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- increased urination
- extreme hunger
- constant thirst
- occasional numbness in feet

Chris E
I dont eat sugar and carbs are low,what else can I do to lower blood sugar?

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good effort, you should do exercise regularly so that you can keep your sugar low.

Reduce your fruit intake and avoid pre-packaged, flavoured and dried noodles and rice as they have added sugars as do the jars of pasta sauce (you can make them from scratch and replace refined sugar with sweetner)
Add a bit more aerobic excercise?
Remember not to mash banana and eat them when they are still slightly green as they will be of a much lower GI rating.
Although you are low carb are you checking the GI rating if the food?

Eat 6 meals to keep the level from rising so much after a meal?

Sorry cant be of more help.


You might want to read this book. Dr. Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes. Dr. Barnard writes that carbs might not be the problem as much as excess animal fats, and things like excess meat in your diet.

Try eating oatmeal for breakfast with a little cinnamon.

Try making split pea soup - 1 pound of split peas, 1/2 pound lentils, 1 onion, 6cups of water in a 4 - 6 quart crock pot. Cook about 4-6 hours.

Try a baked sweet potato with some cinnamon on top. No I did not say to add brown sugar - it is fine without the extra sugar.

There are several other tips in the book.

Good Luck!

You can eat fruits that lower sugar. You can also eat lamb, spinach, lettuce, lots of foods that lower sugar and are good for you. Being afraid to eat is the biggest trap for diabetics. Patients are usually given a sheet of dont eats instead of being encouraged to eat sensibly. You're going to crave pastas and cakes and pies and cookies/biscuits. Eat a little of what you want. Then make sure you take your meds but at the scheduled time. Inbetween, you can have cinnamon lollies, cinnamon in your cofffees, cinnamon toast (toast with butter and sugar and cinnamon) recall that a little sugar is not harmful. You want your numbers to be between 120 and 140 (usa) and between 6 and 11 NZ and AU. These are workable numbers for the body. A balanced diet with sensible sweets, like fruits and low sugar lollies is the best way to eat.

Ilana ♥ Leigh™

Besides exercise, which a lot of people have already gone into detail on, you should watch what you eat. Carbs are found in just about everything you eat (veggies included). One thing that makes a big difference for me is to avoid "white carbs" such as white bread, regular pasta, white rice, etc. You get the idea. Substitute whole wheat noodes, bread, and brown rice for those. Also, fruit of any kind DOES NOT lower blood sugar. The worst cuprits are watermelon and pineapple since they have high glycemic indexes.

Lowering your Bg is only half of the equation~you also need to maintain your levels and that is harder than lowering them. Believe it or not, if you eat too few carbs your liver will dump glucose into your system so it has adequate fuel. You need to eat carbs to keep your Bgs from spiking. Really, if this is a great concern of yours, go see a nutritionist. Good luck and good health.

Go for a walk or run at least 30 minutes a day.

Gary B
What IS your blood suagr? It is possible that your sugar is correct, but you misunderstand the meaning of "lowering the blood sugar ".

Note, too, that your blood sugar vareis minute by minute over the course of a day, depending on What, When, and HOW MUCH you ate, AND on your amount of exercise, stress, and general day-to-day health (do yo have a cold).

So, a "correct" blood sugar reading depend on WHEN you take your reading. Your should always take blood suagr reading FIVE MINUTES BEFORE MEALS. In that case, your reading should be normal, 80-120.

Some doctors also want a reading taken NO SOONER than 2 hours after you finish eating. In this case, the reading WILL be a little high, but should always be under 200. But you should NOT take this reading unless the doctor orders it, and NEVER take a reading ANY SOONER than 2 hours (120 minutes) after finishing eating.

Readings taken at ANY other time are "random", and the readings are meaningless and useless to anyone except a doctor. DO NOT TAKE READINGS AT ANY OTHER TIMES, unless your doctor orders it.

Now, if your readings are HIGHER than those given above, and you are taking readings at the correct times, THEN you have a problem. And the answer to blood sugar problems is not what you DO eat, but what you DON'T eat. There are NO FOODS that lower blood sugar -- at least no immediately. There is some anecdotal evidence that cinnamon and/or Chromium Picolinate will reduce blood sugar levels, but these take a LONG TIME to work -- severla weeks of constant therapy. They MIGHT be good to help you maintain blood sugar control, but they are NOT useful to provide an instant lowering, like insulin does.

So, to lower your blood sugar, you must STRICLTY control your diet. Watch for hidden sources of sugar. For example, tomato sauce (like spaghetti or pizza) often contains sugar to offset the natural acidity of the tomato.

Look for hidden sources of starches, especially corn starch. Gravies are made from wheat flour starch. Many sauces, and Chinese food, are ofen thickened with corn starch. So cut back on gravies, sauces, and any food which is "thickened".

If that doesn;t help, then you MUST up your exercise level. Exercise does NOT provide an immediate lowering of blood sugar (in fact, you may oftren find an INCREASE in blood sugar level immediately after exercise) but the long-term effects of exercise are CRITICAL.

Building muscle mass is the key. Muscles use more energy, and thus lower blood sugar. And muscle mass uses more energy even when you are not exercising, so more muscle mass helps KEEP the blood sugar level low. Now, if you can trade off fat for muscle, you;ve really got it made! In fact, many people will find that as they get regular exercise they GAIN weight. In most cases this is OK, as you are exchanging muscle for fat -- and your blood sugar actually stays LOWER. even with a slight increase in weight.

exercise more

Roger K
Others have said it, and I have to agree 100% - exercise. It is not possible, or desirable to eliminate carbs completely, but exercise forces your muscles to use them for energy instead of having them circulate in your blood and eventually being converted to fat.

Any amount of exercise will help, but I would aim for 20 - 40 minutes as a minimum, and all it needs to be is a walk around the block. If you have a glucose meter and measure you glucose levels frequently, you will most likely see a significant drop in glucose levels with even a 20 minute walk.

I have found personally, that a walk will lower my values between 40 and 80 points (U.S. units - mg%), depending on how long I walk. I try to time my walks to start about 1 hour after eating, so the effect is most pronounced when the levels are likely to be the highest.

Having said that, I should add that you should ALWAYS carry some glucose tablets with you when you exercise - and even just walking around stores while shopping can lower your glucose levels. There are very few things as frightening as realizing that your blood sugars are becoming too low and not having something immediately handy to raise them

Good luck.

Aside from medication, I found that exercise, 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic, works best and quickly. Walking or swimming work very well. For aerobic exercise the goal is to increase you heart rate for about 20 minutes. Sugar can have a impact, but controlling carbs in take through out the entire day is your goal.

Best Wishes

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