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should obesity be considered a disability?
There has been an ongoing argument on weather or not obesity is considered a disability. I need to know if it should or should not. For the best answer, will get points!

No, fat people have no souls therefore cannot have disabilities

Gary B
No. In most case (more than 90%) it is a function of lifestyle, and is controllable with proper patient cooperation. Just because a certain diet works, or you get bariatric surgery ,does NOT mean that you have a disease or disability.

Those people with true unavoidable medical conditions should be treated on an individual basis.

When something is within your control, it is NOT a disability. Otherwise, people would be getting fat and diabetic (Type 2 Diabetes is ALSO a lifestyle problem) in order to receive disability payments -- thus offsetting THEIR meal costs with MY tax money.

No, it shouldn't just as much as anorexia is a disability, and it isn't.

Obesity is not a disability. The obese do it to themselves by eating to much or eating the wrong things. It is a matter of lack of self control, not a disability. If lack of self control is declared a disability them look at all the things that could be considered a disability; like drinking or drug use. It should be what it is, lack of self control.

A real disability is something a person cannot really gain full control over, and in the majority, is not self inflicted. Obesity is self inflicted not by all, but is by the majority %. Mostly, it is caused by food addiction, underlying emotional issues or control issues right? So where would we draw the line? Is anorexia a disability too? alcoholism or drug addiction? Are wife beaters disabled because they feel the need to control something in their life? Certainly not!!!
A person who is obese through no fault of their own (eg, thyroid issues, polycystic ovaries or other physical issues that cause weight gain) may have a valid argument for disability. But a person who becomes physically unhealthy because they have allowed themselves to, should not be considered disabled when they have the power to change their physical condition. Sounds harsh yes, but that is the naked non-sugercoated truth. Obesity is such a taboo subject, due to the personal nature of it, but why should it be tip toed around anymore than any other life issue? :-)

No, it is not a disability and if it is then other eating disorders would be too.

No it should not be. Should laziness be considered a disability? Obesity is not a disease as such it is caused by eating to many calories not by a pathogen/injury. You have no control over a disability you are stuck with it what ever you do. Changing eating habits/exercise levels would not cure a disability in fact changing anything will have no effect on a disability unless it makes it worse.
I have osteoarthritis in the spine and nerve damage in my legs so I can only walk short distances and use a wheelchair (not from choice but need) I am in constant pain. Because I kept as active as I could for years and struggled to remain mobile by using crutches I now also have arthritis in both my shoulders and hands again painful most of the time. I take large doses of painkillers to try and lead some sort of life but even so a good night sleep for me is 2 hours which is why I am answering questions at 1.15 am. Because of my change in exercise and partly due to the fact I have to eat when I take my tablets I am now obese as well but that in no way impacts on my life as much as the arthritis.

Michelle Hamilton
The question is what is causing you to be obese. are you diabetic? Do you have a metabolic problem? Are you taking prednisone? There are many reasons outside a persons control to be obese. many people don't believe this but sometimes it is out of your hands. Whether it is a disability or not is another issue. Could a predisposing illness be causing this problem? I'm not sure SSI or state disability would consider this a disability or not is questionable.

john e russo md facm faafp
No obesity by itself should not be considered a disability. JR

syl c.
So the simple answer to this question is, yes, morbid obesity is considered to be a disabling medical condition just like any other severe medical or mental condition. And just like other impairments, it is evaluated under the five step sequential Social Security disability evaluation process. Remember, first and foremost, eligibility for Social Security disability benefits depends upon functional ability rather than being diagnosed with a specific medical and/or mental condition.

Hope this helps.

No. Many obese people are perfectly capable of working. If you mean that they should be covered under some special part of the Disabilities Act, then I say no.

Stacy Simonson
I don't think it should be because I'm overweight and I don't need an excuse to sit at home and not go to work. I'm a housekeeper and I walk alot at my job which is healthy for me.
But I would think it would be a disability if the obese person can't walk, or function because of it. I saw a TV show where a man couldn't walk because of his obesity. It would all depend on how severe the obesity is.

Dr Frank
Interestingly when I was training I was always taught that it was not an independent risk factor for disease. Recently this has returned as a concept when a study confirmed that active individuals, who take regular exercise, are at less risk than normal weight individuals who take none. This would tend to argue against labelling obesity as a disability.

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