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 Do you think this is healthy eating for the day?
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Breakfast- nothing (I know this isn't good and I usually eat breakfast but ran out of time :-( (Just water)


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i'm the brunette

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 AM I FAT???????????????????? ?
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5"4 and weigh 120
am i fat or skinny

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 i am doing 100 crunches a night but im just can't seem to lose the weight...?
... i do 100 crunches
5 sets of 20
im not losing weight....

oh and what can i do to lose fat in my arms???...

 If your mind thinks you're losing weight, will you lose weight?
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How do I become a vegetarian?
Like I know the obvious answer is 'don't eat meat.' but that's kinda hard for me. How do I ween myself from it? I want to lose weight.

instead of eating meat for protein, eat peanut butter and things like that

just cuz ur a vegetarian doesn't mean you'll lose weight. I tried to be a vegetarian once, and it lasted for one day short of a month. It was hard, and annoying.

eat vegetables that are served like meat. make vegetable stew with beef flavor(vegetarian beef stew) or make a vegetarian lasagna

Stop eating meat and if you are a true vegetarian don't eat any baked goods with eggs in them.
You lose weight by stopping the eating of bad carbs, sweets and fattening things and you exercise.

every time you want to eat a piece of meat down a bottle of water, or eat a bag of carrots. soon you'll be too full to eat anything more

becoming a vegetarian is usually about something else, usually animal rights activists or something do that. it seems like u really like meat, I DO TOO, so thats a lot to give up, and u know there are other ways to loose weight...

Love My Soldier
This is how I became a vegetarian. Every week I would remove a type a meat from my diet. So the first week I said I would never eat beef again. Then the next week I stopped eating pork. It worked for me. And I did that until there was no more meat in my diet. Does that make sense?

Just because you become a vegetarian doesn't mean you'll lose weight. You may just need to adjust which foods you're eating, and/or how much you're eating. Plenty of vegetarian foods have high calorie/fat contents, and plenty of non-vegetarian foods have low calorie/fat contents.

If you don't know where to begin, visit a nutritionist, diet expert, or go to a weight watchers meeting. I lost twenty pounds by going to weight watchers just because it made me aware of my eating habits. They teach good portion control and how to make healthy choices. Once you get those down, you can ditch the meetings.

iloveNASCAR24 ♥
if you want to lose weight becoming a vegetarian isn't the way to do it.... all u have to do is diet and exercise.... just give up junk food, fast food, pop, and start eating smaller portions.....i run on the treadmill everyday and i maintain my weight without dieting.... so if you try to diet and exercise you be able to lose weight....

a good workout dvd is called shrink your female fat zones by denise austin.... you need two 3-lb weights and an exercise ball.. but it really helps.... it really tones your body!!!

just stop eating meat, and meat-based products...i just quit cold-turkey about 5 years ago...haven't looked back since...

be aware of the traps many fall into - they'll eat chips or pizzas or something else because it is vegetarian....but it's not low in fat or carbs...people actually gain weight this way...

I am a vegetarian my self and I think that it isn't that bad. I am living like this since birth and hasn't affected me at all so try and have confidence in your self. You will become one.

Start slowing by eating small portions of meat with alot of vegtables, then after a few weeks you can eliminate the meat completely. Another great advice is to eat organic foods.

Good luck i hope you lose the weight.

Start small....eat vegetables with meat and then try to slowly cut down the meat and substitute vegies in its place, Keep doing this until you are ok with eating vegies for dinner, lunch or whenever.

you're not going to lose weight by skipping out on meat - you'll just start eating more carbs which will blow you up - I suggest eating leaner proteins (turkey and fish), lower your carb intake, lots of fresh fruits and veggies and start exercising more

I say start slow ...like 1 meat at a time...pork...beef....chicken....just my thought !!!

Sammie G.
There are protein pills you can take if you are a vegitarian.

Go to an organic store and look around--you'd be surprised by how appetizing the food looks and is. You'll find yourself wanting the organic food rather than the meats.

Becoming a vegetarian won't make you lose weight. Your diet relys heavily on pasta and carbs now, not JUST vegetables and legumes.

Being a vegetarian myself, I do not support anyone who is doing it because its cool or for any other WRONG reason.

Jeffery D
You could gradually reduce the amount of meat you eat weekly, or substitute meat with the vegeterian burgers and chicken that is out now. A really good brand of the vegetarian meat products is Morning Star because it tastes pretty good and its fairly cheap.

Jet has a good point, with quitting bit by bit, starting with beef and pork and maybe you should imagine from time to time how the poor nice innocent animals are being slaughtered in such a brutal heartless way....that always works for me.....

you just stop eating it. when you go to grab some meat...turn your head and grab something else instead. it's called being a vegetarian cold turkey! ;)

Make up a diet for each day telling you how much you can have and slowly make it to were your eating no meats.......Even thou I would like to tell you that if your doing it just to lose weight then there are other types of diets you can do that may even work better!

U don't have to become just a vegetarian to lose weight. The Atkins diet is all about eating meat and ALOT of people have lost weight by doing that one. See what kinds of different kinds of diets theres is out there first. If u like meat stick to it

There are various definitions of going vegetarian. One definition is "not to eat meat." Another is to not eat "anything that as a muscle." Another was to not eat anything that had "eyes." Because there is such variation, the main point was to stay away from animal protein in about any form. But, then again, I've seen many "vegetarians" eat a variety of animal protein because of their own specific definition. Besides, a vegetarian diet is to avoid meat and meat products and not to lose weight. You can be fat and be vegetarian!

the wise one
you have to cut out the meat and other dishes very slowly and increase your vegy stuff at the same time..
you have to make sure you are still getting enough minerals,iron ect,, so be carefull.. also lots of fluid is a must
learn to vary your meals and dont forget there is a great range of vegy meals available(linda mc cartney range was superb and not in the least boring

good luck


Just because you stop eating meat doesn't mean you'll lose weight.

You don't need to stop eating meat to lose weight, just eat the right meat. If you stop eating meat, you will have to substitute other things for proteins.

'Cha - right...

easy don't eat meat

Quit eating beef and pork first. Stick with Chicken and Fish. If that goes well, drop the chicken. ETC.........

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