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 Can diabetics drink alcohol?
A friend of mine is turning 21 and I am going out with her for her 21st birthday. I know alcohol turns to sugar, so is there any safe way her to drink? I want her to have fun, but at the same time ...

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 my 3 year olds fasting sugar was 328 is that normal?

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 My mom's boyfriend is,,,?
in the hospitol right now,and he has diabetes and his legs are BAD!,they are purple from the knees down (which I know is due to bad circulation also) but his leg is infected,I don't know much ...

 my sister in law is a diabetic...please help me with this!?
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 hi, my doctot told my brother that he is experiencing the fist stages of diabetis....what does thathis mean???
does this mean that he has it or that he will get it soon?...

 i cant believe it omg thank you?
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 If you have diabetes how much is alot of sugar?
for example is it safe for some one who has type 1 diabetes to drink something that is labeled in the back that says 16 g of sugar?

what are the numbers to stay away from?...

 Diabetes prevention. just curious?
My brothers friend has diabetes. I almost faint at the sight of any blood. so when i learned how diabetics test themselves i started thinking. Is there a way to prevent myself from getting diabetes? I...

 Diabetes IS IT?
okay...i fasted than ate something...i took my blood sugar recently it was 25...is this bad?...

alan a
I'm not drawing enough blood from my fingers for my testing strip. Any advice regarding this?
I would like to take the glucose tests from my fingers. I use the Abbott glucose meter called Optium. The lancet gauge is 30. I am very new at using meters as I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on February 29th. I will be seeing my physician on April l5th, but I wanted to know what my glucose levels are currently, so I purchased a meter.

vikas v
it may b due to less circulation of blood...don't worry take from vein....it ll b better

Have you had your iron checked? When mine is low, I have same problem.

Malloots loves you
Doc's told me to massage the blood to the tips of my fingers.

My lancet device has a depth adjustment from 1 - 5. I'm not sure if yours does or not, but if it does turn to higher setting. If you do not have a depth adjustment,then open you device and adjust your needle a little higher till you get the right results.

I wish you the best with your diabetes.

Gary D
shake your hands downward before u stick, or take asprin daily to thin blood

On your lancet device, there should be some kind of dial on it, maybe at the tip, that allows you to adjust how deep the lancet goes. Crank that up a little and try it, crank up all the way to the top if you have to.

try rubbing you finger tip to warm it up and leave it below your heart. thats what i always do!

Kris H
Maybe run your hands under hot water before checking....might make it easier to get blood.

Try testing on the top of your forearm towards the pinky finger side, from about midway up to the elbow. It doesn't hurt as much either.

Miz Lamb
Wash hands in very warm water and dry rubbing briskly. It helps me to get enough of a drop for the meters that take more than a mere dot.

I hope this is the meter your insurance company supports. It can be very expensive to pay more than you must for strips!! they cost around a dollar a strip for some of them. but you might not have the lancet holder set so it is deep enough???

I like the 31 g lancets and syringes.

I have also found taking baby aspirin makes me bleed more freely!! That might help you too. And if you are indeed diabetic remember the doctors treat your blood pressure and heart as if you have already had a major heart event, so they do want you taking the baby aspirin regularly with blood pressure meds.

You can contact me by email and we will visit more about this.

Another good site for info for diabetes treatment is http://www.diabetes.about.com The forum there is full of really helpful people who have good control and are super friendly.

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