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can insulin have anything to do with this?
my mother is 86 years old and have Diabetes,she's been on insulin for about 60 days.now tonight i took a look at her legs. and there are open sores on the leg, and people with diabetes are at special risk of developing problems, what can i do about the sores untill tomorrow? she dont care to go to the doctor, but i'm taking her anyway i don't think it's been on there for a long period of time but i'm not sure. can i put anything on it untill then?

It is not because of insulin... As we get older the blood circulation gets uneven in some parts of the body, so a wound takes time to heal. More sugar adds to the problem... If she is not in pain then all you need to do is keep it clean till you go to the doctor...


Don't put anything in to the wounds.
It is not from the insulin, but rather from her uncontrolled sugar, and the venous insufficiency.
You should cover the wounds lightly with a dressing that will not stick to them, something that is sterile, and then cover them with gauze.
Go to the drug store to find such sterile dressings, and wear gloves when applying.
Go to the doc.. it's a great thing to push her to go, you'll probably need a wound care specialist.

The important thing is to keep the sores clean, wash with warm water (NOT hot) and mild soap. Moisturize with lotion but don't over do it, it's important to keep the skin soft so the skin doesn't crack and the sore enlarges. Lightly cover with a breathable bandage to keep dirt and other infectious substances out of the wound.

Finally, see a doctor. Sores are serious, especially in diabetes patients.

Rinse them with normal saline and try to keep them clean and dry. Make sure to check with doctor tomorrow, the may prescribe bactroban. If your mother is unable to turn herself you may need to assist her to turn a few times through out the night to eliminate the pressure. If you can not find normal saline... most plain nasal drops are normal saline... just make sure there are no active ingredients that would irritate the skin. Normal saline is a water/salt mixture.

I would definitely get her to a doctor.. That is a must.. No the insulin didn't cause her sores I would not think. Just keep them cleaned and put light gauze over them. I use peroxide when I get an open sore, to keep it cleaned and then I put neosporin on it, or bacitracin.Leaving it open one night is not going to make a difference. But please get her to a doctor.. you are really a good person to be so concerned.. Bravo to you..

Doctor B
Insulin has nothing to do with it. But bring her to a doctor now.

Yes, dress them with gause and antibiotic ointment like Neosporin.
It's not the insulin that's doing it, it's the reduced circulation that causes wounds not to heal properly in diabetics.
My partner and everyone on her father's side of her family are all diabetics. We have a lot of practice in this.

Keep it dry and clean until you can get her to the doctor and she needs to get there ASAP.

If she doesn't go to the doctor and/or start taking care of herself, they will have to start chopping off toes and legs! It's the truth

sara bellum
She's lived a long life, put her out of her misery. We have enough old people breathing our air and using up all the social security.

wounds are very common in diabetics

the reason why is they develop peripheral vascular disease and have much reduced blood flow, especially to extremities. This is because of massive systemic atherosclerosis (calcification of blood vessels), which is progressive. The reduced blood flow makes extremities very prone to infections (hence the wounds), and if untreated, can result in gangrene and amputations.

Do not put anything on the wounds except for lightly wrapped sterile gauze, soaked in sterile saline (get it at the drug store), as they are very susceptible and need medically sterile dressings.
Go see a doctor very soon (like the next 48 hours), and treat them aggresively

it's not from the insulin, it's from the disease

dee a
My dad is a diabetic and he gets open sores all the time. My mom is a nurse so she knows how to treat them, she always has my dad soak his legs in a warm bath for a while until they are nice in clean then dry them thoroughly and he was prescribed a special antibiotic cream by his doctor that puts on them, have her keep her legs propped up and just make her take it easy until they are healed. Also if you have it or can easily run out and get it you can put a little iodine solution in her bath, my mom makes my dad do this when he sores are especially bad and it really helps...Good Luck!

Laura D
Don't put anything on the wounds. Check your phonebook and see if there is a number where you can call a nurse. Here where I live, there is a number we can call for "Ask a Nurse". The nurse may tell you to take her to the E.R.

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