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Breakfast- nothing (I know this isn't good and I usually eat breakfast but ran out of time :-( (Just water)


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i'm the brunette

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 AM I FAT???????????????????? ?
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am i fat or skinny

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Lucy Danziger
How do you get real toning results when you work out?
We all know how frustrating it is when you go to the gym, but don’t see your body changing. It can be discouraging to do all that hard work and not see any physical change. What can you do to see real results when you work out?

1. First, start off with a healthy diet.

2. Do more cardio (running, jump-roping, walking, swimming, etc). at least four times a week.

3. Do weight-training 3 or 4 times a week.

4. Drink more water.

5. Limit your food portions

Hi Lucy:

I don't know how old you are, but I'm 49 years old. Everyone that see me never can believe it. They truly think I look in my mid 20's. I don't believe in spending any money on gyms and gadgets of extra equipment for making the body look good and toned.

Here's a natural approach to looking and staying toned, and healthy: (At least this method has worked for me)

First patience is a key factor! Nothing happens over night or even after a few weeks. Give it a couple of months. Second get adequate rest, sleep is important, depending on your age 6 to 8 hours is good. Also, it's important to drink lots of water daily.

Always eat something healthy for breakfast: whole grain cereal, juice, and/or fruits and nuts. Followed later by a good lunch, and light dinner. Use the pyramid chart and eat everything in moderation. Never over eat until you’re feeling stuffed. It’s not good for the digestive system.

For toning arms and legs I use the stairs. I have a two story house, so to tone my legs, calfs, and thighs, by going up and down the stairs for a total count of 10 up and 10 down. I sometimes alternate the steps by taking two at a time, this helps strengthen the inner thigh muscles. For my arms, I stand at the foot of the stairs and do two sets of 10 push ups. The first set of ten I place my arms at breast level and push up from there ten times. The second set, I extend my arms up past my shoulders and push up from there for 10 counts. When you really get the strength in your arms, you will be able to do push ups with one arm each for a set of ten. It’s a challenge, but you can work to get to that level. When you do reach this level, you will have a natural tone to your arms that looks firm and cut when your arms are in there natural state. That’s what you want. Then people can just look at you and might ask if you lift weights or work out often.

For a toned stomach, waistline, hips, and buttocks, I use the simple old fashion methods of the twist. You can twist to music (which is really fun), or when you’re just standing around at work, you can twist to anything. Jumping jacks and leg lifts work great also. You can stand straight up and lift each leg out to the side for a count of 20, do this again for each leg, extending it backwards out towards the rear. Do not bend the legs, keep them straight.

All of these exercises take under 30 minutes, and you can do them everyday. It does not strain the muscles like you can do if you use weights. These are all natural methods of just using the limbs, and muscles and keeping toned and in shape. Walking everyday for at least 15 to 30 minutes is another natural toning method. Have fun TONING.

Hope this helps!

Well, in my opinion, I think you need start eating very healthy, and have a nice long work out. If it's for weight loss, than don't have any sugar. Well, I don't eat meat, so I naturally loose weight and it's easy for me to see results. Try eating something like carrots and peanut butter.Than, go work out for a while. If you don't eat after you workout, that might be why. YOU HAVE TO EAT AFTER YOU WORK OUT! Or you you won't see results. You should be hungry after a long hard work out, because your muscles need fuel from food. And if you don't eat after, you won't get any muscle. Maybe about 1 to 3 hours is the most you should be doing at a time. Well, I hope me, and everybody else helped!

Normal Swimming Is Better Than Any Gym Workout And You Will See Results

Laura Block
Well, first you have to actually be doing exercises correctly. If you want to do the things correctly you can go to a physical therapist or a personal trainer. Also, you have to do cardio and the muscle training to burn the fat. OK I hoped I helped!

Is it Friday yet??
Great question but not an easy one to answer given we don't know all the variables but, here goes!

