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I am a diabetes but I kept it under control. Right now, I don't take any medicine. Is it good for me?

too nice
hey, if you're against taking drugs try checking with your local natural alternative health provider in your area or check out naturalcures.com for other ways

to be honest u need to take your med becaus e anything can happen to u and u don't want that. u have to think about your family and friends think about how much they love u please take my advice and take the med so u won't get sick. stop hurting yourself u go need that med in the long run i hope u read this carefully and take my advice hit me up ok and let me know if u took it. or u jus want to find out he hard way

no go 2 your docter n hurry

I've been one for over 40 years, as long as you monitor your blood sugar, eat sensibly, check in with your doctor at least once a year, you should be good. But, make sure you know what's going on in your body, it can change in a matter of hours.

YES !!! My husband is a diabetic also. We went to a dietician and he was put on a carb diet. He lost enough weight that so his sugar is totally under control and he also was taken off his blood pressure pills. So, keep up the good work. If not, alot can happen to you health wise.

It is excellent, keep up the good work.

If its under control, and levels normal then you are ok. Try taking 200-500mg of chromium a day - it helps level off blood sugar levels.

If your diabetes can be kept under very good control without the use of medication, then more power to you, because that is super rare. As long as your blood-sugar is under control, you should be fine. Still see your doctor for regular check-ups and stuff though.

The best NATURAL answer to Diabetes is Bitter Melon.

This vegetable is available in all Philipino markets.

Wash the vegetable and eat it raw - about half the vegetable per day and check your sugar level after about 4 days - you will see the difference. Of course I must warn you that the taste of it is very unpleasant. Once you know that it is good for you you will come to like it.

I know a person who was injecting insulin daily stopped it after his wife started to crush the vegetable and made him to drink a half cup of this juice daily.

Of course you have to have it raw. Boiling it or cooking it and eating it will have no results.

If you get good results post it as a question in this section so that others will know the value of this vegetable.

Its great you don't have to take medication. Diet and excerise are the best for keeping it under control.

Do whatever your doctor has prescribed for you to do. If you are not prescribed medication and you are able to control your diabetes with diet and exercise, then you are doing better than good.. you are doing GREAT! Keep it up!

Good luck and best wishes...

that is good-keep up what ever you are doing and it should keep you off the shot or pill. Exercise and eat right and you should be fine

Very good.If it is under control without the medicines you keep it up with diet and Exercises. Avoid stress. But have periodical checkup of Blood glucose levels.

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