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✿Blessed Mommy 2x✿
Ways to lower my blood sugar level?
Is there maybe certain foods or anything I can eat?
Or is there certain foods I should avoid?

I am pregnant, and just failed a one hour glucose test. Because my blood sugar level was 161. So now I am trying to see if there is any way to get control of my blood sugar before I go back for a retest. Or at least see if my change in diet make any difference with my blood test results.

I will be fasting before going for the glucose test.

Tin S
Use ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day. Add it to your coffee, oatmeal, smoothie, or wherever you find it palatable.
If you already suffer from diabetes, be sure to stay on a regular schedule with your cinnamon usage so that your blood sugar levels don't yo-yo.Use the same amount at the same time every day so that you can get a sense of how cinnamon affects your own personal blood sugar readings.
Use the powdered spice or a cinnamon stick. Cinnamon pills are also available, and can be found easily via an online search. MHCP is water soluble and is not found in cinnamon oil.

Lime and lemon juice delay the digestion of starches as does vinegar. I've found that 2-3 tablespoons of lime or lemon juice reduces my post prandial BG response by 10-20 points. Rick Mendosa's site has a lot of material on acids in the diet. Take a look at http://www.mendosa.com/acidic_foods.htm .

Three Day Meal plan

Here’s a sample of the meals you’ll find on thebestlife.com. This plan works out to approximately 1600 calories. To find a plan tailored to your calorie needs, turn to the menu plans in The Best Life Diet or join TheBestLife.com.

You can mix and match these meals—for instance have Day 1 breakfast with Day 3 lunch and Day 2 dinner.



Best Life Cheerios Mix with strawberries, almonds, and nonfat milk
A nice mix of textures and super-high in fiber.

1/2 cup Cheerios
2/3 cup Weetabix Crispy Flakes&Fiber
1/4 cup All-Bran Original

Combine and serve.

To make in bulk, combine 4 1/2 cups Cheerios, 6 cups Weetabix Crispy Flakes&Fiber (the entire 12-ounce box), and 2 1/4 cups All-Bran. Ladel out 1 and a heaping third cup per serving.

Nutritional Values
Calories: 184
Saturated Fat: 0 g
Calcium: 119 mg
Sodium: 312 mg
Fiber: 12g
Total Carbs: 46g
Protein: 7g
Total Fat: 2g
Cholesterol: 0mg

In your cereal bowl:
Almonds, 2 tbsp
Best Life Cheerios Mix, 1 serving
Milk, nonfat, 1 cup
Strawberries, 1 cup, halves


Calcium Creamsicle

In a blender, combine:
8th Continent Soymilk, Vanilla, 1 cup
Orange Juice, Calcium Fortified, 1/2 cup


Chicken sandwich and a banana

Bread, whole wheat, 2 slices

Spread with mayo. Fill with chicken, cheddar, and veggies:
Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise, 2 tsp
Pulled from a rotisserie chicken, light meat, 1/2 cup
Cabot 75% Reduced Cheddar, 1 oz
Romaine Lettuce , 3 LeafsOnions, red, 1 thin slice
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 2 slice, medium (1/4" thick)

Serve with a:


Lean Cusine Spa Cuisine Salmon with Basil served with sliced tomatoes and grapes

Lean Cuisine Spa Cuisine Salmon with Basil, 1 meal

Serve with sliced tomatoes drizzled with oil and vinegar:
Balsamic Vinegar, 1 tsp
Olive Oil, 2 tsp
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 6 slice, medium (1/4" thick)

Grapes, 1 cup, seedless


Caramel Popcorn, 3/4 cup



Fried egg with whole wheat toast, served with berries and nonfat milk

Egg, 1 large

Margarine, Zero g Trans Fat, 2 teaspoons

Serve with:
Bread, whole wheat, 1 slice spread with one teaspoon margarine

Raspberries, fresh or frozen and thawed, 1 cup
Milk, nonfat, 1 cup


Low fat yogurt and almonds drizzled with maple syrup

Almonds, plain, 1 tbsp
Low fat, plain yogurt, 1/2 cup
Maple Syrup, 1 tsp


Peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich served with nonfat milk

Bread, whole wheat, 2 slices

Fill sandwich with peanut butter, honey, and sliced banana:
Banana, fresh, 1/2 fruit, sliced
Honey, 2 tsp
Peanut Butter, 1 1/2 tbsp

Serve with:
Milk, nonfat, 1 cup


Chicken Cacciatore with mushrooms served with a side of zucchini

Chicken Cacciatore with Mushrooms, 1 serving

Served over:
2/3 cup cooked Barilla Plus penne (1/3 cup dry) and sprinkled with one tablespoon Parmesan cheese

Served with steamed zucchini spritzed with lemon juice:
Zucchini, 1 cup, sliced


Ginger Snaps, 90 – 100 calories (about 3) and a cup of tea (herbal, black or green)



On-the-Go Grub

• Almonds, plain, 1 tablespoon
• Banana
• One Fiber One Chewy Bar, any flavor
• Milk, nonfat, 1 cup (pour into a thermos or grab a small, 8-oz. carton)


Strawberry-Vanilla Soymilk Shake

In a blender, combine:
8th Continent Soymilk, Vanilla, 1 cup
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened, 3/4 cup


