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What should I eat for breakfast?
I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and I really don't know what would be good for me to eat for breakfast. I have to sit in class for 4 hours after breakfast so I need something substantial that doesn't have a lot of sugar in it and has a lot of protein. I usually eat cereal, yogurt, and toast, but this isn't tiding me over, I start to feel sick in about the 4th hour of class.

Q cumber
The best thing to eat is two candybars, sugar cookies, and a jolt cola. You could also take some Stacker diet pills.

Have you not heard? Eat a Snickers. Curves your hunger. :-)

shooting asterisks
How about a bagel and some coffee.

I would say you should have some meat. Preparations of lentil would also be good. And drink a lot of water every once in a while.

Eggs, peanut butter, or cheese do it for me. Bring an energy bar to class that's high in protein. If the teacher has a problem with food in class, just tell him/her of your medical condition ahead of time (privately if you're sensitive about it...although it's nothing to be ashamed of).

HOw about oatmeal? It is heavier. Eggs would be more filling too.

the go lean cereal always fills me up try that. plus its got 10g of protein and like 6g of fiber.

jloxo ♥ Ho Ho Ho! ♦
eggs ! with some fruit, some no salted crackers with some peanut butter ! :)) !

plz help me http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuMXWEWl7Rc6na5Tem1dgabsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070914161309AAZXoEu

captain crunch

Hey you
Biscuit and gravy? Protein drink with fruit, put in a container @ 4th hr. drink it. Protein from a good health food store. Also carry your protein bars with you. eat on the run.

jeevarathinam d
hi. it is always ood to have marie biscuites and you said that you feel like hungry during 4th hour try a fresh juice which is quite helpful you can have omeletes in the beakfast with salads and furites and remember you will have some relieft. you have to have some supplelemt like horlicks and bournviaa you can ahve it in hot water instead of milk base then you can control it. ok. canned furit juice is not helpful as it is very sweet. try oranges and eat oranges (fresh furits along with banana half of small size) along with cucumber salad. in your diet add cinnamon for falvouring. during night soak indian methi in water and eat it early in the morning which cleans your stomach. eat right and with your company. avoid sweets and use the buttermilk when you are hungry. it is my experience.

In two words. Complex carbs.

Oatmeal or grits would be a better breakfast. It'll stay with you for hours. Eggs are also a good choice with some peaches or other fruits on the side.

(I don't have diabetes but I know what stays with me)


If you lived close by I would make you a delicious spinach omelet with cheese. That would definitely hold you over with a glass of juice and some fresh fruit on the side.

What's Up?
Oat meal with butter

I would definetly go with egg whites. Egg white omlette with veggies of your choice, some whole wheat bread, and you are good to go. Good luck!

(And you people are really sick, telling this woman to eat sugary foods. Grow up.)

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