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 Scared to get checked for diabetes?
Diabetes runs in my family I've studied and i have all the symptoms... Everytime I bring it up with my mom she doesn't really want to talk about and I don't think she wants to get me ...

 People say you might have diabetes when you have frequent urination. How frequent?
People say one of the symptoms to diabetes is having to go to the bathroom frequently. I was just wondering how much is frequently? I think most people go about 3-4 times a day. How would you know?...

 Could my symptoms be diabetes?
I am 17 years old, hispanic, healthy and diabetes run in both side of my family.

- increased urination
- extreme hunger
- constant thirst
- occasional numbness in feet

 New insulin pump- PINK OR GREEN!?
I am getting a new insulin pump and I can not choose between pink or green. PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE!...

 I have type 2 Diabetes and I have tingling in my finger tips, WHY ? What can I do to prevent this ?

 what is the color of an healthy urine?
give the ...

 Wondering if I'll get diabetes.?
I'm wondering what my chances of getting diabetes are. My gramps had diabetes, and his brother died of diabetes. I believe his brother's daughter also died of diabetes. My dad doesn't ...

 What is it really like to have diabetes?
I want to know how really bad it is. I want to know what are the differences of a day for a person with diabetes and a person that doesn't have diabetes. I want to see comparisons of what goes ...

 Do I have symptoms of diabetes.?
I am 15. I am overweight but not obese. Like 185 or so. I don't have a good diet and don't really exercise. I have been drinking a lot lately and It seems like my appetite seems to be ...

 I would appreciate if anyone can help a diabetic child to get cured?
A 3 year old girl has been found out to be diabetic and we are seeking a cure for her case in Germany because we have heard that a medicine has been found in Germany to cure such case. I am not sure ...


 Can women with type one diabetes have children?
I was thinking the other day about people with diabetes, can women with type one become pregnant and have kids? And will their kids have any birth defects and will they acquire type two diabetes?...

 Will I automatically get Type 1 diabetes?
If my mother has type 1 diabetes and it runs in both sides of my family, will I inevitably get it?...

 Is it safe to never have any carbohydrates in my daily eating?
I have migraines and I get a headache when I eat anything else besides salad, chicken, beef, olive oil....

 what do you do to get blood sugar down?

 Are diabetics allowed to eat sugar?
I always thought diabetic people can't have sugar...but I saw someone who was diabetic say they needed to eat a cookie so I am confused.... what is diabetic ?...

 Is it possible for a diabetic person to get their blood sugar under control and not be diabetic anymore?
So like:
A diabetic person with a high blood sugar level exercises and eats the right food and gets their blood sugar under control (like the same level as a non-diabetic person). Is the person S...

 what r homely remedies for curing diabetes?

 Pre-diabetic problem views please?
hi all,

I am 18 years old, fit and healthy. I am waiting to get into a doctors at the mo but I a averaging around 6.9mmol which is slightly high. Problem because I am already fit and ...

 am i diabetic? help!!?
i was just wondering if i am diabetic, or could tell me what you think it is. i am always tired, takes ages for my body to fight an illness (i had a stomach bug for a month and it still sometimes ...

i cant believe it omg thank you?
i used to have diabetes and i went to my appointment with the doctor and she said that i was cured can u believe that? i think it was god cause i pray all nights and finally he make the Miracle thank god

That's almost impossible. Your Diabetes doesn't just simply "disappear". You need a new doctor.

Gary B
It sure wasn;t God.

Diabetes canNOT be cured.

You are NOT cured, but your disease is "in remission". You are STILL diabetic, but you learned to take the proper lifestyle measure to CONTROL it. Since your diabetes is UNDER CONTROL, then it will not develop symptoms, and you will not be damaged.

But don;t let your doctor fool you -- YOU ARE NOT CURED! THAT is completely impossible.

YOu are CONTROLLED, and that is NOT an Act of God - that is an Act of YOU. Being an "in control diabetic": show that YOU have the courage and will-power to control the disease. God will certainly give you those things, but YOU are responsible for their wise use.

DO NOT GIVE UP! if you think you are cured, and you stop doing whatever you are doing, then the diabetes WILL come back,and you WILL be damaged! YOU ARE NOT CURED, and you need to CONTINUE doing what you have been doing.

Bux - Type 2 Diabetic (NIDDM)
You may have just had pancreatitis, which probably went away on it's own.

I pray daily too, but still am not cured.

But at least there is one person out there that doesn't have to suffer with this disease anymore.

I sure could use some prayers. Please pray for me too.


Gabriel J
hallelujah amen

With weight loss, daily exercise and careful monitoring of your diet, it is possible to bring your blood glucose levels back within normal ranges. I don't know if that is considered a "cure" though. It would be someone with well controlled diabetes.

tim g
many doctors do not understand diabetes.

get a new doctor

Is your doctor a witch doctor or a holistic practitioner? Their beliefs often don't fit in well with what's purportedly 'known' in Western medicine.

If that's NOT the case, I'd go along with what others have said and say change your doctor as the one you're currently seeing, obviously, has little idea of diabetes.

Im a diabetic. Pray for me too? I know how it feels. Im 13, and i was diagnosed when i was 6. I would love to never have it again. But its my life.. you know? Without it, i wouldnt be the same person. always having to give shots, and check my blood sugar. ): You were truely blessed, and god saw you needed help. Congradulations, and i hopw everything goes okay.

God blessed You (:

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