If you're looking for a longer, leaner look as opposed to building muscle mass you need to move. You want to try and add some cardio along with body shaping or sculpting. There are a million cardio routines out there so pick one that works for you. When it comes to sculpting, use lighter weight and do more reps say 12-15 each exercise. If you're trying to bulk-up, use more weight and less reps say 6-8. Whichever path you choose your last few reps should be difficult. If they're not than adjust your weight so they are. For flexibility add some yoga and always stretch/warm-up to reduce the chance of injury.

NOTE: No body part(s) should be exercised more than 3x per week or you risk muscle damage and fatigue that will hinder your results.

In training everybody hits plateaus, those times when we no longer see results or they are minimal at best. This is normal and frustrating. When this happens it's time to change your routine~muscle confusion is the key! I would suggest that you consider modifying your routine every 4 weeks or so. The changes do not have to be drastic either, more weight or reps, adding a few minutes to your cardio routine, etc.

Diet and exercise HAVE to go together if you want to see any results at all. If the commitment to diet is not there neither will the results you want. We are what we eat! Again, this varies to a great degree but a few basics,

Get your metabolism going, naturally! Eat 5-6 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism going which in turn will help you shed fat.

Do not eat anything within the 3 hour time period before you go to bed. Hungry? Have a nice cup of hot green-tea or similar and this will help reduce your hunger pains. In addition, and here's the great bonus to this, your body will begin to burn stored fat instead of digesting a late meal. Talk about fat-burning! This step is KEY!

If you exercise you NEED carbs-period. Carbs will fuel your workouts so you need them or after a while you will have no energy reserves and your workouts will become more difficult .

These are a few of the basics that helped me a great deal. Again, this info is very general but I hope you found some of this helpful and good luck in meeting/exceeding your fitness goals.

golden sephiroth
Most women lean toward cardio workouts when they would get better results from increasing their muscle mass. This is done by using heavier weights with fewer reps. As their muscle mass increases it will burn more calories for them throughout the day when they are not at the gym. This factored in with a high protein diet will bring faster results.


Make this something you like to do. Not every day though.... You need a day to rest. Slow movements build strength and fast movements build speed and stamina. What have you been doing for your routine? I would recommend stair stepping for your legs. Jump roping will build your shoulders, stomach, upper body, and your heart. Get some hand bells for your arms and work them in all directions. Get a friend to do sit ups. Lie down and hold your partners ankles. Lift your legs straight and together to make a 90. Your partner will shove your legs down and at different angles to work all of your stomach muscles. Jump in the pool. It work you whole body.. Hope this helps...

Matthew V
Don't expect results to happen right before your eyes. It's like the parking lot snow pile at Sam's Club in April. It won't melt away in one hour, but it'll melt off, a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more.....

My advice: Stop looking to see change everytime you work out, make a mental note of your progress maybe once a month, and you WILL notice change. To notice change, you have to look at the big picture and be patient, and not pay so much attention to it. You know the old saying, a watched pot won't boil.

my husband is a personal trainer.i have been working out with him for the last month.he gets me 2 do 15mins cardio,then do your stretching exercises.after that we do light weights.on different body parts.then we do more cardio for 20 mins.then do some stretching out exercises.then go on the bike or running machine for a light cool down.its working for me.never felt better.hope this helps

Most of these answers are essentially correct but, on the button...eat right, get plenty of rest, and exercise!!!! There is no super formula or pill to look and feel great except in what you percieve in yourself and the effort that you put forth.

Cardio training is great and weights are better...most women are afraid to lift weights in fear of gaining "HUGE" muscle like men...wrong. You will notice muscle growth but, ususally it isn't significant enough to panic. There have been studies where cardio and weight lifting where "pit against each other" Guess what folks!!! The studies show that even though areobics burns fat so does weight training!!!

The metabolic rate only last for about an hour up to maybe two hours after you exercise. But, when you utilize the weights in your training, the metabolic rate last for up to 15 HOURS!!!!


So, Eat right, Plenty of rest, EXERCISE!!! Honestly it takes a lot of discipline to go into a gym regulary and make yourself uncomfortable and to sweat but, folks remember this....."THERE IS NO COMFORT IN BECOMING SUCCESSFUL" You Be You and You Will Change Those Things You Do Not Like....

feel free to email me for questions...