Chickpea salad served with Wasa crispbread

For the salad: toss ingredients with a splash of white wine vinegar and ground pepper:

Beans, canned, low sodium, chickpeas, 3/4 cup
Hard Boiled Egg, 1 large egg, chopped
Olive Oil, 2 tsp
Onions, sweet, 1/4 cup finely chopped
Parsley, fresh, 1 tsp
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 1 cup, chopped

Serve with crispbread:
Wasa Crispbread, Multigrain, 2 pieces

And a:
Tangerine, 1 fruit


Steak Wrap with Roasted Onions an

i was told sweet lemons, cinnamon and corn hair is a natural way to lower blood sugars. you can boil the corn hair, whatever its called and make tea out of it. now you dont wanna cjeat on your glucose test, so if youre just gonna do it this one time to appease the doctors, forget it. you have to keep it up the entire pregnancy. and forever!

avoid white flour, sweets, junk food, fried food, preserved food, canned food, frozen dinners, candy, diet soda and regular soda, and especially sugar subs and caffeine, like coffee and tea, also avoid big portions, you can eat anything in small portions, no more than 30 grams of healthy carbs per meal, no more than 3 meals a day and a small healthy snack, eating too many small meals a day makes your insulin resistent, as your body is always in the process of digesting, go for walks, food isnt everything, you need exercise! eat fresh fruit and veggies, and protein, but avoid bottled juices and sports drinks and health bars. basically, the freshest ingredients, and cook the food yourself, so you can control the sugars/carbs. and add some fiber to your diet, like a bowl of plain cheerios or plain oatmeal every other day, to flush the body of unwanted carbs/fats/sugars. and dont get agitated, that also causes blood sugars to spike. for me, when i get pissed off, my sugars go down initially, then 12 hrs later they spike like crazy! so try to remain calm at all time! for now, do it for your baby, but in the long run itll become a good habit, and youll benefit overall. good luck and congrats!


Malloots loves you
Carbs keep your blood sugar up for quite a while as do fruit sugars. A wee 10 min walk every day will keep your blood sugar at a normal level. Obviously don't eat too much chocolate, etc. With constant high blood sugars your baby could end up very big causing complications in your pregnancy! I know, I'm going through the same thing at the min! Good luck!

White bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar, cakes, cookies, pies etc can cause your blood sugar to spike. Proteins help to keep the levels even.

Lower your carbs fruits some veggies and of course breads and pasta. I went and saw a nationalist yesterday because I am not happy with my weight gain anyhow what she gave me for a diet was for a woman with gestational diabetes as per the women on here and my mom who is diabetic agreed with the women on here. I do not have it but I guess because my mom does they want to prevent it who knows. She told me for breakfast, lunch and dinner I should have no less and no more than 45 grams of carbs and snacks (two a day) no more than 30 grams so maybe you can try that. Me I am going to try the diet however because I do not have it I am going to just stay away form junk food and fast food and walk like I have been Good luck oh also no sodas

Im Angel baby Rihana due 12/11
don't eat from 10pm the night before, go take the test, drink lots of water.

If you want some good foods to eat look up low glycemic index foods. You should be avoiding the high glycemic foods. They burn too quickly and raise blood sugar.

NO sugar, No cakes, cookies, deserts other than diet jello or pudding
NO regular sodas, NO sweet tea, NO sugar in coffee (if you drink it)

limit bread products including corn, peas, dry beans, breads, cereals, potatoes, pasta, rice to no more than 7 servings a day

Fruits no more than 4 servings a day

milk 3 cups a day

meat 7 oz a day

vegetables 4 servings a day

Gestational Diabetis does not mean you are a full diabetic. the baby takes a lot from you, and sometimes pregnant women become diabetic, but go back to a regular diet after the baby is born.

eat less bread products!

Do NOT try to make your bg lower for this test. A false negative could put you in acute and extreme danger. A fasting glucose is just that - you don't eat anything after a given time in the evening before the test is done. Other than that, stay cool. It usually isn't as bad as it might sound.

You may have what's called "gestational diabetes". If so, you will be informed by your primary caregiver (physician) what to do about it. And you will be monitored closely up to the time you deliver.

The good news is, most women who have gestational diabetes find their bg returns to normal after the birth of their child. You will need to be checked again afterwards, but you caregiver will tell you when and how to prepare for it.

Stop eating white bread and pasta.

Mr Magoo
Gestational diabetes happens because the receptors in the cell are kind of squished by the weight of the pregnancy and that causes blood sugar to rise. Your body needs the energy that glucose provides - glucose is the gas that makes our bodies run. Usually, if woman are diabetic during pregnancy, it goes away when baby is born. You want to eat protein (animal products, nuts/seeds, tofu) with a carbohydrate (bread, cereal, rice, pasta, fruit, veggies). For example, cheese and crackers or chicken, rice and vegetable. If you do get diagnosed with diabetes, ask your MD if you can see a Registered Dietitian. You will get education about what is gestational diabetes and how to plan your diet. I was able to control my blood sugar with diet, but I had to check my blood sugar a couple of times a day. If diet doesn't do it, you will have to go on insulin. It's important you take care of the diabetes because it can cause harm to your baby: being born to big, baby can crash out with low blood sugar after birth or can have heart problems.

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