six to eight weeks.

As Real As It Gets
I felt 'results' ten minutes after I started.

I didn't LIKE the 'results' I felt, but I sure as hell felt them.

with Yoga you will feel the instant result of RELAXATION, but if you are talking about toning your body I would think it will show after about 2 month (if you do 3x a week yoga)

Broken Bella ©
It generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks of regular exercise at least 3 days a week for your body to begin to release the endorphins that make exercise such an uplifting experience.

Consistency is key. If you want to reap the benefits that yoga provides, you'll have to do it consistently...

A once-a-month yoga workout may relieve some stress, but for benefits like increased flexibility and stamina, you should aim to practice yoga three or four times a week.

Yoga is amazing even if you only practice for one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice.

If you can do more than that, you will certainly experience more benefits...

I suggest starting with two or three times a week, for an hour or an hour and a half each time. If you can only do 20 minutes per session, that's fine too.

Don't let time constraints or unrealistic goals be an obstacle do what you can and don't worry about it. You will likely find that after awhile your desire to practice expands naturally and you will find yourself doing more and more.

Answer Fairy
It depends on what results you are hoping for. You will feel better after your first class. It helps with anxiety, too. You may even feel a little sore. If you are going for flexibility, you will see marked improvement in about six classes. If you are going for tone, then you'd see results faster with pilates. If you are trying to get so strong that you can balance your entire body weight on the tip of one finger while balancing on the tippy top of Mount Everest and singing a Tibetan chant while drinking a Grande Triple Shot Soy Late with Sugar-Free Hazelnut.... then that's going to take many, many years.....

The more classes you take, the more results you will see. I do yoga four times a week. I started out with two, then gradually added on. After a year, I had the results I wanted. That was 12 years ago. I don't always go to the classes, but I do it at home at the very least. It is an important part of my life.

Some people feel the benefits immediately, others in a few days or weeks. The most important thing as that you started and each day you will notice an increasing benefit to yoga in your life. A sense of calming, more flexibility, control, balance and harmony, as well as the physical appearance changes like muscle tone, decreased fat and such which will take on average at least a month. This does of course vary due to the amount of fat or current muscle mass you start with. Enjoy the new sense of peace and overall well being yoga will bring into your life!

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