[email protected]
Well: it is very important that we all stay healthy by doing
" Daily exercises at Family Fitness Centers also has an program with Arobic Classes and You can enjoy workouts
with their Equiptment too "

You need to practice persistence and challenge. If you don't challenge yourself physically, the body doesn't think it needs to work to build muscle, so it doesn't. I'm 57 and I can still get results with regular, challenging workouts.

Blue Steel & Lace
More reps with lighter weights. And one day in between toning workouts to allow your body to build that muscle.

And the person who posted that working on your arms shows the quickest results is absolutely right.

Plus the more muscle you build, the more calories your body uses when it is resting.

body toning,
it may take a while before noticing visually, but after a fair work out your muscles and joints may be sore, and if not right away, then the next day, and if so, then you may be on the right path, and after about a week the stiffening should easy off, along side a basic routine of short workouts, it would be advised to have a well balanced diet throughout each day, within those are mix of colored vegetables, proteins like fish and eggs, and some fruits, preferably dark berries, try to consume water and fluids as you go, and don't merely workout indoors, go outside for walks and hiking and biking, and if there are any beaches near by, go for a random swim, after about a few weeks , you should visually notice more body toning, if not , possibly slow down routine, have smaller portions per meal and add one extra, to help bodies metabolism adjust, and time wise, try to fit in ten fifteen minutes a day, and more for going for walks,

read other answers,

Jim K
Bottom line is diet. Many pros feel it's up to 75% of the equation. In order for all the hard work in the gym to pay off, your have to back it up with good food choices. Running 2 miles on the treadmill then downing a big mac is not the right answer. Some suggest a 40/40/20 split. Meaning 40% of your calories come from carbs, 40% from protein, and 20% from fats. Focus on foods that provide actual nutritional value. For example, avoid things like chips which are packed with sodium and fat and have no “good? carb or protein value. Instead choose whole grain breads, lean meats, some dairy, etc...

And just remember, nothing happens overnight, including getting tone. Set realistic expectations. If you want to lose 10 lbs and look more tone, set a date 2 or 3 months out and find a cardio/weights routine and clean up your diet. Your body will surely respond…and you may like what you see!!

It's very simple, consistency is the key. exercise at least every other day, you will never see results overnight, keep at your program for 6 weeks and you will. Don't just work one part of your body, find a workout that works your entire body.

if you want tone without bulking up, increase the number of reps as your endurance goes up rather than increasing the weight.

If you want to bulk up, progressively increase the weight you can handle in a given number of reps without increasing the number of reps.

If you want a little of both, get yourself toned first, then continue with same number of reps gradually increasing weight in steps over a longer period of time (increase weight every two weeks or so) til you have added the desired amount of muscle bulk that you want, and just continue with that program without increasing weight or reps

I used to do weights, cycle and aerobics classes (all in the same workout session), but these days I like a combinaton of nordic track for overall tone (and can do at home while watching TV) and weights.

A good combination of cardio and weights/resistance training will bring about the results you are looking for. many people make the mistake of doing cardio alone or weights alone. When combined the cardio will burn the fat and the weights build the muscle.

Real results?

That requires determination to improve ones long-term health. Most people give up so easily, but I do agree that sticking to an exercise and health-eating plan is very difficult. Some suggestions are picturing yourself with more stamina and excellent health. Too many people focus on being skinny, having a beautiful body, etc, when health is really the most important factor. Setting specific goals and plans, a week, for example, can allow people to actually carry out the plan. Example: Run every day for 20 minutes and cut out dessert this week. Next week: Run for 30 minutes, find healthy dinner recipes, etc. As opposed to: Lose 30 pounds this month, or get a 6-pack.
Also, have a close friend or family encourage and motivate you. Maybe they can even do the same plan as you.
All in all, determination and planning is very effective in seeing results. Yes, it's true that results don't happen in an hour at the gym or overnight, or with some magical product, etc, but if one sticks to it and really tries, anything in life is possible really.


