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 i cant believe it omg thank you?
i used to have diabetes and i went to my appointment with the doctor and she said that i was cured can u believe that? i think it was god cause i pray all nights and finally he make the Miracle thank ...

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 muslim and diabetic wanting to fast - what advice should be given?

 If you have diabetes how much is alot of sugar?
for example is it safe for some one who has type 1 diabetes to drink something that is labeled in the back that says 16 g of sugar?

what are the numbers to stay away from?...

 Diabetes prevention. just curious?
My brothers friend has diabetes. I almost faint at the sight of any blood. so when i learned how diabetics test themselves i started thinking. Is there a way to prevent myself from getting diabetes? I...

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 I Have the symptoms of prediabetes and my mom won't talke me to get tested what do I do???

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 Cure for diabetes true or false?
When my dad went to puket about a year ago he came back and told me that he was talking to a man who said he took some tablets for 2 years and became cured from his diabetes. Is this true or is it ...

 Scared to get checked for diabetes?
Diabetes runs in my family I've studied and i have all the symptoms... Everytime I bring it up with my mom she doesn't really want to talk about and I don't think she wants to get me ...

 People say you might have diabetes when you have frequent urination. How frequent?
People say one of the symptoms to diabetes is having to go to the bathroom frequently. I was just wondering how much is frequently? I think most people go about 3-4 times a day. How would you know?...

 Could my symptoms be diabetes?
I am 17 years old, hispanic, healthy and diabetes run in both side of my family.

- increased urination
- extreme hunger
- constant thirst
- occasional numbness in feet

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 What is it really like to have diabetes?
I want to know how really bad it is. I want to know what are the differences of a day for a person with diabetes and a person that doesn't have diabetes. I want to see comparisons of what goes ...

 Do I have symptoms of diabetes.?
I am 15. I am overweight but not obese. Like 185 or so. I don't have a good diet and don't really exercise. I have been drinking a lot lately and It seems like my appetite seems to be ...

Should I seek a second opinion?
Recently I went to see my Dr because I had been suffering from quite a few of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Including extreme thirst, unexplained weight loss, extreme hunger, mood swings, frequent urination, etc. A family member had a blood sugar monitor and we began to monitor my glucose levels while I waited on my appointment date...they were elevated, ranging from 131-273. But when I went to the doctor he didn't seem to take the possibility of type 1 seriously and just focused on the fact that I was at low risk for type 2 and since I wasn't having stomach pains it couldn't be type 1. And when I mentioned the fact that my father is type 1 he blew it off saying that "it isn't hereditary." when I know for a fact they don't know for sure what causes type 1. My tests were out of the normal range, but not enough to diagnose type 1. So he diagnosed me with pre-type 2 diabetes. I am not overweight, am extremely active, and lead a very healthy lifestyle. Should I get a 2nd opinion?

Check for Candida. It is said if you have issues with Diabetes, it is usually paired with Candida issues, and it may also be a contributor. Candida is yeast overgrowth in the body, and just like when you make bread, it can grow extremely fast. Normally yeast is found in the body and not causing problems until your immune system is compromised. Then it goes to work because the other bacteria required to keep it in check has been destroyed or isnt functioning properly. It's favorite food is SUGAR. Now considering your brain's favorite food is sugar too, I'd say it is worth checking further, wouldn't you?

Another thing to consider, yeast is used to make fermented substances from sugar. It will also convert the sugar in your body to alcohol and shove it into your blood as waste material which in turn is sent to the liver and other organs. Over time this can have devastating effects on your internal organs too. Get it checked fast!!

Heart Break
yes you should

Yes. See a holistic nutritionist or a naturopathic doctor. You should read about the Yeast Connection....

Definatly seek another opinion. as a rule i would say a second opinion can never hurt , only help. if your fathre had type one, combined with your symptoms, i would say it is a very good idea to get another opinion

get a different doctor.
if you are sure that you have type 1, then as i said, get a different doctor.
go to the hospital or something if you lose more weight unexpectedly.
Some doctors know what their talking about, others just want money, and don't really care about you.


Abby G
Your doctor sounds like a dumb man. I have never had stomach pains relating to my diabetes before or after diagnosis, so I don't even know where that is coming from. Plus if you have had a blood sugar in the 200+ then that is something to look at. There are plenty of tests that a doctor can run. This doctor just doesn't sound like he knows what he is doing. My doctor told me that type one wasn't hereditary to when I asked about the chance of my child having it when I was pregnant. I now take him into Boston yearly to have him tested, to be on the safe side. Myself and my mother are both type-one diabetics, so I think that is can be hereditary. And whether it is or not Is besides the point. If you are suffering from all the symptoms and have had blood sugars in the 200+ range then you should seek a second opinion. You should seek a second opinion just because of the fact that you are doubting yourself. It will make you feel better.

If you are not satisfied with one doctors opinion, then you definitely should get a second opinion - this is your health we are talking about, the most important thing you will ever possess throughout your life.
You could see someone who specializes in diabetes - their focus and education is based on diabetes - so you'll be assured to get the right diagnoses, and better information about it from them.
Good luck

Yes! I went through the very same thing and was finally diagnosed with type 1.5 (also know as slow onset type 1). Untreated diabetes can and will reek havoc on your body...get a second opinion! It very well might be the most important thing you will ever do!
And also, to respond to happydawg's answer above, the difference between type 1 and 2 has nothing to do with age...they are totally different diseases. On the same note, diabetes diagnosed in children isn't always type 1 either, with our nation's increasingly unhealthy lifestyles, we are now seeing some type 2 in children and young adults. Some get confused because type 1 is often referred to as "juvenile diabetes".

yeh defo my friend had all those symptoms and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

The difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is age.
Juvenile onset diabetes is always type 1. Type 2 is adult onset. I dont remember the age when it changes, but it is definetely age.
Diabetes has been researched a lot and their is really no evidence which shows hereditary connection although without a doubt it does show up more often in relatives.
If you want a 2nd opinion, your are entitled to it.
By all means go to a physician you trust and get examined.

Yes, you should ask 2nd opinion from another doctor.

If you doctor is telling you diabetes isn't hereditary....then he is an idiot and shouldn't be practicing medicine : ) and I am type 1 diabetic, have been since I was 8...I'm 22 now. I had no stomach pain when i was diagnosed, just high blood sugar, urinating constantly, excess hunger and thirst and I got really skinny. You need a second opinion anytime you feel that your doctor isn't taking you seriously. Good luck!

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