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Will Chocolate milk give me diabetes?
I go to school and drink at least one or two chocolate milks a day, each one being half a pint i think. Usually in a school week I drink 7-10 chocolate milks, but white milk on the weekends. I heard recently that chocolate milk will give me diabetes if I'm not an active person, or something like that? Is that true. and what are other pros and cons of drinking a lot of chocolate milk?

you shouldnt really worry about school chocolate milk. that stuff is more watery than chocolate or milk. shools are pretty cheap when supplying foods or drinks. besides, if you are an active person u dont need to wrry anyway

if that was true, ud think half the skool would have diabetes by now.

Snerper K

Random Person
i dnt think diabetes can be contributed to eating too much or too little of any food or liquid.

-high in calcium
-reduces fat in some ppl

-more cal. than white milk

yes i guess if you drink to much...?

Random Monster
no. I know someone who is overcome there diabeties by eating healthy. butt they always drink Yoohoo's[chocolata milk].

No silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shouldnt drink it too much,cholesterol is more likely.Dont do that to yourself,you should STOP.......
maybe you have some emotional problems you should resolve in order to understand why you are doing this.Too much of something is bad enough

Chocolate milk has sugar, and large quantities of sugar can give you diabetes. Therefore, this is technically true, but a carton of chocolate milk a day will NOT give you diabetes.

baby i'm me, so who you
it wont GIVE you diabetes but if you allow your body fat to accumulate than being over weight can cause you to have diabetes but that much milk wont give you it you're supposed to drink a ton of milk in your natural diet anyways no matter what kind it is.

only if you drink it in excess. Since it has sugar, it could. Just be careful about how many times you drink it. I like chocolate milk too, so that is why I am saying this.

Chocolate milk won't give you diabetes. However, if you have diabetes, the chocolate milk can give you problems because it has sugar in it.

An unhealthy diet, being over weight and not exercising can put you at risk of diabetes.

Chocolate milk is not a cause it's a contributing factor.

Putting you at an ever greater risk is family history of the disease. If you are in anyway concerned see your doctor. But as regards a personal opinion I would suggest that you cut down on the amount of sweet foods you are consuming. There are other diseases apart from diabetes that an unhealthy diet can give you.

Take charge of your lifestyle now while it is a choice and not a last resort...


Chocolate milk by itself isn't going to affect your overall health. Now, if you routinely take in a large amount of sugar/carbohydrate based foods, do not have an active lifestyle, and don't have a balanced diet, including vitamins, then your body will be affected. You may not get diabetes, but something will happen eventually, like heart disease, etc. The milk that the schools serve is usually 1% or skim and is unlikely to have any adverse effects by itself.

carol w
You can not get diabetes from drinking to much chocolate milk. You do not catch diabetes from food or drink or from anybody. You do need to be more active to help prevent diabetes if you have a lifestyle that you don't move around much. Please contact your doctor or check out WEBMD and you will find some great answers there. Hang in there. Best Wishes, bluegesmo

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