Getting real results takes time, especially if you are not used to an active life style. When you first start to diet and exercise regulary, your body has to adjust to this new lifestlye. But if you are persistent and you keep up with eating well and exercising, eventually you will see results. Exercise is all about determination.

When I exercise, I usually do crunches (or whatever toning exercise I want to do) at home and then I hit the gym and do cardio there. The next day, I rest, and then exercise again on the day after that.

Here are some tips for getting quicker results:

drink lots of water (water flushes out toxins in your body)

instead of doing toning exercises that only target one area of the body, try to do full-body exercises (this boosts metabolism, which is key for exercise and weight loss)

and remember: diet is not always a key to getting in shape. Before you actaully start a diet, try just trimming your food portions a bit and try to eat heathier. You may get results from that. ALWAYS talk to your doctor before starting a diet.

Increase the intensity of your workout. More reps and or weight. More importantly, results are 60% dependent on what you do outside of the gym. Your diet is huge.

I agree with the top contributor. The DIET is far more challenging on a day in, day out basis!! We put too much emphasis on food and the choices are endless. I have found that people who succeed in healthy weight loss typically treat food as medicine: something to be consumed to fuel the body, versus something to "treat" yourself, indulge in or otherwise occupy time. Their focus is only on food for energy, not social.

when you're at the gym try and focus on certain areas of your body that you want to tone. use those muscles, but when doing reps be sure to do them slowly so you can feel the burn. doing less reps slower will help you achieve more results then more, faster reps.
speed walking or running are another form of exercise that will help you slim down over all and achieve a 'fit' body.
swimming is also important since it will keep you in shape without putting stress on your joints.
although working out is important, its also important that you eat well.
breakfast- proteins (eggs, shakes) and toast
lunch- salads
dinner- lean meats, whole wheats, green salads, variety of vegetables
dessert- fruits.
snacks- preztles, fruits, yogurt
its important to also get those sweets in. indulgence is okay, but over indulgence in anything won't help you achieve your goal any faster

In my experience, working out requires WORK. It should be physically draining,intense and require you to dig deep. You will not see results with mediocre effort. You have to push yourself. I would guess-timate that at least 60% of the people in the gym are working well below the level they should be. Kick up the resistance or intensity and I guarantee you will see results.

Austin W
I don't go to gyms much. I walk and ride a bike outdoors. I get almost immediate toning benefits, enjoy my exercise, and save a lot of money.

Work on your arms. Usually, for a lot of people, you can build muscle in your arm that you can see and feel better than some other muscles in your body. Seeing this can encourage you. Seeing that your arm is losing it's flab and looking more toned can help you realize that the rest of your body will look like that, too, if you're willing to work for it.

jimmy t
It has been my experience that cardio is the only way to reduce hard to burn fat. I like to do isometric exercises twice a week and run 4 times a week (about 5.5 miles). It wasn't until I started running that I became toned around the middle...and it didn't take long.

By increasing your repetitions and decreasing the amount of weight. That type of workout not only burns fat faster, it also builds lots of lean muscle. In time the weight will increase and you will continue to do the same amount of reps. It wil burn fat like never before, even when your at rest. Even if you give it a rest for a couple of months, you will notice that the muscle you built has kept the majority of fat off.

Also, put special emphasis on your legs, where the biggest muscles are located. i have found that doing squats and Romanian dead lifts work your upper legs completely and you wil see definition you never saw before. The larger muscle will allow you to consume more and burn fat continuously.

Of course your diet also has a lot to do with it, but with this kind of workout you can get away with the usual flaws in he diet.

You won't see results WHEN (during) you work out -- the change in your body comes when you're resting which is why it's so important to factor recovery time in to your training.

If you're eating sensibly and exercising you'll see results eventually. Exercise is good for your body on many levels, but if we never exercise but eat right we should still see results of fat loss.

I think we need to remember that for the average person, this is a long slow process; and this really is the ideal way to lose fat and build muscle.

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